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Happy Wednesday everyone I am back with Another work from home job this company Is hiring immediately no degree is Required and we're going to go ahead and Get started and dive right into the job As you can see on the screen the job is Uh with the company parenting they're Currently seeking data entry clerk Provided enrollment to work from home Okay now when you go down here it says Periton has an immediate need for an Entry-level providing enrollment Specialist to join their team and this Position will be remote in telework Opportunity so they're in HIC contract Process Medicare Part B application and Has identified a need for provided Enrollment entry level with opportunity For growth with increased experience Then when you scroll down a little bit Further this is the pay the pay is Between 15 and 23.45 an hour even though it says it's In Colorado I always reach out to hiring Manager just to double check to see if This applies to other states and they Were saying or that others if you can Live in other states you'll still be Able to make around this salary here Okay now when we go into more details Um about the job on actually what you're Going to be doing Um this position will perform clerical Tasks involved in organization this task

May include but not limited to Researching compiling data verified data For missing or incomplete Fields place And receive telephone calls to providers In their status contacts dating entry Processing data among various CMS Provider enrollment application other Established General clerical tasks now When you see a little bit of farm Receipt telephone calls provider again I Always reach out to hire managers this Is every once in a while on a Um only a needed basis basically so it's Not a call sort of where calls are after Each other okay so it's just a little Form Um but again it's not a call center Um the qualification is just a high School diploma in a minimum of one to Two years of experience and you must be A U.S citizen or a green card who has Lived in the United States three out of The past years basic knowledge of the Administrative methods and to develop The required administrative skills for The job and specific level of software Skills are required by the work unit and Proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel I always say if you don't Understand Microsoft Excel a word go to Microsoft 365 this is free training that You can learn the word excel PowerPoint Team access all of that for free there's Videos that can help you can learn this

Within five minutes and you'll be able To understand how to do this to get the Job again When it says prefer qualification that Means if you have it it's great if don't Don't worry about it Um you also need to make sure you put These keywords in your skills section And also your resume detail order and Have excellent verbal grid communication Skills ability to work independently and As a team and if you feel like you're a Good fit for this position this is a Great opportunity these type of jobs Move very quickly they move just like This so you need to get on the bandwagon And apply for these jobs all you have to Do is Click right here where it says Apply for this job And once you click on it it will take You to a the application so you can go Ahead and get started make sure that Your application is tailored Um to the job as well Um get keywords because some of these Applications are is lined up with the ATS so all you do is you start putting Your email address hit accept and then It will walk you through everything you Need to go ahead and get started to Apply for this job okay so if this video Has been helpful so far consider Subscribing to the channel by clicking That red button that says subscribe and

Don't forget to click on the Bell to Turn on all your notifications so you'll Be notified every time when I upload These videos or even if I go YouTube Live because these jobs move just like This and I want you to be able to grab These jobs and have all this in your Basket so you can have multiple strains Of income and I just want to leave some Encouraging words with you is to keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but it starts with you some you were Looking at this job and even though it Is an easy job some of you are saying Look I don't have the qualification yes You do you have a qualification this is An easy job again all jobs is going to Train you the way that they want you to Try to be trained but you got to believe Um you gotta have a fate you got to keep Going don't worry about what other People think what other people say you Have to motivate yourself you have to Encourage yourself you got to speak life Over yourself because of the power of The time and always say this the term is Life and death you've got this you got To keep pushing you got to believe in Yourself and you got to take the first Move start applying for jobs every Single day that's what it takes Sometimes you got to go through 100 Applications or 200 applications in

Order to get that one job but I Guarantee you if you tailor your resume To each job that you're applying for you Are going to get calls back that's what Happened to me like I said years ago I Was applying for jobs but I kept getting Rejection letters after rejection Letters but once I did what Highlander Told me to do is to make sure you take The keys with keywords from the job post And implement it into your resume also Your applications need to be tailored to You will get some calls okay so again it Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being that Being made for you there is a job out There with your name on it but you gotta Believe if you don't believe nobody else Will so go out there today and grab what Is yours by applying for these jobs okay Everybody know that I talk about having A multiple strains of income okay I Believe in seven I don't believe in Seven I believe in eight local trades at Income even though you have a full-time Job you need to always have a backup Plan it all means necessary just in case There's something go wrong with your job Okay too many times a lot of people get So complacent and a job that did a job For a year to almost 30 years on the job And just because a job give you a basket With some Um goodies in there you'd be like oh

This company loved me and just like they Gave you a basket with some goodies in It they can let you go within 10 seconds Of being on the job so you need to Always have a backup plan people reach Out to me every single day instead they Need a work from home job because they About to lose their home their house Their cars whatever the case may be and That's why it's very important to Prepare implant and that is with Bookboat as you can see on the screen Bookboat is basically a platform where You can create low content books as you Can see flashing on the screen right now These are coloring books low content Books journals recipes Books Puzzle Books the list goes on there is so much Thing that you can do and the great Thing about Book boat is you don't have To have an experience no degree skip the Interview you could work in the United States you can work out of the country And make passive income so you got to Understand that what what what lasts uh What you got to put in the work Basically you have to put in the work You know what come easy won't last and What last will come easy This is a great opportunity I am also Doing Book boat if you do your research You can make anywhere between a thousand To ten thousand eight months creating Low content books and yes you can do

