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Happy Saturday YouTube family and happy Saturday to everyone I am back with Another work from home job this company They will train you they do offer Flexible schedules plus equipment is Provided and make sure that you watch The videos all the way through because There are valuable information in all of My videos to help you get closer to Landing a remote job and remember this Channel is all about non-phone work and Home job leads that go out every single Day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time so Let's go ahead and dive right into the Job now we're talking about the company Main Street Roi They're currently seeking entry-level Marketing Analyst job to work from home They they are hiring for part-time or Full-time positions are available right Now okay so each month they will train You on new tactics to assist with Marketing campaign for their clients so Each month that they are willing to Train you so this is the type of jobs That you need to Um jump on the back bandwagon and go Ahead and apply that's where I got it Right here each month we would train you On new tactics to assist with marketing Campaign for their clients and then they This job does not require phone calls or Email with clients so again this is a Non-phone work-at-home job lead and

Equipment is provided these companies Will provide your equipment when they Say subsidized home office equipment That means that they will supply your Equipment again they offer flexible Schedules where you can pick and choose When you want to work okay long as You're in that you know if they want you To work 20 hours or 30 hours for Part-time 40 hours full-time you know You can choose when you want to work as Long as you're in that you know 40 hour Limit okay Now to give you information about Main Street RI Roi they provide digital Marketing service for small business This company is constantly growing and Looking for a smart ambition and Resourceful entry-level marketing Analyst to help with client campaigns so We're going to dive in a little bit Deeper on what you're going to be doing Now this is an entry level position that Required previous experience in at least One of the following service seos Google Ads Facebook ads or WordPress now I Always say use Google as your friend you Know you can always whatever you don't Understand you could always Google Something and it's going to always be Either video or PDF file explaining you Know what it is like in this case I want To know what Google ads is so I put in That information in Google and this is

What came up it gives you all the Information of what Google ads where you Could understand before you disqualify Yourself before you apply for these jobs You can always dissect the job and say Okay understand Google ads I could do This as well as Facebook how to Advertise on Facebook in 2023 this is a Complete get uh complete ad a guide Where it goes over what is Facebook ads How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook so to give you knowledge the More you know the more you grow so more Make sure you go ahead and check that Out as well as WordPress there is a what Is WordPress explained for beginners so You can go and read this on your own Time so you can understand it they will Only want you to understand at least one Of this either Google ads Facebook ads If you know all of them you can get more Pay with that and according to Glassdoor The pay is twenty seven dollars per hour That is 540 per week okay and then also When you go down here a little bit Further this company do offer health Insurance paid time off pay us holidays Retirement plan and they do have like Subsidized marketing education they do Pay for that as well again as your Equipment this is a great opportunity so To be considered all you have to do is Email your resume to fill at this email Address right here with the subject line

Your name M-s-r-o-i marketing analyst and in in Your email you need to provide the Following information you have to do This in order for You know your resume to go through and Be called in for an interview is you Have to describe your experience level With seos Google ads Facebook ads and WordPress development have you worked at A marketing agents before why are you Interested in this position and remember They will train you so go ahead and fill This out today so if that's what you're Interested in all you have to do is send Out your email okay remember don't Disqualify yourself before you apply for These jobs let the company do it too Many times I see and I hear people I Don't have the experience You know Um nobody will hire me and I just can't Understand why you why would somebody Speak death over yourself instead of Life the power of the tongue determines Life and death but I have to sit back And say that a lot of people are not Under positive influence every single Day you know you can have negative People in your family you're living with Somebody that's negative you're going to Work where it's people that's negative You're going into different stores on When you're driving everything everybody

Is negative so I get it a lot of people That rubs off on them that they don't Believe in their self you have to Believe in yourself if you don't believe In yourself nobody else will so you do Have to go out there and keep pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there with your name on it but It starts with your mind you have to Believe because again if you don't Believe nobody else will you have to put Yourself or surround yourself around People that are doing things too many Times we want to hang out with people That don't want to go nowhere with their Life they're satisfied where already at And then they get upset with you when You're trying to move to the next level And they disown you or don't want to no Longer want to socialize with you Because you want to better yourself you Need to be around people that is better Than you because when you're around People that's better than you that's Gonna help push you to be better think Of it as track you know a lot of times I Talk about trap because I have kids that Run track I've ran track and that's one Of my favorite sports is track when You're running either the 800 meters 4×4 100 200 whatever the case may be you Always want to run with people that are Faster than you because it's going to Push you to be faster if you run with

Somebody that has the same speed that You have how you're going to get better You're never going to get better you're Going to always run the same speed and Then when you go out there and compete Is somebody that's way faster than you You got you have to surround yourself Around people That is better than you that is how You're going to move up to the ladder And you know you got to pray and ask God God give me the strength to Speak Life Over myself please God don't allow me to Think negative of myself because you Created me everything that you made Um in me is good and just give me the Mindset you know your Bible says you Have not because you ask not ask God for Wisdom and he would give that to you if You don't understand things Google Things like I just did Google things Before you disqualify yourself and say You're not qualified for the position Google things and you could just look at The PDF file and look at the video and Say look I just did this I think I can Do this job because when I am talking About jobs that they will train you They're going to train you the way that They want you to be trained so go out There and apply for these jobs they go Out there and grab what is yours today By applying for these jobs there is a Job out there with your name on it but

