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Happy Monday everyone I am back with Another no talking work from home job Lead that I would like to share with you Plus this company they will train you And you can make anywhere Um around 1 320 per week doing this and If this is something that you want to See then make for sure that you go ahead And check it out okay so I am going to Share my screen where we're going to Talk about the first job that I would Like to share with you okay so uh we're Gonna go ahead and talk about this Company where you can make Um a good amount of money and that Company is with Renaissance they're Currently seeking technical support Specialist to work from home this is a Full-time position and as you scroll Down here The pay is between forty six thousand Four hundred to sixty nine thousand five Hundred which is around twenty two to Thirty three dollars per hour and that Is a thousand three hundred and twenty Per week I got that from just making Thirty three dollars an hour and that is A full-time position as well as this Company they will train you because they Do tuition reimbursement and that's Exactly what they'll do they'll send you Back to school to get the training and The knowledge you need to perform the Job so when we go up here a little bit

Further and I just want to give you Information about what is the company is All about it's Renaissance solution they Help Educators analyze customize and Plan personal a learning paths for Students allowing time for what matters Creating energy Learning experience in the classroom so When you go down a little bit further This job entails assistant internal Representative and customers on Renaissance software issues and working With energy Energy Engineering to Documented address is shoes and in the Remote shift will be at 8 30 to 5 PM GMT Or you can choose 3 30 a.m to 12 p.m Central Standard Time okay so this is a Great opportunity for someone and in This row what they expect for you to Have is exhibit leadership skills and Serve as a role model to all support Representatives so this is more again of A chat job where you're not on the phone But you're dealing with customers Through a chat ticket queue kind of Situation And you're going to respond to Escalade Support incidents and high priority Cases for management quickly and Accurately as well as you're going to Research test and log clear and complete The facts for issues reported by Customers of file internally as well as You're going to interact with

Engineering product development and Other teams to assist in bringing Unresolved escalate issues to resolution Now when you go down here the Qualifications don't get intimidated it Says three years of experience as a Support representative if you don't know What a support representative do make Sure you go and look it up okay because It's going to tell you exactly what Support representative what they all do A lot of people may have videos so it Can explain to you so you can get closer To Landing this job they want you to be Able to have the ability to get along Well with others and collaborate Effectively as you work towards a common Goal as well as an understanding of Software files structures and ability to Analyze and interpret database I am Going to show you a place where you can Go and learn this for free so I'm going To go ahead and show you right quick I'm So you can go ahead and see what I'm Talking about Is um you're gonna show you another Place where you can go because I'm Always showing you places where you can Go and learn things for free so you can Be able to get this job here so if I go Here and show you this here all you have To do is Google software file structure And it talks about how should I organize My resource or my source tree how to

Structure files in your project it's Always people that are talking about This you can hear you all and it's going To bring more videos up so you can watch It and so you can understand it so you Can get closer to Landing this job here So again use Google as your friend to Understand how this works before you Disqualify yourself there's tons of Videos to help explain to you on how to Do the job now we're going to go back to The job again I am going to share my Screen and I'm you're going to see what I'm talking about here going back to the Job description here And when we go back into it you must be Able to demonstrate ability to learn Complex query software as well as be Proficient with operating system and Device supporting for use of residence On software now this is a bonus point so You do not have to worry about it if you Have it that's great if you don't then You know you can still apply for the job Again they do offer benefits because This is a full-time job it's a W-2 job To have health savings and flexible Spending accounts they have medical Prescription dental vision Telehealth 13 Pay holidays as well as life and Disability insurance and well-being and Employee System Program so if this is Something that you're interested in Applying make sure you go ahead and

Apply today don't delay don't Procrastinate go ahead and take action Today all you have to do is Click right Here where it says in I am interest or You can stop click right here where it Says I am interest okay now if this Video has been helpful thus far I want you to consider subscribing to The channel by clicking that red button That says subscribe and don't forget to Click on the Bell to turn on the Notification so every time when I upload New videos you will be notified and they Will give you plenty of opportunities to Go ahead and apply for these jobs before They go just like this and also I want To also tell you is to keep practicing Your typing skills let me show you too As well there is a free place where you Can go and practice your type of skills For free so again I am going to share my Screen and I'm going to show you how to Go and practice your typing skills Because that's what you need to know and The first one is with type and Now type and test you can check your Type of skills in a minute you can Choose how long you want to practice Whether if it's one minute two minute Three minute five minute ten minutes you Can choose you can choose medium text Easy text a tricky spelling blind type And story typing go ahead and go ahead And get your your typing where it needs

