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Happy Wednesday everyone I am back with Another no talking work from home job That I'd like to share with you this Company they will train you plus you can Set your own hours and you can make 680 Per week before I give you the Information make sure you mark your Calendar for April the 4th that's only Tuesday 2023 I am going YouTube live This is a work from home q a plus I'm Going to do a couple resume reviews just To give you suggestions on what you need To do to improve your resumes just spend Five minutes on it just to help you Um get through the African tracking System so if you would like to to Participate make sure you join me on This coming Tuesday April the 4th 2023 So we're going to dive right into the Job okay so I'm going to share my screen And we're going to be talking about a Company that is currently high right now Again they will train you you can set Your own hours Um this is a great opportunity Um to go ahead and get started it is With the company multi-plan they're Currently seeking medical claims intake Coordinators to work from home and as You can see this is a 17 it to pay Seventeen thousand hour which is around 680 per week and this is a remote Position and it's temporary so they're Seeking a multi multiple temporary

Associates for intake Associates so they Have multiple opens this is a temporary Position which is expected to last 60 to 120 days I have worked on tip jobs Before and it lasts longer than those Days I was working for like maybe two Years three years and they have me on Permanent and this can happen to you Training is provided a training class is Provided during the first week of Employment new employees will need to Work eight a.m to 4 30 PM Central Standard time during the training after Training you can determine your own Schedule anytime between 7 A.M and 5 PM Central Standard Time now to give you a Little bit of information about Um what you're going to be doing is You're going to intake and create cases In all applicant systems you can perform Time you data entry of necessary Information as well as you're going to Perform adjustment on medical claims and You're going to perform Outreach to Customers to obtain necessary details on Medical claims now I reached out to hire Manager you know that I always do that And ask the question is this is a call Center he stated that this is not a call Center you're going to only be reaching Out to patients or customers only if It's if you need information that's the Only time you're going to be reaching Out so it's a little form I've done it

Before it is not bad at all and then You're going to be researching a purpose System to identify data needed to Complete cases and then you're going to Ensure compliance with HIPAA regulation And requirements and you're going to Demonstrate companies core components And values held within and then also When you look at other duties may be Required in the sign now the great thing About this job it only requires a high School diploma or equivalent so you can Have a high school diploma you can have A GED you can have a degree you know you Can still get this job and you have to Be able to Um efficient efficient use a keyboard And quickly navigate software Application You need a high-speed internet acquired Work area without distraction regular And consistent attendance and adherence To work schedule they want you to have a Knowledge of medical insurance Terminology is required you can look That up and see what medical terminology Insurance just to get you to uh Understand this you can learn this in Five or ten minutes and then they want You to have Excel experience is Preferred now I'm going to share my Screen and I'm going to show you a free Place where you can go and you can learn Excel for free I always give you free

Things I mean before people say that They cannot do this I always like to go And show you things where you can do for Free and it is called Microsoft 365 Training now you can learn Outlook OneDrive word excel PowerPoint OneNote SharePoint Microsoft teams access in Less than 10 minutes so if I click on Excel This is what's going to come up excel's Video training so they have intro to Excel rows and columns formulas and Function you see you get the picture Here so if I want to learn how to do Formulas and function all I have to do Is click on that and a video will appear All I have to do is watch that video and Then give me information about all I Need to know in order to to be able to Do this job and everything so this is a Great opportunity for someone now I am Going to go back to the job description So we can go ahead and see what you know More things that they have to offer uh Actually on this job here so I'm gonna Go right back here and share my screen They want you to have communication Skills verbal written and listening Ability to work with freaking Supervision ability to maintain Confidential in all required situation Ability to use software Hardware related To job responsibilities and again this Is a easy job that you can do and get

