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Happy Monday YouTube family I am back With another work from home job this Company they will train you you can make Anywhere between 22 to 28 per hour so That is 660 to 840 per week so we're Going to go ahead and dive right into it We're talking about the company CSI Company they're currently seeking remote Part-time risk adjustment medical coder So in order to participate in this job You will have to have your Certifications like CRC CPC which is a Certified professional coder Raccsp okay this is a part-time position Um the work is really part-time jobs are Really um you working fewer than 35 35 Hours a week this is based on 30 hours a Week that is what how I got 660 to 840 Per week again as you can see on the Screen it's 100 remote remote sorry About that work from home flexible Working skin schedule their paid Training so that's why I say they they Will train you long-term contract Position benefits offer and again you Have to have these certifications in Order to be eligible to apply for the Job and the pay as you can see is 22 to 28 000 hour and they do offer in-house Expert code and support Mentor coaching QA okay now when you go in a little bit Further you will assign appropriate ICD-10 codes mapping to risk adjustment Models as applicant that's what you're

Going to be doing and to give you Information about CSI companies they Provide strategy guidance and custom Solution in the areas of staff and Technology and managed Workforce so this Is more of a staffing service and I just Want to go more into details about what You're going to be doing on this job Here okay again you're going to comply With the standards of ethical coding as Set forth by the American Health Information you're going to comply with HIPAA laws and regulations and then your Main current on diagnostic coding Guidelines and risk adjustment Reimbursement reporting requirement now The position required a minimum of two Years of experience as a certified coder Minimum one-year risk adjustment Experience ability code using an Icd-10-cm code book and compute Efficiency including Microsoft Windows Microsoft Office and the internet Um make sure you go to Microsoft 365 Training they have information about a Word excel PowerPoint to help you get to The next level and these are likes to Have if you have this this is great if You don't don't worry about it is Reliable and commitment to meeting type Deadlines Um strong organization interpersonal and Customer service skills and written or Communication skills and again this is a

Remote work from home position you may Be located anywhere within the United States so if you're interested in Applying make sure you go ahead and Apply today for these jobs here it's Right underneath Um here where you apply I'm down the Bottom now if you're interested in Becoming a medical billing encoding from Home I suggest you to get in contact With Deborah H Swisher I went live on This past Friday December 2nd 2022 at Seven o'clock P.M that video is already Uploaded you can click right here and You can go and you can listen to the Live stream she is a certified Professional coder as well as an Instructor combined she it has over 30 Years experience in the medical billing World so if you're interested in Becoming a medical biller encoder from Home make sure you go ahead and watch This video her information her contact Information her phone number her email Address Um you'll be able to get in contact with Her Um that way so I want to leave an Encouragement word uh with you is don't Disqualify yourself before you apply for These jobs let the company do it Everything that you do in life it starts With your mind you have to have the Mindset if you have the mindset that

You're going to do it you're going to Figure out ways of accomplishing that Goal and you just cannot say hey I'm not Qualified for the job you know always Have a backup plan you know I am I have A backup plan I have my cosmetology License I've you know been having that Ever since I graduated from high school So every two years I renewed my Cosmetology license just renewed it in The first of the year because if I have To go into the salon and cut hair and do Hair coloring I'm able to do that and if You go in and get your CPC which is a Certified professional coder won't jar To those coders make anywhere between 52 Sometimes 70k a year just coding and Unfortunately they're going to always Need medical billing coding because People are going to always get sick so If you are certified you know go ahead And take this job if you're not Certified again sign up with Deborah Swisher she is a good instructor she Will teach you everything you need the Course is only for six months and you Can complete that and you can go and Start taking your certification test in Order to be certified but again you have To push yourself you got to keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there with your name on it but it Starts with you you have to believe Because if you don't believe nobody else

