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Happy Thursday everyone I am back with Another work from home job this coming They will train you when you are seeing More work from home jobs that these Companies will train you you need to hop On a bandwagon and go ahead and apply For the jobs even if you're uncertain And make sure that you watch the videos All the way through because they're Valuable information as well as Subscribe to the channel too don't Forget to hit that red button subscribe And turn on your notifications okay so We're gonna go ahead and dive right into The job okay now we're going to be Talking about cognitive symptom Hopefully I'm pronouncing it right if Not that's how it's going to be today Okay so um there are currently hiring Quality analysts to work from home now This is a part-time position here now When you go through the job here I want To explain here is the role of the Quality analyst is to perform quality Assurance audits on phone calls emails And chats the analysts will review and Grade customers contact contact Advanced For techno accuracy compliance policy And procedures and observations of Skills the analysts may also provide Measurements to help gauge the customers Over all level of satisfaction with the Content event now again this company do Offer training they have a typical work

Week with consists of four hour shifts Per day Mondays through Friday between The hours at 8 A.M to 5 PM Eastern Standard Time two ships are available 80 Am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 5 p.m all times Based on Eastern Time Zone all employees Are required to commit to at least 20 Hours per week and if you work it 24 Hours a week and according to Glassdoor You can make up to 23 an hour that is 460 per week that is based on part-time 20 hours a week okay training will Include two to three weeks of remote Web-based training in 9 to 10 weeks of Additional on the job training classes Will run four to five hours per day Mondays through Friday between the hours At 8 A.M to 5 PM Eastern Standard Time Breaks will be administrated and then The qualifications here Is that an individual must be able to Form each essential Duty correctly the Requirement listed are representative of The knowledge skill and our ability Require reasonable accommodation may be Made to enable individuals with Disability to perform the functions okay Now the job requirement you must have a Safe and secluded at home office that is Free of normal household destruction Distraction type and speed of 35 words With the least 85 accuracy you must have A home PC equipped with Microsoft Word And Microsoft Excel must be proficient

With Microsoft Word and Excel if you Don't understand Microsoft Word Excel go To Microsoft 365 it's free you can learn Everything that you need to know about Word in Excel to help you get past you Know to get this job here you must have Basic computer skills strong customer Service skills required strong verbal Written skills that's excellent grammar Punctuation and spelling is required This job only requires a high school Diploma or GED required it's talking About a college degree but there's no Need to worry about it because it means Preferred that means if you have it it's Great if don't don't worry about it it Talks about other skills technical Skills quality management judgment Planning organizing Um must have strong again written verbal Communication if this sounds like Something that you're going to do make Sure you go ahead and apply to this Position at this time because these type Of jobs trust me they do not last that Long here and if you're interested in Applying all you need to do is Click Right here when I went through the Application you may have to take an Assessment don't worry Don't Panic do Your best and I'm gonna say this is to Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job being made especially for You but again you gotta believe because

If you don't believe nobody else will Don't disqualify your yourself before You applied for these jobs let the Company do it again people don't like For you to be successful a lot of people Are struggling a lot of people are Living paycheck to paycheck there's People I know that cannot afford to get Their car fixed a lot of people cannot Afford to put gas in their car a lot of People cannot afford to buy food for Theirself a lot of times people get Complacent on their job even though You're sitting at the job you never Stops the oldest job is I got a good job I don't care if you've been at a job for 5 10 30 years they will let you go There's people in my family have been Faithfully going to work for years and They've been on a job for 40 years and They will let go probably about six Years ago and they just didn't know what To do too many times we get complacent When you have a job you need to be Looking for a job okay because when Companies do hire you they don't hire Only one people in some cases they have Millions and billions of people working At that company and you need to have at Least eight extra income just in case Something go down that income will help Pay the bills until you find what you're Looking for you are just at the Finish Line okay you're just there

You may be crawling into the Finish Line You may be hopping to the Finish Line You may be crying to the finish line but You're just right at the finish line and You just want to throw in the towel and Give up Life is full of ups and downs one minute You up next bit of you down just buckle Up and enjoy the ride because you're Going to reap the benefits and you're Going to say I waited a long time for a Job it was a girl or person in my Comments posted just the other day and She said that Um it took her three between three to Four months to found a job sometimes it Takes people three or four months Sometimes it take a year for some people To find a job but again rejection is not The end of the world no don't we know it Means next opportunity but you got to Set your mind everything starts in your Mind if you believe that you can it's Gonna happen you know you know you have To set yourself up for Um Success you cannot set yourself up for Failure believing that you cannot do This you're not able There is a job out there y'all I give You these job leads every single day I Am not responsible for the hiring Process I wish I could hire every single Person that look at this video but the

