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Hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am Back with a no experience twenty dollar An hour work from home job but before I Jump in make sure you guys subscribe Like and share on this channel guys we Give away laptops and if you want to win Take the video put it on Facebook put it On Tick Tock Twitter Instagram and share It with a friend but be sure to come Back and leave us a comment down below Don't forget to go back check out all The videos that were dropped on the Channel today and I dropped a high Paying no interview one on the channel Yesterday be sure to go back guys and Check it out you don't want to miss it And make sure you guys come over here to The two chicks blog on the home page Look for Omni and look for tell us apply For both and make sure you share them With your friends and family members and Let us know in the comments what type of Work from home job that you're looking For and be sure to sign up for Branded Surveys the link is in the comments Let's get into the video I've talked About this company before Hotel engine They are looking to feel this member Support associate work from home Position the last time we posted this Guys some people did get interviewed I'm Not sure if they were offered the Position or not they probably were Because this is one of those no

Experience work from home type of job so It says here that the member support Team is growing and they're looking for Customer service gurus to join in on the Fun our Associates work closely with all Clients from individuals to Hotel Suppliers and even our API integration Partners to resolve any and all detailed Changes it says that we're looking for a Passionate candidates with a natural Empathy positive tone and a love for the Customer experience now if you're ready To kick start your career in hospitality And customer service then this is the Role for you it says that you will Collaborate with members via the phone Email and chat to manage current Reservations you will confirm with Hotels that proper billing procedures Are being followed and that our members Have a seamless experience with their Reservations you will resolve difficult Issues with our corporate contacts with A positive professional tone be Meticulous about details our team works As a collective unit in order to ensure Top-notch customer service this means That we may have multiple teammates Address the same issue and also we Require detailed notes on all Interactions with our members and the Partners you will communicate Solutions Internally and externally to resolve Issues you will also provide feedback to

The team in the interest of developing More efficient future processes they say That we want to hear your opinions you Will process client refunds in a timely Manner you will work across multiple Online portals and also Detox really move between operating Systems provide a top tier level of Customer service if you love helping People and have a Hospitality mindset Now it says here's what we're looking For positive energetic personality that Translate over the phone and email Enthusiasm for learning technology to Support a I.T development team's needs Proactive independent self-starter with The work with urgency while maintaining Exemplary organizational skills pristine Written and verbal communication skills A quick learner ready to grasp our Systems processes and also procedures Now I do see here it says the shift we Support our members seven days a week This position requires flexibility it Says including nice weekends and Holidays it says that the shift that we Have currently is Saturday to Wednesday From 12 P.M to 9 pm MST which is Mountain Standard Time as you guys can See the the base pay for this role is Twenty dollars an hour and let's see Let's keep reading so as a company we're Also dedicated to giving back to our Greater Community I do see here you will

Receive annual performance bonuses stock Options for all Associates and Performance Based stock options which is Perfect insurance benefits including Medical coverage with the plan available At no cost to the employee so for those Of you that are looking for no Experience high paying which is twenty Dollars an hour equivalent to about Eight hundred dollars a week and you Don't even have to pay for your Insurance coverage this one is a good One to apply for so the link will be Posted right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check Out this company again be sure to go Over to Google type in hotel engine see What comes up about the company get some Information just in case you get an Interview with the company you want to Be prepared and not surprised this is Some information right here guys Hotel Engine is a Denver based travel tech Company so that is something that you Guys can jot down because they may ask You what do you know about hotel engine And you would have already read over the Website and gathered that information And you will have it jotted down on a Piece of paper and you will have it Readily available to answer that Question make sure you share this video It is very important guys because we're Trying to push this information out to

The masses also if you want to win make Sure you share with a friend and then Come back and leave us a comment down Below hop on over to Facebook make sure You join kiss that cubicle goodbye tan Is posting jobs in the group every Single day And we also have someone else in the Group posting as well so we're posting And pushing out a lot of different jobs A lot of different companies are hiring Right now and some of the companies we May or may not have talked about over on This YouTube channel so you want to make Sure that you are following us on all of These platforms because you never know We may post a job on Instagram and may Not post it over here on YouTube or it May not get posted in the group either So make sure that you are following our Instagram page it is two chicks with the Side hustle our Facebook business page It is two chicks with a side hustle Because you just never know and then we Have a lot of giveaways going on with This brand my name is Carol and I will Catch you wonderful lovely amazing People on the next video Bye YouTube

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