To be because this is one skills that Hiring managers are not going to train Your own you have to know how to type I Am going to also show you another Platform where you can go and practice Your typing skills for free with no Charge at all to you is official type And test here it is not only can you Practice your typing test but you can Practice your 10 key tests as well as They will give you typing tips if I Click on 10 key tests this is what will Come up I have a choice to do numbers And symbols or I have a choice to do Numbers only and then here you can do The type and test here so make sure you Go and get your typing where it needs to Be because again this is one skills that Hire managers are not going to train you On okay now I want to leave some Encouragement words with you because That's what we need in the world is more Positive vibes it is so much negativity Going on in the world and you need to Surround yourself around people that About something people that have your Best interest people they're going to Uplift you I never understand why people Like to be around somebody that always Disencouraging them in life I'm I don't Care if it's your spouse I don't care if It's your family members I don't care if It's people you know surround yourself

Around people that's gonna lift you up When you're applying for a job when You're starting a business a lot of Times when you try to better yourself A lot of people don't like that they Will speak deaf over you instead of life Um all I can tell you is you got to keep Pushing you got to keep applying and you Cannot give up and don't disqualify Yourself before you apply for these jobs Let the company do it I understand you Know a lot of people want to apply for One job and call it a day you gotta Apply for multiple positions to see Results it's just like when you exercise When you eat right and you exercise and You stay on that path then you're going To start seeing results and it's the Same thing about filing a job if you Consistently applying for jobs and You're making for sure your resume is Optimized to each job that you're Applying for eventually you're going to Find what you're looking for but you got To take action you got to listen to what I'm telling you so you can go out there And get the job that you need whether It's a full or part-time 1099 job or Side hustle you know listen to the twos The free tubes that I'm giving you Um so you can get there to the next Level you have to stay in the race too Many times you're are too close to the Finish line and you just want to throw

In the towel and a lot of y'all are just Too close you have to finish the race I Feel that God put us all on the same Track and he said on your mark get set Go a lot of people are not going to make It to the 800 meters you know they just Gonna stop at the at towards the end but It's going to be some people that's Going to crawl to the finish line and Maybe some people huffing and puffing to The finish line or it may be people That's hopping to the finish line or Skipping to the finish line but the one Thing that they're not going to do is Throw in a towel they're not going to Give up there is a saying that giving up Is not an option so giving up is not an Option for you take that out of your Mind take it out of your spirit giving Up is not an option you could keep Pushing through the hard times because Life is full of ups and downs life is Like a roller coaster one minute you're Up next minute you're down but again you Just keep pushing have the faith you Will find the job that you seeking real Soon okay so go out there today and grab What is yours Bob applying for these Jobs there is a job out there made for You but you got to believe okay now you Know that I always talk about Having multiple strains of income Um a lot of y'all have been talking About going back to school and you just

Don't have the funds Um it's a lot of high school students That want to go to school and they Cannot afford it because a lot of people Are not going to get scholarships some People are going to get scholarships but It's not going to be enough to pay for Their college tuition now I'm going to Be talking about course careers I talk About course careers because this has Been a life-changing for so many people And I want to be able to help you it's People that are making anywhere between 60k to 100K a year during course careers And I'm going to share my screen so you Can see what I'm talking about with Course careers Um it's a lot of people have stated that This has been a life changer for them And it could be a life changes to you With course careers you do not have to Take out any Longs whatsoever Um this is a really affordable Self-paced online course is people are Founding jobs before they actually Graduate from this course here now they Do offer 3 three courses text sales we All hear about text cells text sales is High in demand there are more than 300 Opening jobs average starting salary is Between 60 to 80k a year digital Marketing there's more than 200 opening Jobs average starting salary is between 40 and 60k a year and you're not on the