You got to keep pushing keep applying Don't give up again keep applying keep Pushing you got this go out there today And apply for a job today that you know That I talk about multiple strains of Income I believe in eight Even though you have a full-time job you Need to be entrepreneur Spirit have that Mindset and go out there and start some Type of business and bookboat is very Easy because you could be in the United States you could be in any country and You can create low content books as you Can see on the screen that's flashing These are low content books and people Are making anywhere between a thousand To ten thousand a month creating these Low content books and yes you got to put In the work because what come easy won't Last and what lasts won't come easy so You're going to have to put it in the Work now for those who don't know what Low content books are these are journals Law books Diaries coloring books Coloring pages recipe books and the list Goes on and people are making a passive Income doing this here and the great Thing about bookboat is you're gonna Always research the product before you Actually make it to see if it's sell and You can spot your competitors to see What kind of keywords that they're using You can Implement those in your titles And description not the copy but to be

Expired bookboat has a whole bunch of Tutorial hours where you can look at it Can tell you how to make a journal how To make a coloring book how to search For keywords it is everything that you Need to understand how to grow your book Boat business or your low content Business but you have to take our time At least spend an hour a day and focus On these things and you will get there Okay now again bookboat has upgraded They have a new studio with cover Creators interior designs drag and drop Editors complete customization over a Thousand two hundred plus free fonts More than one million royalties free Image pattern scalables designs filter And much more And yes you're able to make puzzle books Activity books coloring books 100 of low Content Interiors where you can mix and Match Interiors to create unique books For your audience and yes people buy These books every single day anytime You're talking about a business there is An investment and I believe it's very Affordable you cannot complain about the Situation if you don't take action okay Faith without works is dead a lot of People procrastinate and say look I Would I would do this next year and next Year come you still don't do it some People say oh I'm gonna do this in two Years past you know we all know life is

Too short and whatever you want to do You need to make a decision to do today And this is very affordable you have to Be a risk taker in order to Um do this here you have to be a risk Taker and the prices are very affordable It is 9.99 per month for newbie and 19.99 per month for pro but if you use My coupon code which is the rest of Sweat all in lower case you were see Twenty percent off the 9.99 per month in This lifetime or you would choose um if You choose the 1999 per month you will Receive 20 off of that and that is Lifetime and the only difference with The pro you're getting the puzzle Creation software is included plus you Can try this out for three days for free And see if you like it if you like it You can go here to sign up I'm not just Giving you the information I am also Doing bookboat myself because I am Looking to make multiple strains of Income and I love creating puzzle books Um journals Coloring books that is what I mainly do Is I care those and once you make your First sale you'll be like okay I made That first sale that I can make some More sales so I'm not just telling you I'm doing the same thing and it's Working for me I'm not where I want to Be right now but the money that I make Is enough to pay you know for your bills

And everything but I do want to get up There making ten thousand a month like Some people are doing but I'm always Studying this here trying to better Myself and learn as much as I can about Bookboat and you should do the same Thing this is a great side hustle so I Get opportunity that you can go ahead And get started today once you sign up You can go ahead and create low content Books today and it's possible that you Can make a sale today some people have Made their first sale and one day Sometimes it takes some people a couple Weeks a couple months before you make The sale but the key is you cannot give Up you got to keep pushing and keep Trying you will sell these low content Books but you have to have a well in Mind a willing heart and a willing Spirit to do this here so go uh go ahead Today and sign up for this you won't Regret okay now remember Sure that you're watching the videos all The way through not only because it Helps my YouTube channel but it also Help you because I'm giving you valuable Information to help you get closer to Letting your first second third job even A side hustle remember this channel is All about non-phone work-at-home job Leads they go out Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday every single day at 7 A.M Central

Standard time so if you're looking for a Work from home job where you're not Talking to customers on the phone you Have landed on the right channel if you Would like to consider subscribing to The channel hit that red button that Says subscribe and next to the red Button click on that Bell to turn on all Notification why so when I upload new Videos you'll be notified they'll give You plenty of opportunity to go ahead And apply for these jobs before they're No longer available two is when I go YouTube live I'm gonna start going YouTube live more often it's going to Notify you and you'll be able to attend My live stream so make sure you Subscribe and turn on all your Notification if you would like to Support this Channel or if you would Like to become a member of the YouTube Channel make sure you hit that join Button there is a short video explaining The benefits of becoming a member of the YouTube channel and remember check out Your community tab that is where I Engage with you uh when I upload new Videos I post it in there when I do post When I do quotes Um anything that's going on I post it in There because I want to interact with All of my audience and in the community So make sure you take advantage of that And remember keep pushing keep applying

Don't give up there is a job out there With your name on it but you gotta Believe if you don't believe nobody else Will so go out there today and grab what Is yours by applying for these jobs Thank you so much for watching and I Will see you in the next video

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