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What's up two chicks fam happy hump day It's me Carl and I am back with another Work from home video Regions Bank they Are looking to feel this overnight work From home job but before I jump in if You are looking for non-phone jobs data Entry chat be sure to check them out on The non phoneworkathome.com blog today Is live stream Wednesday so let us know In the comments what type of work from Home job or side hustle you guys are Looking for be sure to hop over here to The two chicks blog look under the Spotlight job section make sure you guys Apply for Omni interactions the owner Reached out and they are still needing People to feel these customer service Positions this is an easy one guys no Interview beginner friendly weekly pay And you guys can pick and choose your Own hours make sure you smash that red Subscribe button turn on that Bell Notification make sure you guys thumbs Up these videos and share share share we Are trying to get to a hundred thousand Subscribers before the end of the year We recently bought 10 more laptop Computers so we're trying to give these Away to you guys make sure you tell a Friend invite your people over here to The live stream be sure to come back and Leave us a comment down below and don't Forget to sign up for Branded surveys The link is down below in the comment

Section let's get into the video so Again Regions Bank they are looking to Feel their contact center overnight Phone Banker position so this is a Full-time job guys it says that if you Are passionate about making a difference In the lives of others then you'll Excel With a company that focuses on the Financial well-being of its customers Now as a banker in the Region's contact Center you will gain a foundation of Banking knowledge by working in the Heart of our customer service operations Our leadership team takes an active role In your career growth by investing in Your development through ongoing Coaching and mentoring so let's scroll On down here now the foundation you need To start your career in banking a skill Set you can use to improve customers Lives by helping them make better Financial decisions comprehensive and Ongoing training that provides you with Opportunities to learn and to grow Ongoing feedback coaching mentoring and Development from leaders that care Benefits include Dynamic Health Care Plans tuition reimbursement paid time Off regular performance reviews with Salary evaluations now that is a great Thing so it says here guys the Requirements I do see a high school Diploma or a GED applicants will be Expected to pass any assessment

Associated with the position onboarding Includes three weeks instructor LED and Two weeks on the job training if Applying for a position that that will Work from a remote location and not in a Region's facility than the following Technical specifications are required I Do see a download speed of at least 30 Megabytes per second megabyte megabits I'm sorry the internet service provider Should be able to furnish this Information upload speed of at least Five megabits per second or Mbps the Internet service should be able to Furnish this information as well must Test on the speedtest.net to confirm the Download or provide documentation from Your provider satellite internet cannot Be used no Wi-fi no Wi-fi extenders Nothing like that now I do see some Skills here ability to make Recommendations to customers about Different products and services ability To multitask to work a flexible schedule Which includes all hours of the contact Center computer skills with the ability To navigate various systems effective Time management skills excellent Communication Both verbal and written I do see one Year of customer service experience or Production start here go anywhere now The training schedules guys I do see That they have them as 8 A.M to 5 p.m

Central Standard Time and this is for Seven weeks now this the actual schedule It says must be available to work the Following 7 pm to 6 a.m Central Standard Time there will be no changes to the Scheduled hours so this is the hours 7 P.M to 6 a.m Central Standard Time Wednesday to Saturday now this is a Full-time job pay vacation all types of Good benefits medical dental vision Disability benefits health savings Accounts flexible spending accounts now I did not see any state restrictions on Here so that is where you guys come in I'm not sure if regions is a state Restricted type of company or not Because I know they don't have branches All over the United States I only know About regions being in the southern part Of the U.S however don't quote me on That but make sure you guys do your own Research make sure you share this video Make sure guys that you go over to Google type in regions find their Reviews before you apply for this job so Again the company is Regions this is a Bank and they are looking to fear their Contact center overnight phone Banker Position and it is 100 remote it is also Full time with some great benefits make Sure you share my awesome video I will Be sure to leave a link guys right below The video in the description box so you Guys can check it out and apply and make

Sure you come back over here leave us a Comment again we are giving away 10 more Brand new laptop computers these Computers guys we already have them they Are very nice and if you guys want to See what they look like make sure you Hop over to glam cam Diva's Channel she Did a video on the laptop because she Was one of our laptop winners and shout Out to her for her supporting our Channel as always but make sure you guys Go over there check out her Channel and She did a video on what the laptop looks Like this is a nice laptop guys so be Sure to share go tell a friend we have 10 of them and we're trying to give all Of them away before the end of the year Make sure you hop over to Facebook join The group KISS the cubicle goodbye make Sure you guys follow us on our Facebook Business page it is two chicks with the Side hustle we're giving away two Additional laptop computers on that Platform guys so make sure you hop on Over there and share share share we Already have some of our subscribers Over there now sharing us it is not too Late we're trying to get to a hundred Thousand subscribers over on their Facebook business page so make sure you Guys hop on over there and check us out Be sure to tag somebody on those post be Sure to join some groups guys and stick The videos in the groups that is a form

Of sharing as well or you can share us To your personal or business Facebook Pages make sure you follow us guys on Instagram Twitter two chicks with a side Hustle now on Instagram we do have a Pop-up giveaway going so we got a lot of Giveaways going on on these platforms Now the pop-up giveaway this just means That we're going to pop up on a live Stream and we can't tell you guys what Day because it is a surprise but we're Gonna pop up on the live stream guys and We're gonna give away something it could Be a laptop it could be a desktop it Could very well much so be a hundred Dollar cash app we have been known to Give away money before just make sure You guys come over there make sure you Share make sure you tag somebody create Some stories put us in your stories or Create a reel about what we are all About bad and what we do on these Channels platforms and all of this good Stuff or tag somebody on a post my name Is Carl and I will catch you wonderful Lovely amazing people in the next video Bye YouTube

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