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Foreign [Music] This is Melissa from Melissa at home and Welcome back to another video another Amazing work from home job opportunity That is available to each and every one Of you okay so and Melissa at home I try To find these that suits your level of Experience as well as your skill set Level so make sure you subscribe and hit That notification Bell so you do not Miss out on any of these amazing job Leads that I share because you never Know one of these opportunities could be Just the right fit for you and you just Might land it so you do not want to miss Out on any of these opportunities so Let's go ahead and jump into the video I Have two remote based positions that I Want to share with you and they're Coming from two well-known Fortune 500 Companies both of these companies are in The insurance Industry okay so if that's something That interests you then this is a treat Both opportunities will provide you with Free equipment so you don't have to Worry about rushing out to purchase Equipment and trying to find out what Equipment will be suitable for the job They'll provide you with equipment okay And I love companies that do this Because I think it's fair as an employee That they provide you with the necessary

Things and tools that you need to do in Order to perform the job the first Company that you are looking at of Course I'm sure you are familiar with Cigna right they are an insurance Company that provide life insurance and Other you know Services as well so Cigna Has a work from home position it was Listed just recently so this is fresh Off the presses it is a hot lead a hot Lead is a lead that has been recently Posted okay it's fresh so they're Looking for a work from home agents and This is only available in the US so if You are in Pennsylvania you have the Ability to either you know decide if you Want to work from home for Cigna or if You would like to work within their Office location in Pennsylvania okay but If you are in the U.S no matter where You are in the U.S presumably you'll be Able to work from home no matter where You are or if you're from California or New York then I would go ahead and apply For this position and just you know give It a go and see what happens okay so Let's jump into the details of this Position of course they have their first Paragraph here that's just giving you Some information in regards to their Their company and what they're looking For overall in terms of their customer Service agents so if you're someone who Like helping others they're all about

Helping people okay always listen first And respond with empathy own the Customer service experience then you can Be a part of something greater than Yourself so if you are ready for a role That utilizes your caring loving nature And quick thinking skills help people or How about a role that makes you feel Like you are making an impact every Single day right so if that's the case If this is you then let's do this all Right Cigna is encouraging you to jump On this one okay now just a tip I try to Incorporate this in my videos when I Share job leads for those who are Interested in applying for jobs then Again I provide multiple services for Those who are looking to update their Resume and get it revamped for positions Okay so all the links is in the Description section below this video if You are confused in any way I also Provide my email address melissia at Home all right so quick tip When you see a company mention things Like empathy and um you know being part Of something greater than yourself or or If you are ready for a role that Utilizes your caring nature and quick Thinking skills these are keywords that You want to incorporate within your Resume as well as your cover letter okay It's very very important all right so Let's jump into the rest of this amazing

Position by Cigna now for this row of Cigna you will help clients customers And Healthcare Providers understand Their business a little better right so In order to do that you would have to Understand our business too so you're Going to do your research about Cigna And get to know them inside and out okay Topics like determination of payments And claims related to medical and dental Procedures in office and hospital visit Costs are common questions So they are looking for someone who will Make it easy for their customers to work With them now if you enjoy regular Development opportunities and mentorship As you train for this position they Offer extensive Hands-On training to Ensure you're successful at Cigna okay And also enjoy your job too so that's Very important again to stressing about You and you as an employee working for Cigna enjoying your work okay now what Will you need to have for this role for This role the qualifications include High school diploma or equivalent Required you should see the associates If you have Associates or bachelor's Degree they do prefer that one plus Years of customer service experience Analyzing and solving customer problems Is required it's not a lot of experience One plus years is like little experience Right knowledge of medical terminology

Is a plus excellent written in oral Communication skills exceptional Organization and time management Focus So the start date for this position is January 23rd 2023 first similar to a Past job lead that I shared recently in Another video the same exact date start Dates so Sigma is looking for you to get Started January next month 23 2023 so You can start off your new year with Amazing opportunity working with a Company such as Cigna okay so for this Position they anticipate offering an Hourly rate of 17 to 20 per hour in US Dollars depending on relevant factors Which include your experience level and Your Geographic locations so pay rates Will be depending on your skill level Your experience how much years of Experience you have as well as other Factors okay if you meet all the Preferred qualifications that they have Then you get the highest pay so this Role is also anticipated to be eligible To participate in an annual bonus plan So they also have bonuses that will be Tacked onto your earnings now Sigma is Known for providing equipment such as a Computer to do the job so all that they Require you to provide for the job is Internet connection which must be Obtained through a through a cable Broadband or Fiber Optic internet Service provider with a speed and they

