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Welcome back my friends and happy 2023 this is Lindsay coming back with More work from home job leads I did a Poll the other week regarding being able To put out more work from home job leads On a website and while most of you were Susceptible to that I did have some Great feedback about websites and how Hard it is to find the actual job lead And application page so for 2023 my goal Is just continue the channel as is I Will not be creating a website at this Time I will continue to have the links To all the applications straight Linked In the YouTube description box below Because I do aim to be actually helpful To people and that seems to be what is Most helpful to you is being able to Click the link and get straight to the Application page and put your Application in so I will be trying to Push out even more work from home job Leads in video form on this channel so In doing that I will try to shorten them A little bit so without further Ado Today's job lead is from the company hop Skip drive now they are hiring a safe Ride support specialist to work remote So this is going to be in the customer Service field now one thing to note real Quickly they are hiring in select states That you need to be located in one of These states to be eligible I do have These states listed in the YouTube

Description box below but if you are in One of those States they are looking for Someone to closely monitor the In-progress rides and provide any needed Support for parents writers or the care Drivers you'll resolve any issues that May come up during a ride even if that Means creative out of the box thinking Solutions you'll have to recognize and Resolve the problems before they arise So you will be handling a high volume of Calls to the safe ride support phone Queue you also will send and quickly Respond to any SMS or text messages and About rides in progress that come Through and you'll also be helping Troubleshoot questions about the app Both the iPhone and the Android version As well as the website so it's all over Customer service for this ride product They're looking for someone who can Multitask between several apps and Software programs someone who can be Able to switch tasks and duties with Speed and easy and someone who can Adhere to all personal and departmental Goals now if that sounds like something For you they are paying 18 to 20 dollars An hour for this position and their Application seems very easy to put in You just put in your information attach Your resume answer a few questions and That is it alright if you've made it to The end of this video I want to say

Thank you so so much for watching and Supporting me I ask you if you find Anything that I share helpful please Give this video a thumbs up like button Because that gives me direct feedback That I am being helpful to someone and I'll be back really really soon with More work from home job leads just for You two videos will be popping up on Your screen one I picked for you and the Other YouTube picked for you that you Might enjoy next Please Subscribe and Hit the Bell icon so you never miss Another work from home or money making Video from me and thank you so so much For watching and I'll catch you in the Next one

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