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Happy Thursday everyone I am back with Another no talking work from home job Lead that I would like to share with you You can make 600 per week and this Company will provide your computer your Equipment so if this is something that You want to see then make sure you go Ahead and stay in and watch the video as Well as I wanted to remind you is that I Will be going YouTube live on April the 4th 2023 at seven o'clock P.M Central Standard Time this is a work from home q A where whatever questions that you have In regards to working from home this is Your opportunity plus I'm going to do a Couple resume reviews Um if you like for your resume to be Looked at online or maybe sure you Attend the live stream so we're going to Go ahead and dive right into Um the job here this is a great Opportunity for someone here so if this Is something you want to do make sure You hop on the bandwagon today and this Position again is a data entry Associates position and as you can see On the screen the pay is 17 an hour okay This is is a full-time position these Type of jobs move very quickly here and When you scroll down a little bit Further it doesn't state that it Requires a diploma high school diploma Or degree so this is a really Um well it does States a high school

Graduate some college is preferred so When we go more into details to look About the job it says the Mac daily Entry Associates will log into Medicare Internet Porters for the purpose of Inputting details information for Direct Medicare submission and Medicare Administrative contract Port of Entry This person will work independently and As a part of a team to enable the Submission of Miss risk adjustment Diagnose to CMS via established methods This person is responsible for accurate And timely submission of healthcare data That is a very easy easy job that you're Going to be doing so when you go more Into details about the job you're going To enter client data from Source Documents within the time limits into Electronic orders you're going to review Data for completeness and accuracy You're going to gain access to Mac Hoarders to prepare for computer entry You are going to review data for Deficiency or errors correct Compatibilities and check output you're Going to follow established entry Priorities as well as you're going to Work with supervisor and analysts to Prepare client progress reports and then You're going to identify data and Consistencies and Report data errors to Management as well as you're going to Troubleshoot investigate and research

Technical issues while involving Appropriate internal support and you're Going to research and navigating Government and Mac websites you're going To comply with government rules and Regulations and then you must maintain a Compliance with all company policy and Procedures again they're looking for Someone to have over one plus years Experience in Daily entry in data Management again data entry is just Inputting data into the system you're Going to be possess a social security Number and then they want you to have Knowledge of data management they're Looking for someone that's detail Ordered you need to have a high-speed Internet and then you need to have Private home workspace and then you need To have time management skills and Ability to prioritize tasks they want You to be able to type 60 words per Minute okay I'm going to show you a Place where for free that you can go and Practice your type of skills and then When you go down a little bit further Here this company also offer benefits as Well well they do Career Development They do tuition reimbursement at work That is where I got that they would Train you they would send you back to School in order to be successful on your Job as well okay so again this is a Great opportunity

Um for someone to go ahead and get Started A great place to be here Um so if this is something that you're Interested in maybe see you go ahead and Apply again these type of jobs move very Very quickly so if you're interested in Applying for this job you can go here Right right here where it says apply for The job here now I am going to show you A place for free where you can go and Practice your typing skills as well as Your daily entry because when you're Doing daily entry you need to have these Type of skills because this is one Skills that they're not going to train You on is you have to know how to type And I am going to share my screen again And we're going to go over this platform And I talk about it all the time because Again it is free and it is what not only can you Practice your typing test but you can Practice your 10 key tests as well which Is daily entry and they will give you Type and tips so if I click on start Under the 10K 10 key test you have a Choice to do numbers and symbols or you Have a choice of the ZIP code which is Numbers only as well as you can do your Typing test here so if I wanted to do Numbers and symbols I have a choice to Do it for one minute three minute or Five minute so if I choose five minute

This is what's going to appear it's not Going to start until I actually go in Here and start typing and then it will Score Um how many words uh per minute that I Am practicing typing again this is one Skills that you have to have because They're not going to train you on okay So if this video has been helpful Consider subscribing to the channel by Clicking that red button that says Subscribe and don't forget to click on The Bell to turn on all your Notifications so every time when I Upload new videos you'll be notified and When I go YouTube live Um you'll also be notified remember Don't forget to join me on April the 4th That's on a Tuesday 2023 at seven O'clock P.M Central Standard time I will Go YouTube live this is a work from home Q a plus I will do a couple of resume Reviews just to look at it and give you Suggestions so I look forward in Chatting with you so I want to leave Some encouragement words with you Because that's what we need we need more Positive vibes in the world because There's so many people that are so Negative everything that come out of Their mouth is is negative nothing Positive nothing good come out of their Mouth and I want to teach you is to keep Pushing

Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there being made for you but it Starts with you you got to believe Because if you don't believe nobody else Will everything starts in the mind what You feed your mind is what's going to Come out if you have your mind scared to Take the next step guess what you're Going to be scared to move out when Everybody's moving out it's gonna be Like I can't do this because I'm scared If I fall we all fall in life that's the Only way you're gonna learn that is the Only way that you're gonna get better is You gotta fall but when you fall you Just don't stay there you get up with Class life is full of ups and downs life Is full of problems I call it debris in The in the road a lot of times everybody Been driving and you see a debris in the Road whether if it's a tire or something In the road a lot of times sometimes you Don't see it you accidentally go over Over the debris but if you see it then You go around the debris and that's your Problem in life um what is full of ups And downs I mean when it rains when I When it rains I like to go outside and Kind of look and see the rain when it's Raining it's raining so hard that you Cannot see what's going on but you gotta Understand through the rain the sun will Shine again and that's what you got to Believe you got to keep the Fate you got

