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Happy Saturday everyone I am back with Another work from home job this company They will train you you can make Anywhere Um around a thousand three hundred Dollars a month okay so we're gonna go Ahead and dive right into the job now We're going to be talking about to come To capelin University Partners they're Seeking course mentors for Wake Forest University this is a part-time position So usually part times are around like Starting 20 hours Um a week um that they would want you to Work and there are what you'll basically Be doing is in preparation for the role The mentors will complete a paid Training program that is self-paced Modules and exercise as well as live Component so this is what you're getting At this position here is that they will Train you here Um you scroll down here it gives you the Information here where I got it from you Know paid training program so you'll get Paid doing that and basically you will Provide guidance feedback and answer Questions as well as you will review Course assignments provide directions And answer questions and then when you Go down here the time committed is Approximately three hours per week of Mentor lead level group students Interaction for the directions of the

Course and the course length varies and Then you need to understand the platform Forms such as email Zoom Google hangouts Or canva now Um I went like I said you always need to Use Google as your friend in order to Found things in order to learn things so When you dissect the job and you're like Okay I don't understand email Zoom Google hangouts or canva I went and Researched for you all you have to do is Type in how to use zoom Um and it will tell you how to use zoom Here like right here when you scroll up Here how to use zoom step by step guide It walks you through how to get started With zoom how to set up Zoom meetings How to join a zoom meeting how to Schedule meetings how to record Zoom Meetings how to track attendance and Zoom it shows you how to do it just by Googling same thing about Google Hangouts if you don't understand Google Hangouts there is a video right here That explains to you on how to do Google Hangouts as well as canva canva is in School you know a lot of kids use canva These days kids do not take books around Like when I was growing up now Everything is computer-based everything Is on their laptop so it explains by Watching this video it explains to you How to use canva how to set it up so Take advantage of all of these free

Things that you need to do and give you Information about Wake Forest University Collaborate with Um basically it is a university that Provides pre-college students with Exceptional careers minded enrichment Certification programs taught online by World-class expert from Wake Forest University and world okay Now when you go down here a little bit Further and when we dissect the job here It's it says specifically when you look At it it's telling you that you must be Um a student at camley or alumni Um I reached out to hire manager you Know always reach out when I have that Question do you have to be a student of Camp Kaplan or I'm illuminai he said Still apply anyway even if you're not a Student so I just want you to know when You get to that point where you see well Um it states that you have to be a Student I don't want you to get this Encourages oh I can't apply for this job Because I have to be a current student Here it is applicant must be a current Student or alumni of Wake Forest I again I reached always reach out to hire Manager and they stated that you can Still apply even though if you're not a Student or a little not at the place Okay so we go in and dissect the job a Little bit further and see what else You're going to be doing is you have to

Be familiar with all course materials You have to check in with the program Staff at specific peers and report back On students engagements as requests and They want you to be passionate for Helping others achieving their goals Within the emphasis on the lighting and Engaging students okay then you have to Also be authorized to work in the United States if this sounds like something That you're able to do then make for Sure you go ahead and apply the job is 15 an hour which when you figure out Things it is 8 300 monthly that you can Make on this job here so if you're Interested in applying all you need to Do is Click right here where it says Apply now I'm gonna always encourage you because That is what the world that's what we Need more of is encouragement world uh Encouragement words there's so much Negativity out there is don't disqualify Yourself before you apply for the job Always go and read the job wreck or the Job post and if you don't understand Something just Google it all you have to Do is highlight Feedback and answer questions and and Post it in Google and it's going to come Up with some answers on how you to Understand that and you were like okay I Understand that part and keep going I Understand it and you're able to do the

Job and apply you know you have to Believe in yourself because if you don't Believe in yourself nobody else will you Know I tell people all the time is stop Waiting to get confirmation from other People to make a decision whether you Should move to the next level you you Should always want to better yourself You should not want to always stay at The same job especially when you're Making the same salary it's people I Know they've been at a job for three Years cannot take a vacation because Nobody know their job and they're making The same salary when they first started And here's somebody that comes in just Started making more money than you and Able to take vacation able to work Mondays through Friday no weekends and You've been at the job for a year two Years and some people been at the job For 30 years So with that being said is like I always Say is even though you have a job you Have to still apply don't stop I don't Care if they give you a gift card you Know the holidays are coming up people Give you gift cards and bonuses and Um goody bags and and gift baskets and People oh this company love me you still Keep applying because they don't have Any problem letting you go they don't Care if you got a family they don't care If you taking medication they don't care

If you sick they don't care they will Let you go you should always keep your Eye open and apply for these different Jobs even though you have a job there Are so many jobs out there that you can Apply there are so many jobs that will Train you because I am listening every Single day Um you know title they will train you so I suggest you to take advantage of all Of these companies that offer paid Training and they will train you to get To where you need to be okay remember Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there with your name On it but you got to take action you got To get that out there and start applying For these jobs every single day yes I Some people say well I've been applying For 100 jobs that's what it takes out of The hundred eventually somebody is going To call you you're gonna have like 10 or 20 offers at one time and you have to Figure out what company you're going to Go with so don't get disencouraged be Encouraged again surround yourself Around people that's going to uplift you If they're not uplifting you speaking And not speaking life over you you don't Need to be around those type of people You need to be around people that is Going to cheer you on and lift you up go Out there and grab what is yours today By applying for these jobs there is a

