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[Music] Foreign [Music] Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and back with Another job for you guys and this one is Coming from the company Planet DDS okay And they're currently looking for a Full-time customer support manager to Work from home and this position can sit Remote but they do prefer the individual To be within the Eastern time zone so if You're not in the Eastern Time Zone you Can still apply but they do have a Preference for those that are in the Eastern Time Zone okay but this job Right here you will be regularly Evaluating customer interactions to Identify coaching opportunities and Provide feedback to the support team Members you're going to review kpis and Supporting metrics and daily reports to Effectively coach and manage the team You will need to be available to assist The team as needed with case escalations And process workflow guidance and you Will be managing customer escalations to Resolution you're going to share and Apply Lessons Learned and you're going To also document or refine processes and Procedures making recommendations to Either improve the customer experience Employee Engagement or operational Efficiency so they want you to have five

Plus years of experience managing and Leading individual contributors within Software support also previous technical Troubleshooting experiences required Experience with case quality management Is required experience with KCs Practices is required experience with Zendesk is desired and they'd like for You to have a familiarity with the Medical and dental software industry and Experience with workflow management That's desired as well so this job does Have an estimated pay of 70k to 80k a Year according to Glassdoor of course That's an estimate you will have to get The exact pay from the company and Here's the application right here so of Course if you're interested in applying You can find the link in the description Bar I'm wishing everyone the best of Luck as usual go ahead and leave any Questions or comments below and I thank You guys so much for watching and I'll See you in my next video

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