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Happy Sunday YouTube family I am back With a more more jobs that they would Train you you can make anywhere between 800 to a thousand per week and before I Give you that information make for sure You mark your calendar this coming Friday December 2nd 2022 at seven O'clock P.M such a standard time I am Going YouTube live I am bringing it back To guest Deborah H Swisher she is a Certified professional coder so if you Ever wanted to get into the medical Billing encoding where all then you need To be here so we're going to go ahead And dive right into the job now we're Talking about the company clipboard Health they're currently seeking quality Assurance Specialists billing support to Work remotely as you can see Um to work remotely Um basically you're going to participate In collaboration session to ensure Alignment and audit practices practice You will audit multiple channels Customers contact to ensure adherence to Internal policy and procedures and then Also you can assist in training and Coaching as needed able to navigate crms Salesforce and zendex and I tell you to Use Google as your friend because if you Don't know about self-dest or zingdesk You could always Google things like what Does Salesforce do and they give you Information all you need to know to get

You to point a and then when you get on This job they're going to train you the Way that they want you to do the job as Well as understanding how to use Google Workspace this is giving you information About how to use the Gmail calendar Drive chat you know go ahead and just Check that out on your own time and that Will help you you know be able to be Take to the next level As well as they want you to have basic Data visual visual skills including Pivot tables and charts um that's more Of excel if you go to Microsoft 365. There are free things so now I've spoke About that in my previous videos that Will help you understand how to Pivot Tables and charts now they do say Minimal three to five years experience In quality assurance environment please Don't get disencouraged I mean it's a Lot of companies that even though you Don't have the three years experience They will still hire you anyway because There's jobs that I've had and I know I Didn't have three years experience but I Had a will in mind and will and hard and Willy spirit and I was trained on the Job and I got it so give you information About clipboard Health they provide Quality Health Care Staffing in the form Of Nursing and Ally health staff Nationwide offer permanent temporary per Diem contract attempt to hire Healthcare

Professionals that is basically what the Company do is you know is that very is It really an easy job so when we go into Details where we're going to dissect the Job and let you know what you're going To be doing Um you're going to build a quality Assurance framework for snapshot as well As in to end life cycle audit of the Process case and our customers contact To ensure that not only the interaction Snapshots are done well but the desired Outcome are achieved through Um end-to-end process so you may contact The customers every once in a while Again I always reach out to hire manager When it's a concern about being on the Phones and he said again this is not a Call center job it's just mainly on a Um needed basis it's not every day or it Could be once a month when you have to Do that and then also you can compile it And track issues and communicate them to Stakeholders again you're going to lead The fat can't sue investigate a case end To end and identify Improvement Opportunities and again you're going to Drive and support process Improvement so This is a great opportunity they're Looking for someone that is a Self-starter Time management skills analytical skills Attention to details passion to help Others succeed able to manage a complex

Environment and able to deliver it to a High expectation and set high standards For others and again this is the Requirement we went over everything Always use Google again as your friend So you can research things if you don't Know how to Pivot tables and charts all You have to do is copy and paste that Into Google and hit enter and it's going To show videos to you on how to do all This stuff so you can really train Yourself so don't worry about the Preferred experience I mean if you have It that's great if you don't have it Um you know if you have it it's great But if you don't don't worry about it And this is a quick Card application all You have to do is scroll down fill out The application to the best of your Ability and hit the submit application Okay So again this is a great company I've Been posting a lot of jobs that they Will train you so make sure you hop on The wagon and get into these positions That they will train you on how to do The job the way that they want you to do Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there with your name On it don't get disencouraged a lot of People are getting disencouraged because They're like I have been applying for Jobs every single day and I'm not Hearing anything no news is good news

You have to remember that that's what my Mother used to say my grandmother Um people in my family will say that no News is good news so you just gotta keep Putting in the work you know and also Just believe you know don't respect for Nobody else to believe in you you have To believe in yourself And Speak Life over yourself because Like I always say is that the power of The tongue determines life and death you Have to go out there and don't learn Things for free some things yeah you're Gonna have to pay for but there's things That you just gotta go in Um and learn a lot of things and teach Yourself these different skills in order To take you to the next level so keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there with your name On it so go out there and grab what is Yours today by applying for these jobs Today okay I believe in you you got this I believe in you but you have to believe In yourself okay now you know that I Always talk about having multiple Strains of income and I'm gonna keep Talking about this because people need To know a lot of times people get so Complacent where they just don't want to Do anything but just settle for one job And they sit at a job and some people Been at a job for 10 years or five years And they're not moving up they're

Staying at the same level but while you Have that job you need to use that job As a crutch to invest in a business and I think that this is a great easy Business side hustle that you can do and Make passive income if you do your Research people are making anywhere Between a thousand to ten thousand a Month creating low content books through Book boat as you can see on the screen They're creating flight information They're creating different things that People are buying but again you have to Put in the work and the great thing About this is skip the interview you Don't have to have an interview you can Work anywhere in the world you can work In the United States you can work out of The country it's just up to you and for Those who don't know what low content Books are these are journals law books Diaries coloring books coloring pages And many more is just too many to name And the great thing about this platform Is that you can always research the Product before you access your are Making it and seeing if it's sale it Actually tell you how much that seller Is making a month off for just a Coloring book or a journal or notebook Compensation and it is just so Um you know how much they're making some People are making a thousand a month off Of just one journal and you can do the

