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Foreign [Music] Hi there this is Melissa from melissia At home and welcome back to another Episode another video sharing an Opportunity that I believe you will love Before we get started again make sure You hit that subscribe Button as well as Tap the notification Bell so that you Get notified of new video uploads so Let's jump into today's video today's Video is coming from Assurance just like Their name indicates they deal with Insurance they have health insurance Life insurance auto insurance home Insurance as well as loan resources if You are in need of a loan so this is a Basically a One-Stop shop Marketplace For insurance and Loans so if you're Someone who's looking for a company that Can hook you up with some insurance then Definitely check out Assurance now let's Get into the remote-based opportunity That they currently have available and That is for their enrollment positions So they're looking for an enrollment Specialist to work remotely in the US This is a full-time position now about Assurance to get a clear perspective About this company they were acquired by Prudential to further the joins mission Of improving Financial Wellness across The world so their team of class Software Engineers data scientists and

Business professionals work every day to Expand their products offerings and the Reach of their platform at Assurance They are Innovative persevering Collaborative calculated and authentic And they're working together to improve The lives of millions now the reason why I'm reading their mission statements as I like to call it is because I feel this Is very much important and is essential For you to know so that you can Incorporate how your skills and your Experience relate to the position and How you can help such a company meet Their goals okay so you definitely want To pay attention to keywords that are Stated in their mission statements such As Innovative collaborative calculated Authentic okay because this is basically What they're looking for Foreigner Candidate when it comes to just Character about job summary under the Guidance of the enrollment supervisor The enrollment Specialists will be Responsible for accurate and timely Processing of enrollment applications For Medicare and Health Products in a High volume environment the enrollment Specialist is responsible for obtaining Outstanding requirements from applicants And forwarding them to their carrier for Processing the primary focus is to Provide excellent customer service while Assisting their customers throughout the

Application process so you'll be in Communication with customers in Assisting with processing their Applications okay so there may be some Phone involved in this position it Doesn't State this but one can assume Based on the job description that you Will be interact talking with their Customers using a phone so if you're Someone who's not looking for a phone Based job and you just want enough on This opportunity then this may not be The position for you but I always stay In my videos it's good and also with my Clients it's good to be flexible with All types of communication methods okay When applying for positions even if it's For non-phone-based jobs they definitely Want to know that you're flexible just In case something happens so always be Flexible alright so the responsibilities Here assist with pending Medicare Applications assist with health Applications that present potential Solutions to resolve outstanding Requirements identify high-risk Applicants and proactively refer them to The retention team meet new business Production goals utilize established Communication and sales process follow Compliance guidelines adhere to work Schedule consistent me conform to and Abide by procedures rules and Requirements of assurance all right now

What can you expect in this position you Can expect a culture that is focused on Constructive communication process so Communication is extremely important to Them because I mentioned it a few times In different ways okay so be excellent Communicator supportive management team Ongoing coaching and you'll also receive Career Development including individual And group coaching sessions fast-based High performance environments and also They want to let you know that they Represent multiple carriers in 50 states All 50 states okay now in order for you To qualify for this position guess what You do not need to have experience Three things you need to have high School diploma or equivalence which is Required a strong interpersonal and once Again communication skills verbal and Written okay so that's keyword Definitely want to incorporate that in Your resume for this position highly Self-motivated and disciplined with Ability to work effectively in a Customer care environment ability to Work independently performing high Standards of productivity and accuracy So those are the qualifications you do Not need to have experience you just Need a high school diploma and possess These skills now the location and Schedule position is remote based you Will be expected to work 40 hours per

Week okay now they also have listed here Their benefits you can go through but We're going to jump to the pay the pay For this position is 19.25 per hour now it may that seem like A lot okay but this is a great Opportunity Keep in mind it's no experience this is Why the pay is 1925 right 19.25 for this Position because you don't need to have Experience but that is a plus because if You don't have experience and this is an Area or industry that you're very much Interested in you can gain the skills And the experience to add to your resume By doing these types of opportunities Okay so that is the plus about this the Pay is 19.25 great for beginners those In no experience or looking to gain Experience and the skills this may be Eligible for additional bonus or Commission plans Plus benefits so there May be some additional bonus added to Your pay along with some commission Plans now eligibility to participate in A bonus or commission plans is subject To the rules governing those programs Whereby an award if any very interested In and you feel confident that you will Be able to perform those duties then Feel free to click on the link in the Description section to take you to this Job and I'll try to post additional Opportunities that are currently hiring