Job out there with your name on it but You got to make the first step is you Got to get out there and apply today Okay so go and hit this apply button Today and then you know that I always Talk about In this video is I want everybody to Better their self Um I don't want you to stay in a rut you Know being at a job complaining about The situation and you're not doing Anything about it too many times people Don't know that text cells and Information Tech information technology Is high in demand if you do your Research and you can make anywhere Between 60k to over 100k being a tech Sales and information technology from Home no experience or degree is required And that is with course careers it is a Online course very affordable now just To give you information Tech sales is Basically your on the phone say for Example if you're working for Google and You're reaching out to potential buyers That want to buy products from Google Versus Information Technology courses or Information technology is more of a chat Type of work where you're dealing with Tickets and cues so if you don't want to Be on the phone my suggestion is to to Start with information technology okay So with text sales there are over more Than 300 000 open jobs and you can start

Making between 60 to 80k a year Information Technology there's more than 200 000 open jobs you can make anywhere Between 40 and 60k a year this is Perfect for a high school student that Is a junior or senior year senior that Is uncertain about what they're going to Do in college a lot of people don't go To college because they cannot afford it But with course careers you can't afford It or maybe you went to college and you Just want a take a different route this Is for you or maybe you've never been in College and you're just sitting on your Job been there for years or in you just A month and you're just tired you just Won't do something totally different Than this is for you when you scroll Down a little bit further I suggest you to read their testimonies There is a lot of people that are Testifying of how great course careers Is and if you look at this girl here She's 19 years old she work at Starbucks And again you got you have to start Somewhere you know I don't kick down I Used to work at Um McDonald's back in the day you have To start somewhere but I don't think It's meant to stay somewhere for the Rest of your life especially if you're Not moving up she realized that she Wasn't moving up on her job so she ran Across course careers and now at this

Time she is the youngest person making 60k a year working from home and this Can happen to you so how you start if You're interested in this is you have to Sign up for the free you sign up for This free it's like a little Introduction course that would tell you Everything you need to learn about Information Technology as well as text Sales and at that point if you feel like It's a good fit stop procrastinate and Take action that's what gets people in Trouble is they procrastinate too much And they just talk theirself out of Doing things if you want to move up to The next level you have to you know Invest in yourself that is a part of Self-care and then you just go ahead and Choose the role in the course it is a Online self-paced course and you can Complete the course in a few weeks to a Complete month to a couple months Depending on how much time you commit You will learn everything required to Land your first position and the great Thing about course careers is that You're working as a internship making Between 15 and 20 an hour for different Companies that course careers have Partnered with so you're getting your Experience as well as being offered the Job after three months you can choose to Work for that company versus there's a Lot of people that go to college

Universities Community College trade School They coming out with that degree or Certifications but they're not coming Out with experience when they come out And they apply for these jobs they're Being rejected because they don't have The experience so what they do they go Back to school and get in a major in Another degree and they still have that Same problem here at course careers You're gaining the experience and Getting paid and then once you get Through with that three months you can Choose to work for that company so you Can start applying those skills that you Learn from the course they will teach You exactly how to land an entry level Position or internship by giving you Insider knowledge of how to apply to Companies what they look for in resumes Applications how to prepare for Interviews and so much more and they Partner directly with companies that Want to hire their students course Career students and to an entry level Position and internship dropping their Degree inexperience only for course Careers graduates it is a win-win okay Right now what you would have to do here Now there is some pricing and I believe It's very affordable you do not have to Take out no student loans you don't have To be in debt or anything the price is

499 dollars you can you can afford that Yeah I'm saying 499 or you can choose Four payment plan of a hundred and fifty Dollars that's all you have to do And if they do have a 14 day money back Guarantee this course is fully Refundable within 14 days of purchase no Course that is asked all you have to do Is simply contact them and they will Refund your money on the average you can Make over 800 a week as a help desk Professional which is a information Technology so basically the course pays For itself during just the first four Days on the job okay this is a win-win Information if you're looking to get an Information technology or text sales This is your opportunity to make more Money to support yourself and your Family okay you have to take the first Step is the role in the course it's a Lot of people have already rolled in a Course and they're speaking good about The course and you can do the same thing Okay it talks about the I.T course Online what you'll be doing this is your Teacher so if this is something that you Ever want to do and you want to make a Change in your life and in your family Life then you got to make the first step Into role in course careers okay that Information is in the YouTube Description bar and remember my channel Is all about none phone work at home job

Needs that go out every single day That's Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday at 7 A.M Central Standard Time make for sure that You're watching the videos all the way Through because there are valuable Information in all of my videos to help You get closer to Landing here first Second third job even a side hustle if You would like to become subscribe to The Channel all you have to do is hit That red button and don't forget to Click on the Bell to turn your Notifications so every time when I Upload new videos you'll be notified and Never give you plenty of opportunity to Go ahead and apply for these jobs before They're no longer available people are Getting hired every single day and I Would love for you to be the next one to Get hired if you would like to support The channel or become a member of the YouTube channel all you have to do is Click that join button there is a short Video explaining the benefits of Becoming a member of the channel don't Forget to check out the community Tab App that is where I engage with you Every single day when I upload new Videos when I post polls when I'm going YouTube live all that information is in There and keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job out there With your name on it but you have to

Believe if you don't believe nobody else Will so go out there today and grab what Is yours today by applying for these Jobs thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video

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