List the speed of your download and Upload speed for your internet Connection so just have Dependable fast Internet service and they will provide You with equipment you need to get Started and working right so that's Coming from Cigna the next work from Home position is coming from New York Life all right this is another Insurance Based company I believe and they are Currently looking for a customer service Advocates and this job was recently Posted as well just a few days ago so It's fresh off the president's hot lead Location for this job is remote any State all right so if you're New York California you're good to go for this Position I get a lot of you who are just Like where are the jobs for California Where are the jobs for U.S well here They are okay so they are looking for You to get started and it is remote Based in any state in the US so if you Are someone who enjoy helping people Again another company asking if you are Someone who like helping people Do you thrive in a fast-paced customer Focused environment then start your Rewarding career as part of their Growing customer service team as a Contact center customer service Advocate You will help and work with customers to Improve their health well-being and Sense of security as a customer service

Advocate you are offered extensive paid Hands-On training supportive Post-training environments to pay your Success these are amazing roles to get Especially if you're looking to get Started working from home because they Train you they make sure that you are Well prepared for the job and again they Give you the opportunity even if you Don't have a lot of experience for this Particular role you don't need to have Any prior experience necessarily but They do have preferences they do require That you have creative problem solving Skills critical thinking empathy skills Are essential okay mention that in your Resume but because that's the key word Professional interaction active and Passive listening skills and ability to Utilize computer-based resources in a Highly effective manner to educate and Provide accurate responses so again Definitely benefit you to read the Entire job listing don't just rush to Apply for the job and just to submit Your resumes look over your resumes read A job listing and make sure that your Resume is tailored specifically for what They're looking for all right those Skills are highlighted on your resume it Should be the first thing that they see All right very important now customer Service Advocates respond to customer Inquiries

Primarily regarding regarding Eligibility associated with federal State and Company leave of absence plan Understanding of leave status Researching customer information and Putting data into designated system so Those are the duties that you'll be Performing so this sounds more like you Know like data entry and responding to Customer inquiries customer service Advocates are measured on Direct Feedback from customer via post call Surveys so they will have their Customers after they speak to you Participate in a survey to you know let The company know about their experience With you so very important that you do An excellent job and you are someone Who's empathetic and you're someone Who's empathetic with their customers And get good ratings all right the core Competencies of this role is listed and Is highlighted like make sure you Incorporate this in your resume and Cover letter customer focus communicates Effectively manages conflicts Situational adaptability Nimble learner Optimizes work processes So you are the right person if you have A high school diploma or equivalent is Required if you have a bachelor's it is Preferred customer service experience is Preferred but it's not a requirement Intermediate proficiency Microsoft

Office Suites excellent written and oral Communication skills ability to perform In a high volume fast-paced call sensor Environments if you are bilingual that Is preferred but it's not required okay Still apply for this job if you're not Bilingual all right now that's basically Majority of the important stuff that They're looking for and what they Provide and this is their salary range Is 38 000 to 42 000 per year and of course you Are eligible for health and wellness Benefits 401K matching tuition Assistance Student Loan repayments Program okay so they will take good care Of you all right so this is an amazing Another amazing opportunity two amazing Opportunity from these amazing companies That are hiring those to get started and Working remotely from home so if you're Ready to get started you know what to do Click where it says apply now to begin Your application and get that submitted In okay and again this is another Company that tends to provide Work from home equipment for you to work From home all right so if you find out Something completely different I don't It's okay just let us know in the Comment section and to my knowledge These two companies provide you with Free equipment to get started in working From home and they require little to no

Experience and you don't need to have a Master's degree or any of that to get Started make sure you check out the link In the description section below this Video as well as other resources Information that is available and thank You for joining me I wish you all the Best of luck happy work from home bye

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