To keep pushing keep applying don't give Up a lot of times people go wrong it's Because they apply for one job and they Call it a day you gotta apply for Multiple positions if you want to go to The next level and you cannot be a Spirit scared of rejection because Rejection is not the end it is a part of Life no don't mean no it means next Opportunity so go out there today and Grab what is yours by applying for these Jobs there is a job out there being made For you but again you have to stop Speaking death over your life yourself And start speaking life remember the Power of the tongue determines life and Death if you say you can't then guess What you can't but if you say you can a Lot of things are good things are going To come your way so hey ain't gonna race Some of y'all are too close to the Finish line and you want to throw in the Towel hang in the race and run the race With class because you're a next in line For a truly blessing so you got this go Ahead and apply today you know that I Always talk about having multiple Strains of income again I believe in not Seven but Uh eight multiple strains of income you Need to always prepare you need to be Like the squirrel when the squirrel they Always have a lot of food in their mouth And then after repairing just in case if

Something go down and that's the thing That we need to be in life is we need to Go and prepare and plan so I am going to Be talking about Book boat because Book Boat is a easy place to go and start Making passive income today as soon as You sign up today you can actually go Start creating low content books today And if you do your research people are Making anywhere between a thousand to Ten thousand a month creating low Content books but again you got to put In the work there is a saying what come Easy won't last and what lasts will come Easy and for those who don't know what Low content books are you can see it on My screen now low content books or Journals law books Diaries coloring Books coloring page all made in this Platform And the great thing about this platform Is you can always research the product Before you actually make it and see if It's sale as well as you can spy on your Competitors and see what kind of Keywords that they're using and you can Implement those in your titles and Descriptions again not the copy but to Be inspired here again bookboat has a New studio they have upgraded they have A cover craters interior designs drag And drop editors complete customization Over 1 200 plus free fonts more than one Million royalties free image pattern

Scalables designs filter and much more And again you're able to make puzzle Books activity books coloring books 100 Of low content Interiors where you can Mix and match Interiors to create unique Books for your audience and yes people Buy these books every single day they Have free webinars once you Um sign up with them they have free Webinars every Tuesday and third Thursdays where the owner is actually Educating you and giving you more info Information about what is going and Actually walking you through how to make Low content books they have a dashboard That show you how to make puzzles books How to make coloring books if you spend An hour a day you will learn how to do This and you can make passive income Doing this okay now the great thing About this you do not have to create Your own Um Your own interior is already done for You so as you can see here on the screen There are so many interior that you can Do and you can choose from you got save A Tracker weekly planners birthday Reminders and for the sake of the video I'm going to choose saver tracker you Have a choice to do paperback or Hardcover always do paperback eight by Five eleven and then I'm just gonna do 120 pages and I'm going to do the saver

Track and I'm going to hit download once You hit download this is what appear This is your interior if I was pleased With this this is what I would download To Amazon kdb again I am not a graphic Designer you do not have to be a graphic Designer to do this you could pay Somebody on Fiverr to create your book Covers so it can sell and it's anywhere I think between five and twenty dollars That I pay someone on Fiverr to make my Book cover so it could stand out but Again this is free Um this is a good side hustle side gig Opportunity that you can make in order To make passive income so if I go back Here and I know you want to be like what Is the pricing of here Um anytime you are investing in a Business it's going to be some type of Price in here and I believe it's very Affordable you cannot complain about the Situation until you take action okay so The pricing is I believe it's very Affordable it's 9.99 per month for Newbie 19.99 per month for pro and the Only difference with the pro you're Getting the puzzle creation software Included that's the only different but If you use my coupon code which is the Rest of sweat all in lower case don't Worry that information is in the YouTube Description bar you will get 20 off the 9.99 per month and that is Lifetime

That's forever or if you choose the 1999 Per month you'll get 20 off of that Forever once you use my coupon code and Also you can try this out for three days For free and see if you like it and I Guarantee you you're gonna love this This is a great side hustle side gig Opportunity as well as a business Opportunity to go ahead and start make Passive income again I believe in not Only seven strings income but eight Multiple strains of mcom because you Never know what could happen on this Land so anybody can do this a child can Do this um anybody can do this and you Can be successful at it but again you Got to put in the work okay what come Easy won't last and what last one come Easy so once you sign up today you can Go ahead and start creating your low Content books and download it to Amazon Kdb okay so also I am going to talk About my um YouTube channel Everybody by This point should know that my YouTube Channel is all about no talk and work From home job leads they go out every Single day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time so consider subscribing to the Channel by clicking that red button I Would love for you to be the part of the Family and don't forget to click on the Bell to turn on all your notifications So every time when I upload new videos You will be notified as well as when I

Go YouTube live and remember April the 4th 2023 at seven o'clock P.M Citrus Standard Time I'll be going YouTube live This is a work from home q a whatever Courses you have in regards to work from Home as well as we're going to be Talking about resumes I'm going to be Doing a couple of resume reviews where I'm just looking at them giving me Suggestions on how to pass the applicant Tracker system so make for sure you join Me again on April the 4th 2023 at seven O'clock P.M Central Standard Time If you would like to support the channel Or become a member of the YouTube Channel all you have to do is click the Join button there is a short video Explaining the benefits of becoming a Member of the YouTube channel shout out To everyone that's supporting the Channel also check out your community Tab that is where I engage with you when I upload new videos I post it in there When I do pose Um when I do quotes and when I go on YouTube live I inform you in that Community tab okay so make sure you go Ahead and check that out today okay and I want to leave some encouraged words With you again is to keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there being made for you but it Starts with you you gotta believe if you Don't believe in yourself nobody else

Will so go out there today and grab what Is yours by applying for these jobs Check out the videos that are listed on The top or the bottom there are more no Talk and work from home job leads to Help you get closer to Landing your First second third job even a side Hustle thank you so much for watching And I will see you in the next video bye

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