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Happy Wednesday YouTube family welcome Back to my channel my name is Teresa Sweat and I am back with another work From home job this company they will Train you plus they will give you a free Computer so make sure you watch the Videos all the way through okay so I am Giving you valuable information so let's Go ahead and dive right into the job Okay now we're talking about the company Activist connect they're currently Seeking as you see on the screen content Moderator 2023 virtual and remote and We're gonna go down and we're gonna just Talk about the job here now the pay is 15 per hour this is a W-2 position now It can be more depending on your Experience always remember you can Always negotiate your salary you know You don't have to settle for 15 an hour You can make a little bit more this is a Full-time position part-time hours are Not available training is provided okay And then benefits eligible after 60 days Again this is a fully remote position 100 work from home okay so we're gonna Go more into details about what you're Going to be doing as a Content moderator You'll be moderating user generating Content from AI chat by curies rating The value of response received and Reviewed for inappropriate response or Content you will receive transcript of Complete queries check it for proper

Spelling grammar punctuation and review For inappropriate content really easy Easy job okay so what you would do when You go more into details you're going to Moderate text image and video queries in Response from an AI chat box you're Gonna follow post policy processing Guidelines in regards to content and This position will involve reviewing User post content which may include Content of Um nature of flagging or moving their Content and as necessary like something Sometimes that are not right and you Will come into contact with uh content As part of the job and strong sense of Got to be Um have a tough skin in most cases to do With this job again it is really an easy Job Um the qualification is the village to Remain neutral on content as defined by Company policy procedures while keeping Opinions outside of decision making Process uh recognize Trends and patterns Raising issues in a timely matter now This is one of the key words you need to Implement into your resume strong writ Communication skills strong verbal Communication skills strong knowledge of The internet culture familiar with Common acronyms and ability to adapt Quickly with a strong techno sense to Pick up new trends tools and process

Easily and this job only requires a high School diploma or equivalent no degree Is required again this company they will Train you and they will you will get a Free computer and they are hiring Immediately so you will be paid paid Training you will they they will pay you To complete the online training but you But you must commit to attending 100 no Miss time and be able to complete and Pass a background check okay so if this Sounds like something that you're able To do and again here it is they will Provide a computer for you to use so if This sounds like something that you're Able to do then make sure you go ahead And apply today Um all you have to do is scroll down This is considered a quick hire Application fill it out to the best of Your ability they do have state time Restriction listed you have to be living In those states to be eligible to apply But this is not required do you resign a Needs of states and it says not required So you do not have to be living in the State in order to apply for the job just Go ahead and apply anyway again this is Your application and you hit continue And it will walk you through if this Video has been helpful so far consider Subscribing to the channel by clicking That red button that says subscribe and Don't forget to click on the Bell to

Turn on all your notifications so every Time when I upload new videos you'll be Notified and that will give you plenty Of opportunities to go ahead and apply For these jobs before they go just like The Very very quickly or if I decide to go YouTube live you can join me on that Okay so I'm Gonna Leave encouragement Words with you Is to keep pushing keep applying don't Give up there is a job out there with Your name on it but it starts with the Mind you gotta believe if you don't Believe in yourself nobody else will go Out there today and grab what is yours By applying for these jobs don't Disqualify yourself before you apply for These jobs let the company do it a lot Of y'all are looking at this job here And saying look I don't have the Experience I don't I'm not qualified you Got to speak life and I'm going to keep Saying that you have to speak life on Yourself you can't talk negative about Yourself you you got this you know People love to see it when you're Talking negative and say I can't do this You know my mom always used to say can't It's not in the Bible about in the Bible I can do all things through Christ Jesus That strengthen me and you got to Believe in yourself this is really easy Job y'all make sure that your resume is

Tailored to each job that you're Applying for as well as the application I have reached out to hire manager they Said your resume in and your application Needs to be tailored to the job if it's Not tailored to that job that's why a Lot of you are not receiving calls you Take what's into this job post I just Hint told you some of the things that Need to appear into your resume it has To be that way in order for it to get Past the Africa tracking system and then It gets into the hands of recruiters our Hiring manager this is a easy job y'all You gotta you gotta keep pushing don't Give up I get it I'm in life you feel Like just giving up you feel like Quitting but you made it this far you Come too far to turn around you're some Of y'all are just at the finish line and You just want to throw in the towel Before you see what can happen apply for This job don't don't disqualify yourself Go ahead and apply for this job you Never know what can happen some people Say well I don't live in that state Still apply for the job there's people Have reached out to me don't even live In the state and still were able to get The job and that can happen to you okay So you do have to keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there being made for you so go out There today not next week not tomorrow

But today imply for these jobs okay you Got this I believe in you but you got to Believe in yourself okay so I am going To talk about course careers again I am always here to kind of help you Better yourself get you to the next Level so you won't be struggling some of Y'all need a career change some of You've been at a job for two to five Years and you're not moving up Um high school students there's a lot of High school juniors seniors I'm talking Juniors and seniors that are uncertain About what they're going to do with Their life and this is for them or if You just want to change this is for you And again this is with course careers Okay this is with course careers now Um course careers you don't have to have An experience no degree Course careers have partnered with Different Fortune 500 companies that all You got to say is I'm taking courses With course careers and they drop the Experience and degrees just only for Course careers students there are people That have received job offers before They complete the course and that can Happen to you this is very affordable You do not have to take out any loans so We're going to go ahead and see what Your courses you can take these are the Courses you can take technology sales Digital marketing Information Technology

