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What's up two chicks fam it's me Carl I Am back with another work from home Video but before I jump in make sure you Guys subscribe like and share on this YouTube channel guys we talk about legit Work from home jobs and we also do real Giveaways so if you guys want to win Take my video make sure that you post it On Facebook Snapchat LinkedIn share it With a friend but don't forget to come Back leave us a comment down below also Let us know in the comments what type of Work from home job or side hustle you Guys are looking for be sure to check Out Telus Telus is on a hiring spree so Make sure you come over here to the two Chicks blog look on the home page for Tell us and the position is for their Raider opportunity make sure guys that You look in the comments and sign up for Branded surveys easy peasy survey site Again the link is in the comments and Don't forget to check out that video That I posted on the channel last night Right no interview no resume guys no Talking make sure you guys check out That video and get on their waiting list Let's jump in so the company is direct Interactions now they have the Medicaid Client so it says Medicaid call center Assistant now they are looking for People that live in Rhode Island This is Highly preferred but however guys it is Not required so it says here to be

Considered you must first be invited to Go through our job tryout phase Assessments this correspondence will Come via email if selected it says Please continue to monitor all inboxes In your email so that way you don't miss An email or any deadlines to respond by Now you must have experience in the call Center processing area experience in Health care call centers this is a plus Must have experience and call center Processing must undergo a background Check ability to train and learn systems And requirements surrounding National Health Care programs you must be a Self-starter must possess a professional Demeanor must demonstrate a passion for Providing outstanding service must Maintain composure across a variety of Customer and peer interactions Experience working in a team environment I do see cooperating with your Co-workers joint problem solving Etc Routinely demonstrates listening skills And is attentive to the needs of those You will be assisting excellent verbal Communication skills including correct Grammar and pronunciation along with Tone and also pitch ability to remain Calm under pressure in a fast-paced Contact center environment ability to Remain calm while taking back-to-back Calls ability to show empathy for those That may be frustrated or anxious

Ability to pay attention to detail and Multitask while navigating through Multiple programs and information Ability to use a computer quickly and Also accurately now these are the job Details in this role the Medicaid call Center assistant you will evaluate and Verify info and it assess the ability or Access the validity of customer Documentation process applications and Provide supplemental health care Information you will assist applicants Recipients in knowing their rights and Responsibilities completing applications And securing support evidence in order To ensure that complete and accurate Info is obtained provide information to Applicants recipients and to other Interested parties by mail telephone or In person about laws rules regulations Policies procedures and eligibility Requirements to ensure an understanding Of available program benefits you will Assist the customer through the customer Portal to complete required forms Referred to some Social Service Personnel those applicants recipients Who expressed a need for service Orient Oriented functions utilizing automated Database for case processing including Using the equipment and related routines In the performances of assigned duties And they do have some other things Listed here guys reports suspected cases

Of child or elder abuse or neglect to Appropriate authorities research and Perform customer Outreach using Undeliverable mail to update customer Addresses and other info now I do see Here scheduling and rescheduling Applications it says the orientation and The training is to be determined the Shifts Specialists must be available to Work 40 hours per week within the hours Of operation noted below so they do have Monday through Friday 8 A.M to 6 p.m Eastern Standard Time the pay for this One guys it is 17 to 18.50 per hour Based on experience now now I do see This as a W-2 employee position and I Know we have a lot of people here that Do not like the independent or the 1099 Contractor position so if you are Looking for a W-2 employee position Direct interactions could be the company For you they do pay bi-weekly via direct Deposit I do see employee benefits Listed here as well now one thing about Them they don't provide the equipment so You will need a desktop or laptop Apple Mac tablets or smart devices Windows Mini PCS Chromebook and Android systems Guys are not compatible with their Client or with this client so again Direct interactions is the company the Client is Medicaid call center assistant This is a full-time work from home job The pay is 17 to 18.50 an hour they are

Looking for people that work I mean I'm Sorry they live in Rhode Island to work For them however if you don't live in Rhode Island you still can apply it says But not required so make sure you guys Check this one out direct interactions They have been in business for years Easy interview with this company guys go Over to Google do some research about The company search for Direct Interactions right here they do give you Like a little description about the Company say it's based in Seattle they Operate contact center staffed by American agents Nationwide so they do Give you a little information about the Company right here on their website make Sure you share my video somebody out There is looking for a job such as this One and you just might be that person to Help them out now I will be sure to post The link right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check Out the company and apply don't forget To hop over to Facebook make sure you Join us the name of our group it is kiss That cubicle goodbye don't forget to Follow us guys guys on these social Media platforms now in the group we do Post a lot of different jobs that might Not be posted on this YouTube channel we Also guys are doing a giveaway once we Reach 250 000 members don't forget about The Facebook business page it is two

Chicks with the side hustle guys make Sure you come over there and make sure You follow us like and share there will Be a giveaway on that platform we're Giving away to more brand new laptop Computers this just increases your Chances guys of winning a laptop and Don't forget guys to follow us on Instagram we are so close to 10 000 followers so be sure to come over There two chicks with a side hustle There will be another giveaway on Instagram as well we also have a Twitter It is two chicks with the side hustle so Make sure you guys follow like share Subscribe don't forget to come back Though and leave us a comment somewhere So that we can put your name on the Giveaway list my name is Carol and I Will catch you wonderful lovely amazing People on the next video bye Bye YouTube

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