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Happy Tuesday everyone I am back with Another work from home job this company They will train you plus no degree is Required and they are hiring immediately So we're going to go ahead and dive Right into the job because they move Just like this they move very quickly so Let's go ahead and talk about the Company now we're talking about the Company United Health Group they're Currently seeking provider data Specialist to work from home as you can See remote because is considered here You scroll down a little bit further and We're gonna go and talk about the pay Here as you can see on the screen the Pay is between 16 to 31.44 an hour even Though it says New York and all of this Here I reached out to hiring manager and This goal for any other states is the Page between 16 and 31.44 cents an hour Okay now we're gonna go more into Details about Um what are you going to be doing Um on this particular job here is you're Going to Um again it says you're going to enjoy The flexibility to tell them can meet From anywhere within the United States As you take on some challenging tough Challenging now the primary Responsibility is you're going to Utilize database systems and tools to Enter in research provider data you're

Going to receive data from multiple Inbound sources you're going to record Daily production work with a mega Application you're going to verify System results determine whether key Data is corrected or updated are Necessary you're going to also verify Clean data loaded into various provider Database probably between claims payment Platforms and then also you're going to Participate in applicant and ad hoc Projects as a sign now again this job Only requires a high school diploma or GED or higher or one years of relevant Provided data entry experience one year Of customer service experience and then One plus year of cost customer Experience utilizing Microsoft Office And computer navigation skills again I Talk about Microsoft 365 that is free to Go to learn Microsoft Word Excel PowerPoint different things for free so Make sure you go ahead and check that Out and when this is preferred Qualification that means if you have it That's great if you don't don't worry About it okay so your soft skills you Need to demonstrate communication and Organization skills that skills need to Be listed in your resumes on your skills Section Um so your resume could get closer to uh Passing the application tracking system Now if you're interested in applying for

This position make sure you go ahead and Apply today you can click right here Where it says apply once you click apply It will take you straight to the Application okay where you can go ahead And get that started again it depends on The speed of your internet it would take It this is the application this is what It looks like make for sure that you go Ahead and you just read everything to The best of your ability and then you Can hit I accept and then it'll walk you Through step by step on how you need to Do it okay now I want to if this video Has been so helpful for you thus far Consider subscribing to the channel by Clicking that red button and don't Forget to click on the Bell to turn on Your notifications so every time I Upload new videos you'll be notified and That will give you plenty of Opportunities to go ahead and apply for These jobs before they move just like This these type of jobs move very Quickly so make sure you consider Subscribing to the channel and share This Channel with everyone you know that Could benefit a non-phone work at home Job lead that go out every single day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time now I want To leave some encouragement words with You Is I know that some of y'all are looking At this job and saying I don't have the

Qualification Um they're not going to hire me do you Know that you're speaking death of Yourself you're not speaking life over Yourself some of y'all like I don't have This experience I don't know how to do It the power of the tongue the term is Life and death You have to believe everything starts in The mind if you are always saying that I'm gonna do this I'm gonna apply for The job even though I may get rejection You everything that you do is going to Come to fruition whatever job that You're seeking you're gonna get it okay So you have to speak of Life over Yourself you got to keep pushing you got To keep applying and you can't give up And don't disqualify yourself before you Apply for these jobs I have been working From home ever since 2007 okay I've done Customer service I've done dating entry I've done accounting jobs I've done Everything and when I first started Working from home I didn't have any Experience working from home so that's Why I had to take a customer service job Just to gain that experience once I gain The experience I stayed there probably About six months to a year and then I Moved up and I was able to make more Money okay so we all had to start Somewhere but these companies these days They are willing to train you 2 the

Train the right person and you could be The right person but how can you know That if you were the right person or not If you don't apply for these jobs Because you're getting rejection letters And you're just giving up I may fall down but I'm not going to Stay down I'm going to get up with class Things happen for a reason there is a Job out there with your name on it but You gotta believe you have to believe And you have to keep the faith because Faith of that works is dead these jobs There's plenty of jobs out there don't Look at what's what other people are Some people are saying Um I get a job within a week or I get a Job within two weeks and then you feel Some kind of way you don't know how long It took them for to get for them to get That job they could have been searching For four months they could have been Searching for a year but they didn't Give up the mountain of this story is You got to keep pushing you got to keep Applying you can't give up there is a Job out there being made for you we're So easy to get upset quickly but again You can't you cannot give up you got This I know that a lot of y'all are Experiencing being around people that Are so negative that they're not going To speak life over you but I'm here to Tell you is that I believe in you you

Got this keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job being made For you so go out there today and grab What is yours by applying for these jobs Okay this job is very easy you can do This United Healthcare Group is a great Company to work for so go out there and Grab what is yours by applying for this Job okay now you know that I always talk About Having a backup plan just in case it's Something go down okay Um I speak about course careers because Um this is something that I believe in a Lot of people want to go back to school And they are uncertain about what they Want to do a lot of people want to go Back to school but they cannot afford it Because College is very expensive people Don't want to take that along which I Understand because when you take out a Loan it can affect a lot of things like Getting a car getting a house or Whatever you need it could be affected Because you have a loan out there Outstanding loan but with course careers You do not have to take out any loans Um course careers have partnered with Different Fortune 500 companies that are Looking to hire you as an entry-level Position of dropping the experience in The degree and get into the field are of Information Technology digital marketing As well as Tech sales okay now