Started again it's a temp job is Seventeen dollars an hour if this is Something that you want to do make sure You go ahead and apply today by clicking On here I also want to go and show you Some free typing places because when you Do daily entry they want you to be able To type so I'm going to show you a free Place where you can go and practice your Dating entry for free and that is with not only can you Practice your typing test but you can Practice your 10 key test and they will Give you type of tips so if I click on 10 key tests and hit start This is what you're going to see you Have a choice to do full team key tests Where numbers and symbols you can do zip Code tests numbers and only and then of Course you can do typing you can choose How many minutes you want to practice so If I was going to do the ZIP code test And I want it for three months minutes I Click on it and this is what you re will See and the test don't begin to score You until you start typing so go ahead And get your type of skills where it Need to be because again this is one Skills that they're not going to train You on you have to know how to type and Again this is a free platform where you Can go and practice your typing skills For free so go ahead and check that out Now if this video has been helpful thus

Far then I want you to subscribe to the Channel by clicking that red button that Says subscribe and don't forget to click On the Bell to turn on all notifications So when I upload new videos and all my Videos gotta go out at 7 A.M such Extended time you'll be notified it Never give you plenty of opportunities To go ahead and apply for these jobs Before they go just like this and plus When I go YouTube live AI you'll be able To attend my live stream remember don't Forget to join me on Tuesday April the 4th 2023 at seven o'clock P.M Central Standard time where I will be going YouTube live this is a work from home Curing aid plus I'm going to do a couple Of resume reviews where I look at your Resume just to give you suggestions Spend five minutes or less on your Resume just to give you an idea so you Can get past the Africa tracking system So make sure again your Market calendar For April the 4th 2023 at seven o'clock P.M Central Standard time I look forward In chatting with you real soon I want to Leave some encouragement words with you Is I want you to keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there being made for you but it Starts with you you got to believe if You don't believe in yourself nobody Else will so go out there today and grab What is yours by applying for these jobs

There is a job out there for you but you Have to understand rejection is a part Of life but it's not the end no don't Mean no it means next opportunity go out There and plant your seed I think about The time when I love to plant fruits and Vegetables in order for that fruit to Grow I gotta take action and taking Action is put the seed in the ground you Got to take action by uh looking for These jobs found in a job that you think Is a good fit for you and then you got To plant the seed by applying for these Jobs you cannot just apply for one job And call it a day you gotta apply for Multiple jobs to see Um Solutions and things that comes for It fruition you have to get out there And apply again I keep telling you is That your resume needs to be optimized To each job that you're applying for Because it's going to be kicked out from The ATS before it gets into the hands of Hiring manager or recruiting that's why They use ATS but again Speak Life over yourself the power of The tongue determines life and death if You say you can't then you can't but if You say you can if you can things are Going to come into fruition I remember I Used to grow up and I used to say I Can't do this my mom's like Kane is not Even in the Bible 10 is in the Bible I Can do all things through Christ Jesus

That strengthen me and you have to Believe it you know and again surround Yourself around people that's going to Uplift you if they're not up a living You you need to say bye found you Somebody is that's going to speak life On you whatever you do when you're Trying to apply for a job you got this Um if you're trying to start a business You got this you want people that is Doing things because when people are Doing things it's going to rub off on You so remember to keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there being made for you but it Starts with you you gotta believe if you Don't believe in yourself nobody else Will so go out there today and grab what Is yours by applying for this work from Home job no talking work from home job Lead okay now you know that I talk about Having multiple strains of income I Believe and not only seven but I believe In eight most restraints and income and I always talk about course careers Because it's a lot of people that need a Change in their life in this company I Mean this course has been a change in so Many people life helping people to be Able to afford to get the things that They need and that is with course Careers we know that text sales is very High in demand you do not have to have Any experience or degree

Of course careers have partnered with Fortune 500 companies that want to hire Course careers graduate until the entry Level position dropping the experience And a degree only for course careers Graduates now Tech sales again is high In demand there are more than 300 Opening jobs and the average salary is Between 60 and 80k a year now with text Sales you're on the phone because you're Reaching out to potential buyers and Interested in buying the product of the Company that you're working for not only Is you getting paid an hourly salary but You're also getting those commission Checks and if you look at those videos You see that those checks are very nice And a lot of people are liking that Digital marketing is more of a non-farm Work from home job or no talk or work From home job where there's more than 200 opening jobs average starting salary It's between 40 and 60k a year digital Marketing is more of dealing with Content creation uh paid campaign like Facebook ads something like that that's More dear to to somebody that's Interested in creating blogs or again Content creation to do that and then you Also have information technology that's It Information Technology you're not on The phone it's more of a chat job where You're dealing with tickets and queues And there are more than 200 opening jobs

