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Happy Sunday YouTube family I am back With another work from home job lead This company they will train you you can Make 640 per week and remember this Channel is all about none phone work at Home job leads to go out every single Day so make sure you're watching the Videos all the way through so we're Gonna go ahead and dive right into the First job we're going to be talking About the company percepta they're Currently seeking digital engagement Specialists to work remotely even though It says Dallas Texas I did reach out to Hire manager and she said even though it Says Dallas Texas there are willing to Hire other people in other states so go Ahead and apply anyway let me repeat That again even though it says Dallas Still apply anyway according to hire Manager now the starting pay is 16 per Hour for this position here okay that is What you're going to be making that is The starting pay you can go up to twenty Twenty one dollars an hour This company do offer training and Development as you can see on the screen Training and develop programs for SEPTA College so this company is always want To train their employees they do offer Benefits it's included they have health Dental vision life insurance and then They also have tuition reimbursement so If you decide you want to go to school

They will reimburse you for the money That you spend Um attending a college or a university Or trade school and basically to give You information about what you're going To be doing you will use various digital Communication like chat email and social Media to prove to provide the customer With prompt courteous And accurate information You will also correspond with customers VIA mail if working the corresponding Contact stream as needed okay and then Also it only requires a high school Diploma is required associate's degree Or two plus years College course Coursework completed preferred so that Means if it's preferred that means if You have a social degree that is great But if you have a high school diploma it Does require that you have a high school Diploma and they want you to be able to Type at least 30 words per minute they Also want you to have digital Communication experience as trouble Shooting experience remember I talk About using Google as your friend to go And look up things when you go and Dissect the job post or the job Rec if There's something that you don't Understand always Google it when you Google it it's going to always come up With something whether it's videos or Something like that it's going to always

Show you so I Google troubleshooting They have a video of troubleshooting Basic all you need to understand is the Trump the Basin of troubleshooting and The companies they're going to train you The way that they want to train you so Here is a uh person that is talking About troubleshooting basic there's a Lot of other videos that you can search On and found as well as when you talk About uh the principle of digital Communication This is an hour an hour and a half video Showing you the principle of digital Communication one so obviously take Advantage of that again if you don't Understand something go and Google Things use Google as your friend to Understand Um these jobs before you actually say I'm not qualified for it okay now to Give you information about perspective It is a global customer experience firm That managed All Points of contact with Their clients customers perspective Customers suppliers and distributor Network okay so we're gonna go a little Bit deeper into the job so we can Understand basically more what you're Going to do up in this job here Is she going to be responsible for Meeting all personal performance Objectives including customer Satisfaction quality attendance being on

Time and take advantage individual Accountability for meeting these Objectives as well as you're going to Add here to and support all precepted Inclined ISO quality system and q1 okay Then when you go down these are the Skills that they want you to have it's Written communication skills ability to Convey positive through written Communication excellent interpersonal And business communication ability to Answer complete chats in a timely manner They want you to have the ability to Maneuver through various systems to Provide the customer accurate Information and high level of trust and Must be able to multitask okay now if This sounds like something that you're Able to do then all you need to do is Click right here where it says apply Remember don't disqualify yourself Before you you apply for these jobs let The company do it too many times people Talk theyself out of applying for the Job maybe they look at the job post or The job wreck and say look they require This experience and I don't have it you Know like I always say use Google as Your friend there's free things that you Can do in order to understand that what They're asking for in a job where you Can make it through the African tracking System make it through the interview Because they're going to train you the

Way that they want you to be trained but It starts with the mindset you have to Believe a lot of people are scared of Rejection rejection is a part of life That's some people get rejected every Day I experience rejected but when they Say no yeah it hurts your feelings like Oh they say no they don't want me Um to get this job and everything there Is a reason why you don't get certain Things okay trust the process don't get Disencured to be encouraged I get it a Lot of people don't have people that's Going to encourage them they're around So much negative where they you you you Can't get this job you don't dress the Part you're not knowledgeable nobody Will ever hire you I get it you hear Those words I used to hear those words a Lot you know but you gotta ignore those Stay focused you got to think of it as When you are driving you know when You're driving on a road And there is a Um bump or dip in the road that's your Problem do you go over that problem or Do you go I mean do you go over that dip Or you go around that dip or that debris In the road chances are if you see it You're gonna go around that debris you Know to keep from tearing up your car That means in life when you have Situations problems that come into your Life you got to learn to maneuver around

That problem and go forward and stay in Your own lane and reach your destination You cannot worry what's on your right Side you cannot worry about what's on Your left side you got to stay focused And and go and get grab what is yours These jobs like I said is a lot of Companies that are currently hiring Right now you want to go out there and Grab what is yours but it starts with Your mind if you believe then if you Have to believe in yourself because if You don't believe nobody else is going To believe in yourself stop waiting for Comfort information from other people to Tell you it's okay to apply for a job And you should be able to get that Confirmation from God what's for you is For you people may try to take you out Of the job but if it's meant for you you Know nobody can't stop your blessing Favorite is is not fair and people don't Understand why God blesses so many People and they're not getting blessed If you're doing what's right right is Going to always win sometimes it look Like it's not good it's not gonna it's Not gonna happen but right is going to Always win trust the process go out There today and ground what is yours by Applying for these jobs there is a job Out there with your name on it but you Gotta believe you got this keep pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a

