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It's Friday YouTube family I am back With another work from home job they Will train you you can make a thousand Forty per week and before I give you That information today I am going YouTube live so if you want to become a Medical biller from home make sure you Join us on this today Friday December 2nd 2022 at seven o'clock P.M Central Standard time I am bringing back to Guest Deborah H Swisher CPC she is a Certified professional coder as well as An instructor with over 30 years Experience so join us today at seven O'clock P.M so let's go ahead and dive Right into the job now we're talking About to come to U-Haul they're Currently seeking quality assurance Analysts to work from home it is 100 Uh remotely and the pay is 26 dollars Per hour according to Glassdoor which is 1040 per week and Uhaul they do have Opportunities for investment now this is Again this is a full-time position they All offer a valuable on-the-job training So that is where I get that information From Um that they will train you because this Company will Um provide on the job training they do Offer free online courses first personal And professional development at U-Haul University so they're always want their People or employees to always stay

Educated on what's going on uh basically You will create and modify scripts to Analyze or extract data that will assist With data validation issues resolution You would conduct test planning test Designs test scripting and manual test Execution within the test life cycle now On this job here they do want you to Have at least one to three years of Software development testing and or Technical support experience they want You to have experience using Azar Devops SQL and C plus and here are some Free website is where you can learn all Of this is LinkedIn also have free Learning courses that you can take to Learn all of this like most popular c Um which is the hashtag you can go there And know there there's different videos On YouTube Um that will teach you devops full Course so I suggestions go ahead and Check that out as well as acor tutorials For beginners Um this is a website we'll go in and Walk you through on how to do all of That here And in this company Um offer a discount on cell phone plans Hotels and more and it only requires a Associate's degree And computer science equivalent years of Experience in a related field I suggest You to go ahead and apply for this job

Anyway this is a great opportunity we All know what U-Haul is where you can Rent trucks and everything to from Moving Um equipments if you're moving something From the house or U-Haul is a worldwide Known company so it is a great Opportunity to get in and start working And we're going to dive a little bit More deeper about what you're going to Be doing on this job here you're going To use test methodologies that ensure And comprehensive testing of a signed Application and solution against Established accepting the criterias You're going to constantly follow and Support document QA process and Procedures to ensure a high quality test Approach as well as troubleshoot Document and assist in root cause Analyst and be an advocate of Application quality for their customers Okay now when you go down a little bit Further you must be able to work Independently take initiative with Projects and be self-motivated must be a U.S citizen or have proof of U.S Employment authorization for this Position here okay so they do offer full Medical coverage Um career stability again where I got That information valuable on the job Training opportunity for advancement They do offer paid holidays vacation in

Six days as well as life insurance they Have a lot going on on this job here That you need to uh get Um on the wagon and apply U-Haul Federal Credit Union so this is a good company Again you know keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there with your name on it you have To believe a lot of people look at these Job positions and they're like I don't I'm not qualified they're asking Um for me to do this and that I am not Qualified for this job just like I use Google and I tell you all the time use Google as your friend if you don't Understand something You can teach yourself within five Minutes or ten minutes I've done it in The past I didn't know different things Whether if it was word excel accounting Comes Concepts I use Google I study it And I was end up getting that job you Know just because I you know researched Things Um you know you just gotta believe in Yourself because if you don't believe in Yourself nobody else will and stop Waiting for other people's confirmation And telling you what to do uh when to Apply for a job or this job is not a Good fit for you you have to stay around Positive people I keep talking about That if you're around negative people You're going to eventually pick up their

Ways but you got to be around people That's going to say look you got this Even though you may seem like you're not Qualified you never know what can happen If you don't apply for this job a lot of Companies will train you now I mean Hiring managers reaching out to me Recruiters say look we're willing to Train the right person and you could be The right person but you would never Know if you don't apply for a job okay Even though job stay associates degree Bachelor's degree the job that I'm Currently on required a bachelor's Degree I don't have a bachelor's degree I only have a cert uh certifications Associates degree that's all I have I Don't have a vast degree but I went in There with the Willing mind and willing Heart and willing spirit and I got the Job okay the job can say one thing and God can say something else you know Where you can go in indoors are just Open Remember When one door closed keep Going because there's going to be Another door that's going to open up for You and there's a job out there with Your name on it so keep pushing keep Applying don't give up and don't Disqualify yourself before you apply for These jobs let the company do it you Have to speak life over yourself the Power of the time the child was life and Death so go on out there and Speak Life

Over yourself and say I got this I can Do this I know that I'm qualified for The job I know that I'm going to Research and learn as much as I can About the job to get there Go out there and grab what is yours Today by applying for these jobs because There is a job out there with your name On it hit that apply button and go ahead And start your application today okay Now I am talking about Um course careers because course careers Um you know they reach out to me I Partner with course careers Um as you know when you do your research Tech sales is high in demand okay text Sales and information technology more And more companies are looking for Looking to hire text sales and Information technology but they cannot Found those people because a lot of People don't have the experience to do This so of course careers have Um really connect with employers that Are looking to hire course careers into A entry level position as a tech sales Are a information technology so I just Want to just clarify and let you know The difference text sales is basically You're on the phone you're reaching out To potential buyers that want to buy the Product for whatever company you're Working for like Google information Technology is more of a chat job where