Phone with digital marketing as well as Information Technology Um I.T there's more than 200 opening Jobs average starting salary it's Between 40 to 60k a year in information Technology is more of a chat job again You're not on the phone there so you Need to just look at the testimonies There's a lot of testimonies out there That students are seeing about course Careers high course careers have changed Their lives you can hit this button There are so many people that are Talking about course careers and you Could be the next one to talk about it Now how it works is you will start the Free intro course And in the intro course it's going to Give you all the information about Becoming a text sales High work Information Technology as well as Digital marketing now at that time you Know if it's a good fit so if it's a Good fit don't procrastinate take action Faith without works is dead enroll in The course when you're enroll in the Course it is a self-paced course where It takes some people a week it takes Some people three months to complete it Just depends on how much time you put Towards this course and if you look at The videos or testimony it's people that Was so uh wanted to get a job they Finished this course within a week and

They have gotten job offers again before They finish the course and in this the Course after you finish the course You're going to start applying the Skills Um that you learn in the course they Will teach you exactly the learning Entry level position through Insider Knowledge of how to apply to companies What they look for in resumes and Applications how to interview is so much More because they partner directly with Companies that want to hire you how Course careers graduate students Dropping a degree in experience Requirement for their graduation Students so we all know when you go to College College is very expensive you Know that if you could be out of 50 to 100K or 200 a year and they come out Just getting degree and they go out and Try to apply for jobs and what happened They get rejection because they only Have the degree and they don't have the Experience so what do they do they go Back to school change their major come Out with another degree and continue to Have the same effect again with course Career students are coming out already Having a certification already have an Experience already partnered with Companies that want to hire them Dropping experience in a degree just Only for course careers graduates and

That is a win-win situation here so when You go down here we're going to talk About the price here I am going to go Into Tech sales here When you go down to text cells it tells You some of the companies of many that Are looking to hire you into a text cell Survey Monkey as you can see Zoom all This that's scrolling down these are the Companies that want to hire you and when You go down a little bit further it Talks about the overview or the day in The life of a text sales again you're Going to be responding to emails and Checking calendars you're going to be Researching companies and adding a new Prospect and you're going to be making Phone calls to people in your Outreach And when you go down a little bit Further we're going to go over the price This is what you're going to be learning In the class sales basis cell skills Sales technology sales process interview Prep and again here is some more Testimonies that you can look at and Kind of get an understanding of that and Here is the price again free Introduction course there's a one-time Payment fee of 499 you cannot pay this In a community college let along a trade School in the University but if you use My coupon code which is the rest of 50 You'll get 50 off of this or you can Choose to do a four payment plan of 150

Where they take it out every two weeks There's no contract or heating fees Along with 14 day money back guarantee Again this has been a life changing for So many people and it could be a life Changer for you if you are struggling And you've been on a job for a long time And you're not getting a raise this is For you or maybe you're a college Student and you just don't you just Tired of doing going to college this is For you or if you're a high school Student a junior senior uh and I'm Searching about what you want to do this Is for you so share this event and share This with everyone you know they could Benefit from this once you sign up today You can start taking these classes and Start changing your life today okay so Make sure you sign up that information Is in my YouTube description bar Okay so Remember my channel is all about no talk And work from home job leads that go out Every single day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time so make for sure you go Ahead and check it out this is my Channel here all I do again is list no Talk and work from home job leads every Single day at 7 A.M such a standard time So make sure you're watching the videos All the way through because I feel that There are valuable information and all Of my videos to help you get closer to Lending your first second third job even

A side hustle remember consider Subscribing to the channel I would love For you to be a part of the family don't Forget to click on that Bell to turn on All of your notifications so every time I upload new videos or when I go YouTube Live you will be able to be notified and If you would like to support the channel Or become a member of the YouTube Channel all you have to do is click that Join button there is a short video Explaining the benefits of becoming a Member of the YouTube channel shout out To everyone that's already a member of The channel I really appreciate you the Support and the love and everything and Don't forget to check out the community New tab that is where I engage with you Every single day when I put quotes when I upload my new videos when I do posts When I go YouTube live take advantage of The community tab as well and remember To keep pushing keep applying don't give Up there is a job out there being made For you so go out there and grab what is Yours by applying for these jobs okay And share these jobs with everyone you Know remember check out the video that's Listed at the top or at the bottom there Are more jobs out there that can help You get closer to Landing a job remember Stay in the race don't give up don't Disqualify yourself before you apply for These jobs go out there and grab what is

Yours by applying for these jobs thank You so much for watching and I will see You in the next video bye

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