Average starting salary is between 40 And 60k a year So when you go down here the best thing To do is to look at the testimonies and See what everybody has to say And that's what you do is you look at The testimonies and see what everybody Has to say and if this don't get you Pumped up I don't know what will so I Would go ahead and check that out now How it works is that you have to sign up For the free intro course and in the Intro course it tells you everything you Need to know to go ahead and you know Everything you need to know about Information Technology text cells All of that in order to get started and You should at that point know if this is A good fit for you and then what you do Is you enroll in the class it is Self-paced Um you can complete the course in a week Some people complete it in a month it's Just up to you on how much you depend on How much you spend time working with it And then you start your career you start Applying everything that you learn in The course I'm going to teach you Exactly how to land in the entry level Position through inside knowledge of how To apply to companies what they look for In resumes applications how to interview And so much more again they partner Directly with companies that want to

Hire their students dropping a degree in Experience requirement for course career Scratches okay now when we go into one Of them I'm gonna go into Tech sales here when You go into text sales it tells you the Best companies that they're hiring for In Tech sales these are some of the Companies that that companies are hiring And looking for Tech sales Um to start working from home and then When you scroll down a little bit Further it tells you the day in the life Of a text cells you're going to respond To emails of checking calendars you're Going to research companies and add in New prospects you're going to be making Phone calls to people in your Outreach And then you go down a little bit Further here it tells you of course it Offer flexible education and then it Tells you uh who is the text sales Course for you can go in here your Background you could be a recent high School graduates looking for a college Ultimate employee wanting to make a Career change College Dropout figuring Out their next move in life college Graduates consider what their options Are and this is what you'll be learning In the class of text sales sales basic Sales skills sales technology sales Process interview prep and then when you Go down here here is some more

Testimonies that you can watch to get More information and seeing what they're Seeing and when you go down here this is The price there's a free introduction Course the price is only 499 dollars That's a one-time time payment But if you use my coupon code which is The rest and 50 that information is in The YouTube description bar you would Get 50 off of this now we know that when You go to trading schools Community College universities you're not going to Be paying just 499 you're going to be Paying more money than that and this is Very affordable or you can pay a Bi-weekly payment of 150 dollars every Two weeks four payments no contracts or Hidden fees along with a 14 day money Back guarantee this is a great Opportunity y'all this have changed so Many people's life people were Struggling living paycheck to paycheck And now they don't have anything to Worry about after they went through Course careers so make for sure go ahead And sign up today once you sign up today You can actually go start taking these Courses today and change your life Change your family life so go ahead and Sign up information to this is in my YouTube description bar okay now I want You to go ahead and just um remember to Go ahead and apply for these jobs these Jobs move very quickly

Um so stop procrastinate take action and I'm going to share my screen with you on My uh My channel so you know what my channel Is all about here too as well so I'm Going to share my screen and uh so you Can see it again videos go out every Single day at 7am Central Standard Time This is a no talk and work from home job Channel that's all I bring to you every Single day at 7 A.M such a standard time Is nothing but no talk and work from Home job leads and if this is something That you're interested in make sure you Subscribe to the channel by clicking That red button that says subscribe and Don't forget to click on the Bell to Turn on all your notifications if you Would like to support the channel or Become a member of the YouTube channel Then all you need to do is click that Join button there is a short video Explaining the benefits of becoming a Member of the YouTube channel also check Out the community tab that is where I Engage with you when I upload new videos When I do posts when I say I'm going to Go YouTube live I put that information In there and make sure you check that Out and watch the videos because there Are valuable information to help you get Closer to Landing your first second Third job even ASAP hustle okay and Remember to keep pushing keep applying

Don't give up there is a job out there Being made for you but it starts with You you gotta believe if you don't Believe in yourself nobody else will so Go out there today and grab what is Yours by applying for these jobs make Sure you check out the video that is Appeared either at the top at the bottom There are more work from home job these None no talking work from home job needs To help you get closer to learning a job And don't disqualify yourself before you Apply for these jobs to let the company Do it thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video bye

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