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Happy Wednesday everyone I am back with Another work from home job and today We're going to be talking about a job They will train you so make sure you hop On the bandwagon and grab these type of Jobs because these jobs go this quickly So again we're gonna go ahead and dive Right into the job now we're going to be Talking about the company Brown University they are currently seeking a Mission representative to work from home This is a full-time position this is in The sales Um department and again it is a remote Position now they do have State high Restriction listed in order to be Considered for this application you have To be living in these states now a lot Of people have applied for this job and They don't even live in this state and They still were able to get the job so I Would say still apply anyway even though That they're listing these jobs again This is a remote work from home position And look at the pay the pay range is 24.3 cents an hour that is a a great Opportunity for someone to go ahead and Actually work this job then they do have Set schedules you must work set Schedules with hours that may include Evenings and weekends the hours of Operations are 7 A.M to 7 P.M Mountain Standard Time Monday through Thursday And 7 A.M to 4 P.M Friday additional

Overtime may be required okay now Bryan University is recognized as one of the Top companies to work for in Arizona for The past seven years in a row they do Offer benefits package as you can see When I go over here they do offer Medical dental vision HSA telemedicine Tuition assistant a program that is Where I got that they would train you if You do your research tuition assistant Program is that for employees that are Eligible they will send you back to School to get to learn your job so that Is where I got that they will train you You for this job and they do offer Um also computer equipment is provided As you can see this company they will Provide your equipment and again this is A work from home job now when we go into A little bit details about what you're Going to be doing on the job I'm going To go here and we're going to do the key Appointment of components here it's the Mission representative delivers the Highest level of service in every step Of the student admission life cycle and An adherence to BU emission performance Standard the life cycles include but is Not limited to And interview the process the mission Representatively evaluate Prospect Students academic goals and provide an Overview of bu's Education offers to Assist in students decision making in

Process you're going to also Um be facilitating applicants choosing Educational pathway by guiding them Through the mission process and pursuit Of an undergraduate certificate Undergraduate or graduate degree and Then you go down a little bit farther You're going to resolve students Questions and concerns throughout the Enrollment process And then I go down here a little bit let Me move myself over here and then you're Going to also partner with Associates Dean to create a plan to achieve or Exceed Motley performance and goals and Exhibit personal accountability to Execute the plan constantly and Effectively and then when you go down Here I'm a little bit further here I'm Just going to go down here and you're Going to exhibit a well-developed sense And commitment to student satisfaction And other Duties are assigned again it Talks about a bachelor's degree required Again don't let this scare you Intimidate you for applying for the job Because it's a lot of jobs that I have Applied for in the past that I don't Even have a bachelor's degree I only Have a socialist degree and some Certification and I was able to get the Job the job that I'm currently on that I've been on for 11 years it required Bachelor's degree and I don't have a

Bachelor degree so don't be intimidating And talk yourself out of applying for The job still apply anyway because you Never know if a job is meant for you Companies will Overlook bachelor's Degree and hire you okay and also they Do want you to have one or two years of Um experience in service sales a Recruiting role as an individual is Preferred that means if you have it That's great if you don't don't worry About it and then they want you to have A proven track of delivering excellent Customer service as well as to Demonstrate confidence And excellent written and verbal Communication and you may be on the Phone a little bit just reaching out to Students and just checking on them and Seeing if they are doing what they Supposed to do so it's not a call center Where you're on the phone where it's Back to back it's just only every you Know once in a while that you may have To do that okay but again this is a Great opportunity and if you feel like You're good fit for this position then All you need to do is Click right here Where it says apply now I want to leave Some encouragement words with you Because a lot of people need it I mean We need more encouragement words in this World here a lot of y'all are looking at This job right now and saying I am not