You're dealing with tickets and cues so If you do not want to be on the phone I Suggest you to do information to Technology so with technology sales There's more than 300 000 open jobs in The average starting salary is between 60k to 80k a year with the information Technology there's more than 200 000 Open jobs and average starting salary of 40 to 60k a year so you have a potential To make anywhere between 60k to 100K a Year and that is a great opportunity for Someone whether if he's single or if you Have a family this is a great Opportunity I suggest you to go and Check after a full testimony they have a Lot of people that went through course Careers and they are testifying okay so The look at this particular person here Naya she is 19 years old She worked at Starbucks she Um and there's nothing wrong with Working at Starbucks you know you have To start somewhere but again like I Always say I don't think it's meant to Stay at a company where you're not Moving up and where you're not happy and She ran across course careers and at This time of me you know doing this Video she is the youngest person making 60k a year working from home and this Can happen to you so I suggest you to go Ahead and look at the testimonies now How I work it doesn't cost you anything

To sign up for free and learn what it Takes to be a tech sales or information Technology that is what the free sign up Course introduction course will give you And at that time you can determine it's A good fit if you think it's a good fit Stop procrastinating take action and Sign up to date okay so you enroll in Their online class it is self-paced Some people complete the course in a few Weeks to a couple months it depends on How much time you commit you will learn Everything to require to land your first Position and the great thing about this Job is that you can do an internships For three months so you're getting paid To learn the job so when you come out Getting your certification a degree with Course careers you are have the Experience a lot of people go to trade Schools Community College University Graduate schools they come out just with The degree and when they get that degree They go out and apply for jobs they're Being rejected because they don't have The experience so what do they do they Go back to college change their major And then they come out and it's the same Thing getting rejected here at course Career it takes you only a few weeks or Three months to complete versus if you Went to a university a graduate school Trade school Community College it takes Anywhere between two to five years okay

So this is a win-win so when you start The career they're going to teach you How to apply the skills you acquire from The course in this new career you would Be teach exactly how to land an entry Level position an internship by giving You an Insider knowledge of how to apply To companies what they look for in Resumes application how to prepare for Interviews and so much more they also Partner directly with companies that Want to hire Their students into an entry level Position and the internship dropping Their degree experience and requirement For course careers graduates okay Now when you go down a little bit Further I'm going to check out Um Information Technology when you Scroll down here this is the price for The course it's a single payment of 499 Dollars if you use my coupon code you Would get fifty dollars off of that the Information is in the YouTube Description bar now when you go to a College whether it's trade school University Um or graduate school you're out of more Than 499 is people that are out of I Don't know 50k more or more in college And university there's people I know They've been out of school for 12 years And they are still paying on the loan Here with course careers you do not have

To take out a loan all you have to do is Pay 499 or that you could do a four Payment plan of 150 until you get it Paid off now they do offer a 14-day Money-back guarantee they're so Confident that you'll be happy with Their course that they want to give you A risk-free experience the course is Fully refundable within 14 days of Purchase no courses as all you have to Do is simply contact them and they will Refund you and again on an average you Make over 800 a week as a help desk Professional that's a information no Tech technology personal i t so Basically course pays for itself during Just the first four days on the job If this is something that you want to do Stop procrastinating take action by sign Up for the free introduction course and If you feel like you're a good fit for This this is something you want to do You need to sign up and start taking the Course today it takes under three months For you to complete and start making Passive income this would be a life Changer for yourself and your family so Make sure you go ahead and sign up today The information is in the YouTube Description bar and remember make sure That you're watching the videos all the Way through because there are valuable Information in all of my videos to help You get closer to Landing a first your

First second third job even a side Hustle my videos go out every single day At 7 A.M Central Standard time so that's Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday okay this channel is All about non-phone work and home job Leads so if you are looking for a work From home job where you're not talking To customers on the phone you have Landed on the right channel make sure You share this Channel with everyone That you know and if you would like to Support this Channel or becoming member Of the YouTube channel all you have to Do is click that join button there is a Short video explaining the benefits Don't forget to subscribe to the channel By clicking that red button that says Subscribe next to the red button that Says subscribe there's a bell click on That Bell and turn on all notifications So every time when I upload new videos You will be notified or if I go YouTube Live you will be notified and be able to Participate in the live stream and don't Forget to check out your community tab Too that is where I engage with you on Every single day when I upload new Videos I posted in there when I do post I post it in there when I do quotes I Posted in there keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there with your name on it don't Disqualify yourself before you apply for

These jobs let the company do it so go Out there today and grab what is yours Today by applying for these jobs Um again there is a job out there with Your name on it but you have to believe If you don't believe nobody else will Thank you so much for watching and I Will see you in the next video

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