Hiring is not in my hand right so you Got to get out there and I'm encouraging You I encourage people every single day In this video as well in the comments Because that's that is what I feel that God put me here to do is to encourage You because a lot of people need that Because there's so much negativity in This world people are speaking deaf Instead of speaking life over each other People will hate you for no reason at All but you gotta hang in there keep the Faith keep pushing keep applying I'm Talking to you whoever is watching this Video right now keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there being made for you but it Starts with you you gotta believe if you Don't believe nobody else will so go out There and grab what is yours by time for These jobs today and remember subscribe To the channel y'all if this video has Been very helpful you like what I'm Producing subscribe share this video With everyone that you know that could Benefit a non-farm work at home job lead To go out every single day at 7 A.M such A standard time again you know that I Talk about having multiple strains of Income I believe in not seven but I Believe in eight multiple strains of Income you gotta prepare and plan it's Not greed it's planning and prepare a Lot of people go homeless is because

They don't plan and prepare God show you Things before things happen a lot to a Lot of people and a lot of people just Ignored and then when it happened they Don't understand you know Um what happened you know so this is Something again it's multiple strains in Mcom if you do your research I always Say use Google as your friend and do Your research Book boat you can make Anywhere between a thousand to ten Thousand a month creating low content Books but yes you got to put in the work There's different platforms that you Need to do to promote this in order for It to work but with bookboat you can Create low content books and low content Books or journals log books Diaries Coloring books coloring page it's just Too many to name the great thing about Bookboat is you can always always Research the product before you actually Make it and see if it sells as well as You can spy on your competitors and see What kind of keywords that they're using And you implement it into your titles And descriptions not the copy but to be Expired again bookboat has upgraded they Have a new studio with cover creators Interior designs drag and drop editor is Complete customer station over 1 200 Plus free fonts more than one million Royalty free image pattern scalables Designs filter and much more and yes

People buy these books every single day Again you're able to make cover books Activity books coloring books 100 of low Content Interiors where you can mix and Match and cheers to create unique books For your audience okay now When I go up here to Resource interior Wizard you do not have to make the Interior yourself unless if you want to And this is what pops up here okay you Can do a college rule a journal music Sheet Um bills tracker career plan monthly To-do list you get the picture there's So much stuff that you can do but for The sake of the video I'm gonna do Birthday reminder you can choose to do Paperback or hardcover I only do Paperback eight by five by eleven I Choose 120 pages I hit birthday reminder And I hit download okay once you Download this this is what you're gonna See this is your interior okay if I'm Happy with this I would download this to Amazon kdb but I am not a graphic designer like I Always say so I pay somebody on Fiverr I Tell them my vision and they bring my Vision to fruition so if you're not a Graphic designer go on fiber there is Plenty of people that are able to make Your club and stand out and sell what You put in it is what you get in it you Know you got to put in the work this is

A great passive income whether you make Um 500 or a thousand this is something And I'm not talking about this y'all I'm Doing it myself okay I'm not telling you Something that I would do I am actually Making books postal books I'm doing that Today okay I am making those today I am Making these Um books low content books today so I'm Just not talking I am actually doing it Myself here so when you go back here to The interior Um again this is a really easy side Hustle side gig opportunity and when You're talking about a pricing okay I Believe it's very affordable there's two Pricing 9.99 per month for newbie as Well as 19.99 per month for pro the only Difference is with the pro you're Getting the puzzle creation software Included but if you use my coupon code Which is the rest is what all in lower Case you will receive 20 off the 9.99 Per month and that is Lifetime or if you Choose the 1999 per month you will Receive 20 off that and that is Lifetime Okay this is a great opportunity Um bookboat always have a live webinar Either on Tuesday and Thursday when it Actually always keep you up to date to Changes or new things Um the guy or the owner that is um of Bookboat he's walking through how to Make journals

Um they have tons and tons of tutorials Teaching you how to do things and if you Take the time at least an hour a day and Watch the tutorials you're going to be Where you need to be okay again have a Multiple strings of income And I stand to overwork yourself you Know I'm not saying that some things Need to be on autopilot but I'm just Saying plan and repair You never know what can happen you don't Want to wait until the last minute Because you know trust me when you see Things that are going on in the job and A lot of people are too scared to move And they wait till that company let them Go it is a job looking for a job like You're getting all these calls right now People want to hire you right now it is A job looking for a job so you need to Go out there right now and start Building your um having multiple strains Of income leaving the Legacy for your Children children that's what you need To do okay so make sure that you take Advantage of this again you know Subscribe to the channel y'all subscribe If these videos are helping you out Subscribe to the channel hit that red Button I cannot express to you hit that Red button turn on your notifications so Every time when I go live you'll be Notified as well as when I upload new Videos you will be able to apply for the

Job if you give you plenty of Opportunities to go ahead and apply for These jobs people are getting hired Every single day and I would love for You to be the next one to get hired so Make sure you're watching the videos all The way through how you helped me is Continue to subscribe to the channel Like the videos share share share so More and more people can see that this Channel is all about none from working Home job these that go out every single Day at 7 A.M such a standard time okay So keep pushing keep applying don't give Up there is a job being made for you it Starts with you it starts with your mind You gotta believe if you don't believe In yourself nobody else will so go out There today today not tomorrow not next Week not next month go out there today And apply for these jobs there is a job Being made for you but again you have to Bleed keep pushing keep applying don't Give up there is a job for you thank you So much for watching and I will see you In the next video

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