Um again text sales there are more than 300 000 opening jobs the average salary Is between 60 to 80k a year and basic Tech sales is basically you're reaching Out to potential buyers that are looking To buy a product from your um your team Or your company and you're just Connecting with them that is more of a Phone job digital marketing you're not On the farm you're dealing with content Creator creating content blogging Um analytics paid campaign that is what Digital marketing is you're not on the Phone when there are more than 200 000 Opening jobs in the average starting Salary is between 40 and 60k a year and Then also you have information Technology again you're not on the phone With that you're basically dealing with Tickets and cues dealing with uh chat is Similar to like a chat job and again There's more than 200 000 opening jobs And the average salary is 40 to 60k a Year okay now I always say is to go Check out the testimonies that's very Important you need to know what Everybody is saying about course careers Because these people have already Completed course careers they've been Through course careers so go check out The testimony on your own time now this Is the quickest and most affordable way To start your career so the first step That you have to do is start their free

Intro course and in the free intro Course they are going to talk about Information Technology Tech sales Digital marketing and at that particular Time you'll know if it's a good fit for You if it's a good fit for you then stop Procrastinate and take action faith Without works is dead what you need to Do is go ahead and enroll in the course Once you sign up and everything you can Start actually taking the course today You're rolling one of their own online Self-paced course to begin learning you Complete the course in a few weeks to a Month to a couple months depending on How much time you commit you will learn Everything required to land your first Job and I recommend you just by looking At other videos that they have of course Careers they have where they interview Other people in the it field or take Sales or digital marketing A lot of people are applying for jobs Um before they finish the course and There's a lot of people getting job Offers uh before they finish the course And that's what I recommend you to do is While you're in the course get your Resumes straight Um get into the group they do have a Small group with Discord sign up with That you'll be in groups with other People where you can Network and ask Questions

Um and then they also have a list of People that actually complete the course And you can email them or reach out to Me reach out to them on LinkedIn and ask Them about resume help and they can tell You what they did to put on their resume In order to get that job before they Actually complete the course that is What I suggest you to do and then again You start applying the skills you Require from the course in a new career They would teach you exactly how to land An entry level position through inside The knowledge of how to apply to Companies what they look for resume Application how to interview and so much More again they partner directly with Companies that want to hire course Career students dropping their degree And experience requirement for their Graduations okay so this is this is a Great opportunity y'all I mean this is a Great opportunity if you know a high School student you need to get on board And let them know if you want a career Change this is for you if you've been Sitting at a job for years this is for You here so when we go down these are Some of the best companies that high Tech sells right here Um also when you scroll down it tells You the day in the life of a text sales And we're going to scroll down a little Bit further and we're going to go over

The price and again this tells you what You will learn in the class so you can Go and check that out on your own time These are some more testimony people That actually went through the course Watch the video you're going to see what Everybody else is talking about and Again this is the price you have the Free introduction courses free there's a One-time payment fee of 499 dollars if You use my coupon code which is the rest Of 50 you would get 50 us off the 499 Dollars or you can choose to do a Payment plan a four payment of plan of a Hundred and fifty dollars they're trying To do everything they can to work things Out with you so you can go ahead and get Into the class and start making that Money to support yourself and your Family Um there's no contract or heating fees Along with a 14-day money-back guarantee Okay so if this is something that you Always wanted to do get into the fields Of tech sales Tech sales is high in Demand as well as digital marketing and Information technology this is your Opportunity to get in so sign up today As soon as you sign up you can go ahead And start getting a a step closer to Reaching your goal and to make passive Income to support you and your family That information is in the YouTube Description bar and remember to

Subscribe to the channel make sure you Watch the videos all the way through I Do have valuable information in all of My videos to help you get closer to Landing your first second third job or Even East Side hustle these jobs move Very quickly they move just like this so Make sure you turn on your your Notifications subscribe to the channel So you'll be notified every time when You upload when I upload new videos you Won't miss out on these great Opportunities if you would like to Support the channel or become a member Of the YouTube channel I would love to Have you all you have to do is click That join button there is a short video Explaining the benefits of becoming a Member of the YouTube channel check out The community tab that is where I engage With you on every single day whether if I post quotes my YouTube videos yeah I'm Sorry my YouTube video videos Or if I do pose I post it in there as Well okay so remember to keep pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there being made for you but it Starts with you you gotta believe if you Don't believe in yourself nobody else Will so go out there today and grab what Is yours by applying for these jobs make Sure that you watch the next video that Is appearing on the screen it's either At the top at the bottom there is more

Work from home job leads to help you get Closer to Landing a remote job again Thank you so much for watching and I Will see you in the next video bye

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