Even qualified for this job It doesn't even have Um the state that I am in Um you got to speak life over yourself It's a lot of people like I said have Received job offers and they don't even Live in the state it's a lot of people Have received jobs offers and they don't Have a bachelor's degree you cannot be Intimidated about that you gotta apply Anyway to say let me see what happened If this job is for me God will allow people to look over the State he will allow people to look over The bachelor's degree even though you Don't have it in hire you said look let Me give this person a chance because This person seemed like that they're a Go-getter and you and the doors will Open because that have happened to me in Many times and some it happened to a lot Of other people that can testify about It you got to have a will in mind a Willing heart and a willing Spirit to go Out there and grab what is yours today Not tomorrow not next week too many Times people spend so many time Procrastinating saying that they gonna Apply for a job they're gonna do this And two two months pass by and they Haven't did anything you have to learn To hold yourself accountable I'm gonna Hold yourself accountable because I'ma Say you need to apply for these jobs

Every single day every single day you Have to have a willing mind a willing Heart and a willing Spirit don't Disqualify yourself before you apply for These jobs you got to keep pushing you Got to keep applying and you cannot give Up okay I am here to help you but you Got to put in the work I know it is a Job looking for a job I know I've been There here that you cannot worry about Where some people it takes two weeks or Three weeks to get a job you don't know How long they've been waiting for their Job they could have been in the same Situation that you were in waiting and Applying for jobs for a year and now Since they understand how to tailor Their resume to each job that they're Applying for so they're getting calls Left to right okay some people won't Even tell you that they story what They've been through they make you think That hey they can apply and get a job But I'm telling you I've been working From home ever since 2007. And it took me a year to get a job why Because my resume was not right my Resume wasn't tailored to each job that I was applying for it took a hiring Manager to sit down and talk to me and Say look I see potential in you I see That you had a hard-working person let Me show you what a hire manager is Looking for as well as how to pass the

ATS so he set me down and explained to Me and I picked it up and from that Point on I started applying for multiple Jobs and I started getting like 20 calls 20 invites and that is no lie because I Understood the assignment I understood You know at that point what companies Are looking for in resume and that's What I try to take out time to explain In some of my videos on how to get your Resume tailored to each job that you're Applying for and giving you places where You can go to pick it back off of Resumes so you can understand what your Resume to look like that's supposed to Look like again I'm gonna tell you is You got this everything starts in your Mind everything a lot of people talk Theyself out a lot of things because They listen to people people tell them Hey don't apply for this job you're not Qualified you're not uh fit you're Wasting your time and when you listen to Those type of people you're not gonna go Too far in life I'm here to tell you it's you got this Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but you gotta believe if you don't Believe in yourself nobody else will so Go out there today and grab what is Yours by applying for these jobs okay You got this don't give up don't get Disencouraged don't throw in the towel

You're just at the Finish Line okay now You know that I talk about having Multiple strains of income at all times Okay I believe in not seven but eight Multiple strains of mcom and I believe That you should prepare it's not greed Is prepared and planning because you Just never know what can happen on this Land and happen on your different jobs I Mean a lot of people get to the point Where they don't think that they're Replaceable Furniture is replaceable Food is replaceable clothes is Replaceable and guess what you can be Replaceable at any time so you need to Always have a backup plan and that is With bookboat if you do your research People are making anywhere between a Thousand to ten thousand a month Creating low content books and for those Who don't know what low content books Are these are journals law books Diaries Coloring books coloring pages recipe Books Um it's just too many to name that you Can make and start making passive income The great thing about Book boat Is that you can always research the Product before you actually make it and See if it's selling as well as you can Spy on your competitors to see what kind Of keywords they're using and you can Implement those in your titles and Description not the copy but to be

Expired okay and bookboat has upgraded They have a new book book studio with Cover creators interior designs drag and Drop editors complete customization over A thousand two hundred plus free fonts More than one million royalty free image Pattern scalable designs filter and much More and yes you're able to make Positive books activity books coloring Books 100 of low content Interiors where You can mix and match Interiors to Create unique books for your audience And yes people buy these books every Single day don't let nobody tell you That they don't people buy these books Every single day if they buy from Everybody else guess what they will buy It from you so don't get this encouraged Here okay now when you go into your Interior wizard the The the Interior is made for you okay so you Don't have to make the interior unless You want to but they have college rules Like you can do notebook composition That uh people buy those every single Day journals people buy journals music Sheets uh monthly to-do list as you can See weekly planner birthday reminder It's just too many to name you could go Into these interiors that you can mix And match have a theme based um low Content book and you can put this Information in and for the sake of the