Tech sales is where you're reaching out To potential buyers to buy a particular Buyer you can get paid an hourly rate And a commission which is a win-win and There are more than 300 000 opening jobs In the average starting salary is Between 60k to 80k a year okay so Tech Is very high in demand digital marketing Is you're not on the phone digital Marketing is you're dealing with Analytical analyticals content creators Campaign if you're into all of that that Is a great field mainly like social Media strategy Um there's more than 200 000 opening Jobs average starting salaries between 40 and 60k a year and like I always say I'm interested in taking a digital Marketing class then I will end up Taking it in August not August but this Summer because I have more you know free Time to do this and then Information Technology again you're not on the phone Um you're dealing with tickets dealing With customers during a few similar to Chat and there's more than 200 000 Opening jobs in an average starting Salary is between 40 and 60k a year okay So these are the students that are Actually been through the course and I Suggest you go back and look at their Testimonies okay this is great Testimonies to get you pumped up and get You motivated to get out off of your

Comfort zone and get into the game and Sign up and have have a life-changing Career I talk about this girl Naya Alexander She worked at Starbucks and again like I Always say is nothing wrong with Starting somewhere you got to start Somewhere but she got to the point where She was tired and she ran across course Careers and she got into Tech sales She's making over 60 000 a year working From home and at this particular time She's the youngest one Um making that amount and that can Happen to you so go ahead and watch These full testimonies and how it works Is that you will sign up For a free intro course and in the intro Course it's going to go over digital Marketing it's going to go over text Sales as well as information technology And at that time you should know if it's A good fit or not if it's a good fit and The next thing is you're going to enroll In their online class Um the class is self-paced you will Complete the course some people complete The course in a few weeks to a couple Months depending on how much time you Commit you will learn everything Required to land your first position Here and then you start your career you Start applying the skills you acquire From the course in a new career that

Would teach you how to exactly land an Entry level position through Insider Knowledge of how to apply to companies What they look for in resumes Applications how to interview and so Much more again they partner directly With companies that want to hire their Students Dropping their their degree in the Spiritual climate for of course careers Graduates okay so if I go up here and I Just put in I say text sales or Um basically it'll tell you how long the Course is as you can see on the screen Eight weeks and it tells you again the Openings and your potential salary that You can make these are some of the Companies scrolling down that will hire You to work as a tech sales in their Colony and it tells you again when you Go down here Um the day in the life of a tech sales I Suggest you go check that out and then When you scroll down here and just talk About is a flexible education and it Tells you who or who the tech sales Course is for and then what kind of Background you have to have and it goes On what will you learn in the class That's what you it will go over in the Class and here are some more graduates Here you keep putting that era it tells You other people that actually went Through the course and they giving you

Their testimony about course careers so I suggest you go check that out and this Is how much the course is it's very Affordable how many times you'll go to College and get to pay this Again the you have a free introduction Course You know give me information about Um text sales Information Technology as Well as digital marketing you have a Choice to pay a four payment plan of a Hundred and fifty dollars so the course Costs 499 dollars if you use my coupon Code which is the rest all in caps 50 You'll receive 50 off of that that is a One-time payment fee and there's no Contract no hidden fees along with a 14 Day money back guarantee or you can pay For payments Um a payment plan of a hundred and fifty Dollars every two weeks no of 150 no Contract for hidden fees along with a 40-day money-back guarantee that's it This is Affordable very affordable Course that you can take you know you Have to invest in yourself you have to Be a risk taker you cannot complain About the situation if you have the best So go today and sign up so your life can Be changed Who wants to make that extra money where They can provide for either their staff Are they family go sign up today you Will regret that you ever signed up and

Remember don't forget to subscribe to The channel make for sure that you watch The videos all the way through because There are valuable information in all of My videos to help you get closer to Landing your remote job this channel is All about non-phone work at home jobs That go out every single day I do job Coaching I do resume reviews I do Interview preps I do everything that I Can to help you get to the next level But you got to do your part make sure You're watching the videos all the way Through and if you would like to support The channel or become a member of the YouTube channel all you have to do is Click that join button there is a short Video explaining the benefits I become a Member of the YouTube channel as well as Don't forget to check your community tab That that is where I engage with you When I upload new videos I post it in There when I do polls when I do quotes I Post it in there remember to keep Pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there with your name on it but You gotta believe if you don't believe In yourself nobody else will so go out There today and grab what is yours by Applying for these jobs thank you so Much for watching and I will see you in The next video and plus check out the Video that is appearing on the screen

Whether it's at the top at the bottom There is more work from home job needs That these companies are curling high Right now so remember check out the next Video that is listed on the screen there Are also valuable information in those Videos and those comments that still Hiring share these videos with other People that are looking for non-fung Work at home job needs thank you so much For watching and I'll see you in the Next video

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