Job out there with your name on it so go Out there today and grab what is yours By applying for these jobs okay You know that I'm always helping you out Giving you backup plans telling you Places to go to better yourself Um I have partnered with course careers Um you can start your career in Um I.T or information technology with no Experience or degrees acquired a lot of Companies are looking for someone to be A technique in the text sales or Information technology but they don't Have a lot of people that have the Experience so course careers have Partnered with different companies that Are willing to hire course graduates as A entry level I.T and text sales and you Can make anywhere between 60 to 100K a Year now as you can see I want to Explain the difference because a lot of People don't know the difference text Sales is where you're actually on the Phone you're reaching out to potential Buyers like safety zip you're working For Google you're reaching out to Potential potential buyers that are Interesting to of buying product Products that googles have and there are More than 300 000 open jobs you can make Anywhere between 60 to 80ka a year Information technology is more of a Non-phone work at home job lead where You're responding to tickets and cues

You're not on the phone and there are More than 200 000 open jobs average Starting salary between 40 and 60k a Year okay now I suggest you to go and Watch their testimonies there's a lot of People that went through course careers And they're telling you this is the best Thing that ever happened in their life And just to paraphrase this girl she's 19 years old she worked at Starbucks you Know like I always say it's nothing Wrong with working at Starbucks or McDonald's you got to start somewhere But I don't think it's meant to stay Somewhere where you're not making the Money you deserve and you're not moving Up and she ran across course careers and Now she is one of the youngest person at This time making 60 000 a year working From home and that can happen to you So you may be getting excited and say How can I start this okay I'm glad you Asked all you need to do is start a free Intro course in this free intro course You explore the offer and sign up for One of their free introduction course You will learn about everything that it Takes to be a it or text sales and at That time you can decide if it's a good Fit if it's a good fit then stop Procrastinating a lot of people Procrastinate too much and it gets them Into trouble life is too short don't say Well I will start tomorrow or I will

Start next month or I will start next Year this second is not promised to you You need to go ahead and take action Right now so you can better your life And better your life for your family and Have a high paying job where you won't Be struggling so you enroll in the Course this is a online self-paced Course some people have completed in a Few weeks when you look at the testimony It's one guy ever completed in a week But the limit is three months it's Self-paced it just depends on how much Time you commit and you will learn Everything you require to land your First position now the great thing about Course careers you would do an Internship it's paid you can work for a Company for three months learn Everything you can about a text sales or I.T and you make anywhere between Fifteen and twenty dollars an hour and Once that three months is up you can Decide if you want to work for that Company or work for another company that Course careers have partnered with we All know that a lot of people have go to Trade schools Community College University even graduate schools and They come out and get a degree and they Go out and try to apply for a job and They reject it because they have the Degree but they don't have the Experience and then what they do they go

Back to school change their major get Another degree and they constantly have The same problem with course careers You're not only getting that degree in Certification but you're getting the Training so you're coming out there Getting the training and then they Partner with other companies that are Willing to hire course careers graduates As an I.T an entry-level I.T and Tech Sales so it is a win-win so they teach You how to uh what they look for in Resumes application how to prepare for Interviews and so much more again they Partner directly with companies that Want to hire their students into an Entry-level position and internship Dropping their degree and experience Requirement for course careers graduates Okay now you may be like what is the Price what is the price with course Careers you do not have to take out any Loans versus when you go to a college Trade school University you're taking Out loans you you some people are taking Out over 50k Um loan and they've been out of school For 12 years and still a plant pen for The loan here here with course careers This is the price here only 499 a single Payment but if you use use my coupon Code which is the rest of 50 that Information is in the YouTube Description bar you'll receive 50 off of

That 499 dollars and then they try to Work it out with you they have a four Payment plan of 150 where you will pay Bi-weekly okay so this is a win-win Situation very affordable you understand They do have a 14-day money-back Guarantee if you want your money back You can the course is fully refundable Within 40 days of purchase no courses Ads all you have to do is simply contact Them and they will refer refund you your Money back and on an average you will Make over 800 a week as they have helped As profession so basically the course Paid for itself during just the first Day on the job So again stop procrastinate take action Go ahead and sign up today and start Taking these courses so you can change Your life And and be able to afford the things That you can because the cost of living Is going up and the only thing that's Not going up is your pay rate so you Deserve this is a part of self-care is Use the job that you have now and to Invest in yourself that is the only way You're going to grow people that are Risk Takers are going to always move up The ladder you got to be a risk taker so Stop thinking about this go ahead and Sign up if you ever wanted to be a it Information technology or Tech sales go Ahead and sign up today by clicking and

Starting with the free intro to go ahead And do that to now you will enjoy the Class A lot of people are enjoying it And coming out making a great income and You can do the same thing and remember Make sure that you're subscribed to the Channel by clicking that red button and Don't forget to turn on all your Notifications so every time when I Upload new videos you'll be notified and That will give you plenty of opportunity To go ahead and apply for these jobs Before they're no longer available People are getting hired every single Day and I would love for you to be the Next one to get hired if you would like To support the channel or become a Member of the YouTube channel all you Have to do is click that join button There is a short video explaining the Benefits of becoming a member of the YouTube channel shout out to everyone That's already a member of the channel I Really appreciate you don't forget to Check that Community tab that is where I'm engaging with you every single day When I upload new videos I posted in There when I do post when I ask you Questions when I do quotes all of that Information is in there so take Advantage of the community tab remember This channel is all about non-phone work And home job leads that go out every Single day at 7 A.M Central Standard

Time so make sure you're watching these Videos all the way through because it Not only helped the channel but is is That valuable information in all of my Videos to help you get closer to Landing Your first second third job even a side Hustle remember keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there with your name on it and don't Disqualify yourself before you apply for These jobs let the company do it so go Out there today and grab what is yours By applying for these jobs today thank You so much for watching and I will see You in the next video

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