Video I'm going to click on the journal you Have a choice of doing paperback or Hardcover or you can do both I always do Paperback eight by five eleven and I put 120 and I'm gonna do the journal and I'm Gonna hit download okay now if I am Pleased with this journal here This is what I would download to Amazon Kdb again like I always say I am not a Graphic designer you do not have to be a Graphic designer you do not have to have Experience you can live anywhere in the World whether it's the United States uh Out of the country you can do this so I Will upload this to Amazon kdb but I Will pay somebody on Fiverr to do my Cover that will make my cover stand out And they charge anywhere where between Five and twenty dollars to make a Outstanding cover so you can go ahead And sell this this is a great Opportunity Um like I always say is that um bookboat Always have webinars either on Tuesday And Thursday where they always keep you Informed on what new is going on that's Your opportunity to ask questions if you Need to ask questions as well if you Miss the live webinar you can always go In and Um look in your dashboard and you can See the recording there um once you sign Up you can start going ahead and create

Low content books to the day I am not Just giving you this information I'm Doing it myself as well I've been Creating low content books I like to Create puzzle books and journals and um I've been doing this at least about Eight months and I enjoy what I'm doing To make you know some extra cash I do Want to make more like anywhere between A thousand and ten thousand a month but I'm thankful for what I am making Because that's better than nothing at All but again you got to put in the work Um a lot of people ask where can you Sell um these low content books of Course you can sell them on Amazon kdb You can sell it on Etsy you can sell it On pay help Um you can sell it on free social media Platforms that you can go and promote This if you have your own website you Can promote this as well there's ways of Getting it out but anytime when you're Talking about a business opportunity There are pricing and I believe it's Very affordable you have 9.99 per month For newbies and you have 19.99 per month For pros the only difference with the Pro is you're getting the puzzle Creation software included but if you Use my coupon code which is the rest of Sweat all in lower case you will receive 20 off of that 9.99 per month and that Is Lifetime that's forever or if you

Choose the 1999 per month You will also get 20 off of that and That is Lifetime forever you can also Try this out for three days for free and See if you like it I guarantee you're Gonna like it you're gonna fall in love With this this is a easy business Opportunity side hustle that you can do An elementary student can do this Anybody can do this to start making Passive mcom today so once you sign up Today you can start creating your low Content book and upload it to Amazon kdb So make sure you go ahead and check this Out again I am here to help you get to The next level I believe that you should Have an entrepreneur mine have multiple Strains of income going on not seven but Eight multiple strains of mcom just to Have them in place just in case of Something go wrong with your job you can Always have something to fall back to Pay your bills until you find what You're looking for okay so if you like Everything that I have said in this Video consider subscribing to the Channel okay on this channel I bring to You nothing but non-phone work at home Job leads to go out every single day at 7 A.M such a standard time make sure You're watching the videos all the way Through again because there are valuable Information in all of my videos to help You get closer to Landing your first

Second third job even a side hustle if You would like to support the channel or Become a member of the YouTube channel Hit that join button there is a short Video explaining the benefits of the Common a member of the YouTube channel Maybe for sure you check out the Community tab that is where I engage With you every single day Um whether it Fizz when I upload my new Videos when I'm recognizing people that Have finished uh course careers or People that have received job offers or Throwing polls I am very active in the Community tab so make sure you check That out again to subscribe to the Channel hit that red button and Subscribe turn on the Bell to turn on Your notifications so every time when I Upload new videos you will be notified And that will give you plenty of Opportunity to apply for these jobs Because these jobs go just like this and I don't want you to miss out on these Opportunities remember remember to keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there with your name On it don't disqualify yourself before You apply for these jobs let the company Do it you have to believe in yourself Because if you don't believe in yourself Nobody else will so go out there today And grab what is yours by applying for These jobs thank you so much for

Watching and I will see you in the next Video

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