That but again you gotta put in the work Okay and again what are low content Books or no content books these are Journals law books Diaries and more and Then the great thing about bookboat what I really really love about football is That you can always always research your Competitors and see uh what kind of Keywords they're using in their titles And description and you can copy them Not to copy but to be expired to put Those information into your titles and Description as well as you can research The product before you actually make it And see if it's selling so that is the Great thing about it so when you go to Amazon KDP this is what you're gonna see Right here these type of books that are List list and people making passive Income bookboat has upgraded they have a New studio they have cover craters in Interior designs drag and drop editors Complete customization over a thousand Two hundred plus free fonts more than One million royalty free image Parascalables designs filtered and much More and all of this is in Book boat and Then when you go down a little bit Further again you can make puzzle books Activity books coloring books 100 of low Content Interiors where you can mix and Match a tears to create any books for Your audience and yes people buy these Books every single day okay now if I go

To Resource and interior wizard again I Do not have to make the interior myself Unless if I really want to this is the Interior where you can put into your low Content books you can mix and match you Can make this book unique you can make It your own okay so as you can see there Have saving trackers they have tour Lists they have weekly planners birthday Reminders you get to pitch it there's a Lot of things that you can do Fitness Calendars fishing logs Um it's just too many to name here but For the sake of the video I'm going to Do fishing long you have a choice to do Paperback or you could do hardcover or You can do both so I'm gonna do Paperback eight by five eleven and I'm Going to choose 120 pages and I'm going To choose the fishing log and I'm going To hit download And this is your interior if I was Pleased with this this is what I would Download to Amazon kdb you can sell this On different platforms like Amazon kdb Etsy pay hip sent out Um your own website there's different Free social media platforms where you Can go and you can promote this for free In order to sell this so this is the Interior so I would download this to Amazon kdb and I can start making Passive income again like I always say I'm not a graphic designer so I do not

Create my covering for my books I go on Fiverr and I pay someone anywhere Between five and twenty dollars to Create a unique book cover for my Content my low content books and that's How I sell my books but again you have To put in the work will come easy will Last and will last one come easy Um now anytime you're talking about a Business opportunity there are pricing But I believe is very affordable you Have to be a risk taker people that's a Risk are the ones that are moving up and I believe it's very affordable you Cannot complain about your situation if You don't take action okay now the plan Is 9.99 per month for newbie 19.99 for Uh a month for pro but if you use my Coupon code which is the rest as well I Will lower case that the information is In the YouTube description bar you would Get 20 off of the 9.99 per month again That is Lifetime it is forever if you Choose the 1999 per month for pro you'll Get 20 off of that and that is Lifetime The only difference is with the pro You're getting the puzzle creation Software included and also you're able To try this out for three days for free And see if you like it I guarantee you Don't like it I love football this is Very easy side hustle business Opportunity to go ahead and get started But again you got to put in the work for

This and people are making passive Income if you do the research people are Making passive income so go ahead and Sign up today because once you sign up Today you can ask should go ahead and Start creating low content books today I've done it again I've been doing this Been on this platform creating low Content books about eight to nine months And I love it okay so I want to help you Make passive income but again go ahead And sign up share this information with Everyone you know that could benefit it Okay now also remember That my channel is all about none for Work at home job needs to go out there Every single day make sure you're Watching the videos all the way through Because there are valuable information In all my videos to help you get closer To Landing your first second third job Even a side hustle consider subscribing To the channel by clicking that red Button that says subscribe don't forget To click click on the Bell to turn on Your notifications because you never Know when I am going to go YouTube live I am going to start going YouTube live Uh more often so I can connect with Y'all as well as to see what other Courses you may have if you would like To support the channel Um by our job become a member of the Channel all you have to do is click the

Join button there is a short video Explaining the benefits of becoming a Member of the YouTube channel shout out To everyone that's already a member of The YouTube channel I really appreciate It also don't forget to check out the Community tab that is where I engage With you when I upload new videos I Posted there when I do polls where I do Quotes I post them in there and as well As when I go live I post So again make sure you're sharing the Videos with everyone that you know could Benefit a non-farm work at home job need And remember to keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there been made for you but it Starts with your mind you got to believe If you don't believe nobody else will so Go out there today and grab what is Yours by privacy jobs and make sure you Check out the next video that is Appearing on the screen either it's Pairing at the top at the bottom there Are more work from home job leads to Help you increase filing network from Home job thank you so much for watching And I will see you in the next video Have a great day bye

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