Will so you have to go out there and Grab what is yours I know that it is a Lot of rejection is more negative Vibes Going on than Positive Vibes where you Hear people that say Hey you know when You whatever you're trying to do if it's Trying to go to school why are you going To school why are you wasting your money Going to school if you're trying to Apply for a job why are you applying for That job they're not going to hire you It's so much negative going on but you Got to speak life over yourself because The power of the term determines life And death you cannot listen to Nay sales That's why I say it's very very Important to surround yourself around People that are positive people that are Uplifting you and people that are Speaking life over you because when You're around people that are better Than you are on the same level it's Can't it's gonna it's not it's gonna Push you to be better Than what you are Um a good example is if you're running Track and if you're running 800 meters You want to run with people that are Faster than you what if you're running a 200 meter 100 meter the four by four Whatever the case may be you want to run With people that are faster than you Because that's going to push you to be Faster if you run with somebody that is

Average or of the same as you are Beneath you that's not going to push you Your speed is going to still be the same Way but if you run with somebody that is A whole lot faster than you it's going To help push you and that's the same Thing about you you need to surround Yourself around people that are doing Things and that it's going to push you To be the next level if they're not Pushing you you gotta learn let them go You gotta learn to learn to let love Them in distance because at the end of The day you want to be drama free and Stress-free life is too short to put up With nonsense and be under drama and Stress free you have to protect your Peace you know Um if you don't have peace you don't Have nothing so remember that go out There today and apply for these jobs you Got this I believe in you you got to Believe in yourself go out there today And grab what is yours by applying for These jobs there is a job out there with Your name on it but again you have to Believe okay now I talk about ways of Helping you You know get to the next level Um I have partnered with course careers And as you do your research text sales Information technology is high in demand Different companies are looking to hire People but they don't the people that

Are applying for the jobs they don't Have any experience of course careers Um partner with different companies that Will hire course careers graduates into An interlevel position as a tech sales Or information technology the course is Very affordable no experience or degree Is required now I want to explain to you What tech sales is so you can understand It Tech sales is you're going to be on The phone you're going to be reaching Out to potential buyers that are Interested in buying a product from the Company that you're working for like Google okay there's more than 300 000 Opening jobs average starting salary is Between 60 to 80k a year Information Technology course is you're not on the Phone Um you're basically dealing with with Tickets and cues and responding to Emails so it's more of a chat job and There is more than 200 000 opening jobs In the average style starting salary is Between 40 and 60k a year okay now I Suggest you to go and look at the full Testimony Um this particular person here as you Can see on the screen she's 19 years old She worked at Starbucks like I always Say it's nothing wrong with starting at Starbucks McDonald's but I just don't Think it's meant to stay somewhere Especially if you're not moving up and

She ran across course careers and now She is the the youngest at the time of This video making 60k a year working From home and this can happen to you I Suggest you to click on the full Testimony where you can Um look at the video see Sean Interviewing her and he interviews a Whole bunch of people you know some People wears a janitor and now they're Making over 60k a year as they text Sales or information technology and it Can happen to you now how it works is to Start their free intro course all you Have to do is sign up for free for the Intro course and in the course it would Give you all the information you need About Information Technology Tech sales Tell you what you're going to be doing And at that time you can decide if it's A good fit if it's a good fit stop Procrastinate that's what a lot of People do they procrastinate they don't Take action and they miss out on these Great opportunities you know people love To see you struggle in life you know That people love to see you depend on Them for everything and once you get Into the information technology of text Cells this could change your life this Could change your family life a lot of People are struggling people don't even Have money to put gas in their car let Alone people some people don't have