Same thing but you gotta understand the Keywords and you can look at their Keywords and kind of you know see what Kind of keywords that they're using to Implement those in your titles and Descriptions especially if you're making That the same kind of book but you don't Want to copy you just want to make it Your own And book bulk has upgraded they have a New book studio with cover creators Interior designs drag and drop editors Complete customization over 1 200 plus Free fonts more than one million Royalty-free image pattern scalable Designs filter in much more and you're Able to make puzzle Books Puzzle books Activity books coloring books 100 of low Content Interiors where you can mix and Match a tears to create your need books For your audience and yes people buy These books every single day you can Sell these on Amazon kdb you can sell it On pay hip center there are free social Media platforms that you can promote it If you have a website you can promote it There's many ways that you can do this Now anytime you're talking about a Business you're going to have to invest If you want to go to the next level You're going to have to invest and I Believe is very affordable it's 9.99 per Month for newbie in 1999 per month for Pro the only difference with the pro is

You're getting the puzzle creation Software included where you can create So many puzzles Puzzle books are very Hot right now in demand so that's the Only option the difference between the Both of them and if you use my coupon Code which is the rest is what all in Lower case you receive 20 off the 9.99 And that is Lifetime that's forever and If you choose the 1999 per month for pro You receive 20 off of that and that's For Lifetime and forever and also you Could try it out for three days for free And see if you like it I guarantee you That you're gonna like it this is a Great Um Place to be they do have webinars every Tuesdays where you can get your courses Answered they do have in tutorials where You can spend An hour a day learning how to do Different things in order to be Successful on this platform all it takes Is basically one sale and once you make That one sale then that's going to push You to say hey I can do this forever now Again with interior you do not have to Make the interior the interior is Already done for you you can mix and Match the interior and put it into your Journal Um there's collars college rules which Is for Notebook compensation or

Different things they have music sheets Career plans online shopping trackers There is so much that you can do and Make passive income but you have to put In the work so I'm going to do this Recipe right you have a choice to do Paperback or hardcover it's up to you You can do both but I always do for my Low content books I've been doing them Um paperback which is eight by five Eleven and then I just put you know Whatever page is but again in order to Understand that you gotta watch the Tutorials on bookboat that is in this Platform and you can understand why I'm Doing 120 or more and I'm going to Choose download and this is going to Change this is going to pull up my Recipes this would would have been Perfect for like the holidays just past Thanksgiving a lot of people like to go And search on the internet and look for Recipes and they just be writing on Different piece of paper and they're Just lose the recipe then they're not Organized this is the place to stay Organized all you have to do is pay Somebody on Fiverr to do your book cover That is really fancy that stands out and You can upload this interior to Um Amazon kdb and your cover and you can Start making sales now it takes time Again you got to put in the work you Know some people get out there they make

The sale for the first time and some People it takes time but you got to put In the work all it takes is once you Make that first sale you can be like Okay I can do this so make sure you go Ahead and invest in yourself okay that's The only way you're gonna make it you Know get to the next level is you want To have a backup plan at all means Necessary you know we all like I say we All have cell phones you have a charge If that battery's getting ready to die It you know you're gonna go to your Purse or go somewhere and get the Charger and charge your telephone or Cell phone up or also we driving a car We have a spare tire we're not hoping That we get a flat but things happen you Have a spare tire to put on your car Until you be able to go to your Destination and get it fixed and that's The thing that we need to be on our Business be entrepreneur or you know you Just need to have a plan at all times Necessary because nothing is Promised Like I said it's good to have a job but People can let you go at any time you Know don't never think you are not Replaceable because you can be Replaceable Furniture is replaceable Shoes is replaceable and you can be Replaced by any time so go ahead and Sign up today Um and get started making passive income

Today that information is in the YouTube Description bar and remember my channel Is all about none phone work at home job Leads that go out every single day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time so consider Subscribing to the channel by clicking That red button and don't forget to turn On your notifications by clicking on the Bell so every time when I upload new Videos you'll be notified and never give You plenty of opportunities to go ahead And apply for these jobs before they're No longer available people are getting Hired every single day and I would love For you to be the next one to get hired These jobs are moving like hot cake so You need to get on board and make a Decision to go ahead and apply for these Jobs now if you would like to to support The channel uh become a member of the YouTube channel all you have to do is Click the join button there is a short Video explaining the benefits of Becoming a member of the YouTube channel Shout out to everyone that's already a Member I really appreciate you so much And check out the community tab too as Well that is where when I upload new Videos I post it in there when I do post I post it in there when I go YouTube Live I post it in there as well so make Sure you take advantage of that because I want to get a chance to know my Audience really

Um a lot okay So remember keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job out there With your name on it but you gotta go Out there and grab what is yours today By applying for these jobs okay thank You so much for watching and I will see You in the next video

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