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Happy Monday everyone I am back with Another work from home job where you can Start working today so I'm gonna go Ahead and dive right into it make for Sure that you watch the videos all the Way through because I am doing resume Demo showing you if I was applying for This job this is how my resume would Look like I'm teaching you how to take The keywords from the job post and Implement it into the resume and to your Resume so maybe for sure you're watching Again this channel is all about none From work at home job leads to go out Every single day at 7 A.M to Standard Time so if you're looking for a work From home job where you're not dealing With customers on the phone you have Landed on the right channel so let's Dive right into it again this is a job Where you can start working today They're looking to hire somebody as soon As possible and that is with the company We localize they're currently seeking as Quality Raider English us to work from Home again this is a freelance job Where your 1099 job where they do on Flexibility you can work whenever you Want to work okay so we're going to go More into details about it Um there are they need English speaking In the United States to help support Their client project as ads quality Raiders you'll use a unique web-based

Tool to evaluate search engine Advertisement based on Project Guidelines apply today and start shaping The future of the internet the details The project details again is ADD quality Raiders you must be based in the United States as long as you're in that 50 States you're eligible to apply for the Job they're looking for someone to work A minimum of five hours per week up to 25 hours per week you set your own Schedule exceptional occasion Peaks and Dips in the in the work again start date As soon as possible they are looking to Hire somebody immediately so that's why I say you can actually start working Today employment type you'll be a W-2 Part-time employee and according to Glassdoor the pay is 15 an hour it could Be a little bit more but it is 15 an Hour again this is something like you Can do as a side hustle side gig Opportunity you may have already a Full-time job working nine to five and You're looking to bring in some extra Cash this is something that you can do It or maybe you're a stay-at-home mom And you're looking to make money while Your kids at home or again your kids can Be at home and you can do this because You're not on the phone talking to any Customers or anything whatsoever so I Feel that this is a great opportunity They're looking for again strong

Understanding of how a culture in the United States make sure you go ahead and Look at these keywords there are Keywords in this job post because you're Gonna need this in a little bit to Implement these into your resume so Strong understanding of popular culture In the United States web Savvy and able To work in a fast-paced environment Excellent online research skills Reliable computer system and internet Connection connection real viable Antivirus software as you'll be surfing The well as part of the work ability to Follow instruction in English and apply With project convention And rules expected by the client and you Must sign a non-disclosure agreement to Protect client confidential and you must Pass a learning and program quality test Designed by their clients before Starting working so if this is something That you're interested in doing all you Need to do is Click right here where it Says apply for this job I want to leave Some encouragement words with you is to Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but it starts with you you have to Believe because if you don't believe Nobody else will so go out there today Ground what is yours by applying for These jobs it took me a while I've been Working from home ever since 2007 and

When I started this journey I didn't Know about you know if I was going to Get a job or not I didn't have any Experience or anything my first job was At West at home now is knowing known as Lorica I stayed at West at home at that Time probably about six or seven months Gaining experience the knowledge and I Was only making eight dollars an hour Y'all and I know a lot of people say That that is not any money even though I Said the same thing but the thing is is That I had to get my experience a lot of People want to go out and make thirty Dollars an hour and they don't have the Experience you have to crawl before you Walk and I stay there probably about Like I said six to seven months gain That experience and went out and got a Higher paying position paying 18 19 an Hour and that could happen to you so Again you just have to believe make for Sure your resume is tailored to each job That you're applying for that is what I'm showing to you with all of my Resumes so again keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there being made for you and before I go into the resume to also I would Love for you to check out Um book two as well Uh where you can go in and um make low Content books people are making anywhere Between a thousand to

Um two that ten thousand a month Creating low content books like journals And long books and coloring books and You could do the same thing I already Made a video so all you have to do is go Check it out okay so um that information Is in the YouTube description bar now We're going to go ahead and get started Again with the resume sample okay now This is a simple resume that I got from Canada all you need is something simple Black and white corporate resume because Again you're trying to pass the ATS they Don't need all those Um tables and borders and everything Because they interfere with the African Tracker system so you want to start off Again put in your first name you can put Your first middle name or last name or Your first name Um Susie doe Jones your phone number and Then you need a professional email Address like susiejones or you Go Jones at and you're going To see me go back and forth to the job Post because I want you to understand When I go back into the job post you Want to take this title word for word Ads quality Raider English us and Implement that in your resume and put Remote because they may have other jobs Where you go in person so you want to be Able to tell the African tracker system And hire manager in recruiters that you