Enough money to buy food some people Only have a hundred dollars or fifty Dollars or less to last them until they Get paid once a month or every two weeks And this course will change your life Okay so once you figure that this is a Good fit the next step is to roll in the Course this is a online self-paced Course Um that you complete the course in a few Weeks to a couple months depending on How much time you commit you will learn Everything required to land your first Position now the great thing about Course careers is that you can get Training you know be an internship where You can make anywhere between fifteen And twenty dollars an hour you can work For a company for three months to gain Your experience you're gaining your Experience while you're getting the Degree in the certification versus if You went to a university a trade school A community college it would take you Two to five years to come out with a Degree and you go and apply for a job And you get rejected because you don't Have the experience and what people do They go back to school to change their Major into something else but with Course careers you're not only just Getting the knowledge for your getting The training so you're coming out Understanding and know how to do the job

And at that time once the three months Is up you can decide if you want to work For that company or you can go with Another company that course careers have Partnered with so all the skills that You will learn it will teach you Everything you need to know to land an Entry level position an internship by Giving you an inside knowledge of how to Apply to companies what they look for in Resumes application and how to prepare For interviews and so much more again They partner directly with companies That want to hire their students into an Entry level position and internship Dropping the degree and experience Requirement for course careers graduates Okay so it is a win-win now if I was Going to go into information technology I am going to go into the pricing here Okay when you scroll down here this is The pricing it is a single payment of 499 dollars that is very affordable or You could do a four payment plan of a Hundred and fifty dollars where you pay Every two weeks you do not have to worry About taking out a loan there's people I Know that went to universities trade School Community College they had to Take out a loan they've been out of School for 12 years and it's still Paying for that loan here at course Careers you do not have to take out a Loan it is only 499 dollars but if you

Use my coupon code you would get uh 50 Off of that it's the rest of 50 that Information is in the YouTube Description bar or you can choose to do A four payment plan of a hundred and Fifty dollars so they are guaranteed That this is going to work that they do Have a 14 day money back guarantee all You have to do is simply contact them And they will refund you your money but On an average you'll make over 800 a Week as a help desk professional so Basically the course pays for yourself During just the first four days on a job Remember you got to take action faith Without works is dead if this is Something that you want to do or you're Struggling on a job and you have not a Move up or maybe you know some high School students that are 18 years old or Junior or senior that are uncertain About what they want to do you need to Direct them to my channel and let them See this part of course career so maybe You just been to college and you want to Do something totally different this is For you maybe you have never been in College and you just want to make a Higher parent salary this is for you Don't sit on it too long make a decision Today and sign up and you won't regret It okay and remember you know make for Sure that you're watching the videos all The way through because there are

Valuable information in all of my videos To help you get closer to Landing your First second third job even a side Hustle my channel is all about non-phone Work and home job leads that go out Every single day that's Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday at 7am Citrus Standard Time make Sure you consider subscribing to the Channel by clicking that red button Don't forget to click on that Bell to Turn on all of your notifications so Every time when I upload new videos You'll be notified and that will give You plenty of opportunity to go ahead And apply for these jobs before they're No longer available these jobs move Quickly so if you come across a video Where the job is no longer available Don't Panic just go into the company and Explore other work from home jobs there There may be some other work from home Jobs that you may be interested in a Good fit but again these jobs move Quickly a lot of people are looking for Work from home jobs and you know you got To be fast and quick with these jobs so Make sure you just explore within the Company if you would like to support the Channel or become a member of the Channel click that join button there is A short video explaining the benefits of Becoming a member of my YouTube channel Shout out to everyone that has support

The channel shout out to everyone that Is a member of my YouTube channel I Really appreciate it so much and don't Forget to check out your a community tab That is where I engage with you every Single day when I upload new videos I Post it in there when I do posts I post It in there when I do quotes I posted Post it in there when I um go YouTube Live I post it in there as well so you Can be notified and plus I want to Connect with my audience too as well Again keep pushing keep applying don't Give up there is a job out there with Your name don't disqualify yourself Before you apply for these jobs let the Company do it go out there grab what is Yours today by applying for these jobs You got this there is a job out there With your name on it but it starts with You you gotta believe if you don't Believe in yourself nobody else will Thank you so much for watching and I Will see you in the next video

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