On today throughout the day so keep Checking my now hiring section Throughout the day Um I do have a busy schedule during my Days I am a mother of a very active Four-year-old okay active meaning she Likes to get out and do things so in Between being a mom and posting these Job leads for you guys I do my best to Update my website sometimes it falls Behind but I do my best to keep up as Much as possible now before I go I just Want to take a quick look at their Application social standard application If you have a LinkedIn account you can Apply with your LinkedIn which is a lot Faster if you have a resume or cover Letter definitely want to upload your Resume cover letter for this position Okay and then you're just going to fill Out answer these questions it stays here The pay for this rule is 19.25 cents an Hour it's non-negotiable okay for some Jobs you can negotiate pay but this Company is non-negotiable So if you're not okay with that don't Apply for this job so they're asking you Are you okay with that and you're going To select yes I would accept 19.25 per Hour if not select no okay now it's Non-negotiable so if you select no then You might as well just click off this Application and don't even go any Further right additional information you

Want to add your cover letter or Anything else you want to share with This company and once you're done with That submit your application and you're All set all right so that's basically it For this company and this opportunity if You are interested again click on the Link in the description section to get Started your application and thank you So much for joining me and I'll speak to You soon If you are looking to get started in Working from home of course the first Thing that you need to have is a resume A remote ready resume is the key to Landing a remote-based position the First thing an employee sees is your Resume and that introduces you so it's Very important that you have an Outstanding professionally done resume That stands out from all other Candidates so to assist you in putting An amazing resume together I created my ATS remote ready resume template bundle This bundle comes with two resumes as Well as a bonus resume two cover letters And two thank you notes this resume Bundle include all the necessary Components needed for you to create an Outstanding resume to include in your Application this is one sample of what You will receive in that bundle it's Straightforward very simple basic resume You want something that's very

Straightforward nothing too fancy or too Confusing it gets right to the point it Lists your professional skills where it Needs to be and then go into your Experience your work history and your Experience with companies that you've Worked for so ATS friendly resumes are Structured to make sure that the Important things that you need to have On your resume is at the Forefront so That when an employee looks at your Resume they see exactly what it is that They need to see okay so make sure you Check out my resume template and it also Comes with the cover letter and as you Can see it details what you can put on Your cover letter how to construct your Cover letter to make you stand out as a Candidate as well as a thank you note Which is important to follow up with Employees about your application if you Are interested in my no experience Template this is a sample of my no Experience template for those who have Absolutely no experience if you've been Out of work for over two years or so Maybe your Homemaker or stay-at-home mom Or even a student who have happened in College majority of your life right so If you are someone who has no experience Of very little to no experience based on Those factors maybe you've worked a Bunch of gigs done doordash for a while And you haven't been in the workforce

And you're looking to make a transition This would be a perfect template for This because it highlights those Professional soft skills that you've Gained by just life experience okay so There's a way in which you can Incorporate things that you have learned In your life doing side gigs or just Being a stay-at-home mom if you're a Stay-at-home mom you've gained those Soft skills that you can integrate into Any position that you're applying for so This resume template help you to Structure your resume and highlight Those skills as a homemaker stay-at-home Mom or as a student maybe you worked on Projects in school in a team Dynamic on Certain creative projects you can Actually utilize the skills that you Gain from those things and integrate in Your resume to stand out as a candidate So make sure you check out my no Experience resume template if this is Your situation it also comes with a Cover letter a reference page you can List a professional reference or Personal references and also a thank you Note to follow up with employees and it Comes with a guide as you can see words Are written on there which is to guide You on what exactly to write on your Cover letter all the templates that are Available do require that you have word In order to make edits to the templates

Okay so if you have any issues with the Templates make sure you email melissia Home if you need any tips and Suggestions or if you run into any Issues with downloading your templates

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