Are looking for a work from home job Okay and then you do your resume summary And your resume summary it should tell How many years you have experienced what Job you're applying for and then you Need to list some of your keywords from The job post and Implement those into Your resume summary because your resume Summary is also important because you Know if you don't tell in that resume Summer you don't tell Um the ATS or higher management Recruiter what job that you're applying For they're not going to know and a lot Of times they're not going to go into Your resume and try to figure out what Job you're applying for or try to place You your resume will be tossed to the Side so in your resume summary you want To be able to tell Um the ATS which is the African tracking System as well as hiring manager Recruiters what job are you applying for So this is what my resume summary looked Like it's a detailed ordinance Quality analyst with 15 years of Experience in the in the field strong Observation skills within above average Proficient in mathematics and the English language fast learner with Ability to solve complex problem quickly Inefficient in order to ensure companies Are operating to the best of their Abilities quality I told them in my

Resume summary quality analysts that is What the job is as quality Raider is the Same thing I am telling them what I want I tell them how many years that I have Um some of the keywords is observation Skills Um mathematics skills English language Skills fast learner complex problems and Then Best ability those are the strong the Keywords that are some from the job post As well and also you can go in and you Can Google things is what is the soft Skills for a add quality Raiders as you Can see you need to know internet skills You can have internet skills search Engine operations social media strategy Algorithms and content filters you go Down a little bit further it tells you You can research on what you need to Have as the skills to as well as to Solve skills here Um it talks about web content web pages Content accuracy that you need to have It tells you typing you need to type Excellent communication skill fluency in English well research skills and Understanding of U.S media and culture Those are the skills that you need to Have again you need to go into the job Post or the job wreck and take those we Just went through it and I highlight it For you and you implement those into Your key components which is the same as

Your skills you want to put I put down Strong attention to details excellent Organization skills motivated Self-starter content accuracy active Listening fluency in English web survey Online research skills well content Problem solving social media knowledge Time management skills ability to Multitask tech savvy internet skills These are some of the key words I took From the job post as well as when I Researched when I show you in Google I Took some of those words because Um recruiters can go in at any time a Hire manager can go in any time in the Africa tracking system and just type in Web content they're looking for Everybody to have web content if you Have that in your resume your resume is Going to be in this pile of a callback So you want to make sure you take the Keywords from that job post and Implement it into your skills as well as Your resume summary Now the next step is your professional Experience your professional experience The name of the company should always be Bold with your title and you need to put When you start to present or when it's Your finish date and it needs it should Have bullet points I know it's nothing Here but I'm going to take you here Um I got this sample resume from indeed So say for example if I was an office

Representative and I was applying for a Ads quality Um Raider this is my resume here I'm Looking at my experience here so you see How nice and neat my experience is where Everything is bullet points and in Complete sentences so basically what You're going to do is look at your Current job your past job but look at Your current job and ask yourself what Did you do on this job that is similar To something that you will be able to do As an ad quality Raider so you go Through here you say collection and Accurate enter up doc demographic Insurance information so that's more of Data entry so when you're doing search Engine that is data entry so I would Leave that first so basically you're Trying to rearrange your bullet points To match the job post or the jobs title Coordinate with other clinics to Schedule appointments for transplant Patients work with multiple teams Scheduled apartments with physician Surgeon nurse so I will move this second This would be second And then you put coordinate with other Clients to schedule appointments third And collect from patients their co-paid Self-pay and patient balance at the Point of check-in so you're rearranging Your bullet points to match again the Job title the job post you just go in

And you ask yourself on this different Job what did I do on this job that is Similar to the job post the job Description in order for your resume to Pass the applicant tracker system and it Should be neat just like this okay it's Very easy if you have any questions I'm Here to help you I'm doing resume demos And all of my YouTube videos Um I told you that last year I said in 2023 I want to see more and more people Getting hired and a lot of people do not Understand how to tailor their resume to The job description some so many people Spend a hundred dollars on their resume And still cannot find a job really you Can do it yourself I am a job coach I do Resume reviews but I am trying to help a Lot of people get out there and file More jobs so they can be able to provide For their self or their family again I Gave you these twos you have to use These tubes for yourself in order to Take you to the next level Again make sure you subscribe to the Channel my channel is all about none From work at home job leads that go out Every single day at 7 A.M such a Standard time make sure you watch the Videos all the way through because there Are valuable information in all of my Videos to help you get closer to Landing Your first second third job even a sign Hustle share this Channel with everyone

You know they could benefit a non-phone Work at home job lead or need resume Help Um again if you would like to become a Member of the YouTube channel I would Love to have you all you have to do is Click that join button there's a short Video explaining the benefits of Becoming a member of the channel here Again Um it is great information in these Videos that go out every single day at 7am Central Standard Time so turn on Your notification check the community Tab that is where I engage with you at All times and again I want to leave These encouragement words with you is to Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You don't disqualify you yourself before You apply to these jobs let the company Do it you have to believe in yourself Because if you don't believe in yourself Nobody else will so go out there today And grab what is yours by applying for These jobs thank you so much for Watching and I will see you in the next Video

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