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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I have heard some of y'all in the Comments so I am back with another Non-phone data entry or work from home Job lead for you now this one is going To be in the healthcare field and of Course as always the links if you're Interested in applying are in the YouTube description box below this video One thing that I quickly want to point Out about this application is that when You get to the end of this page and you Hit the apply Now button it tells you What to expect it's gonna take 15 to 20 Minutes to fill out their complete Application it's not as simple as just Uploading your resume they say you can Submit a resume and cover letter if you Want to but they're going to have an Online form that you actually have to Fill out with all of your information But the company Dominion National they Are hiring a network data entry Specialist now the reason this is in the Healthcare field is because Dominion and National is a provider of dental and Vision benefits and so they are Specifically looking for someone to help Provide administrative duties and Support the functions of their out of Network data entry team you'll be Accurately entering group and individual Enrollment applications through their Online portal normally these enrollment

Applications are for providers trying to Join the network you'll be assisting the Claims department with the provider Correspondence and Communications you'll Timely and accurately process the Termination and restatement request as Requested by internal and external Parties so you'll be processing them in Their computer system you'll review the Data on the error files and determine The type of data entry that should take Place you'll also have to allocate Credits and debits in the system as it Relates to individual accounts so it's Completely non-phone data entry within Their computer system of course they are Not requiring any kind of college degree They're looking for someone who's one to Three years experience in some kind of Administrative or data entry function Someone who has a good typing speed of 50 words per minute and a minimum of 10 000 keystrokes someone who has a basic Skill such as data entry organizational Good time management great communication Skills all of those things now it does Say that if you're fluent in Spanish That is a plaza but it is not required But if you can speak Spanish that might Get you to the front of the line for an Interview now it says that they offer a Competitive salary while they did not List that we'll get into their Glassdoor Page in just a minute they do offer a

Benefit package including medical General 401K paid time off all of the Things and of course I also have their Glassdoor page linked down below so you Can do your own research I always Suggest doing your own research on any Company before giving them your Information I try to do my research Before sharing something but with so Many scams out there today that looks so Realistic please always do your own Research but within their Glassdoor page They have a 3.1 star rating although Reading through some of the reviews I'm Not necessarily sure why of course There's going to be people that don't Like things I don't like everything About my job even though overall I love My job and would it never leave you've Got people saying it's a good culture They have opportunity for growth they Offer great work life a balance somebody If you keep reading it down below Complained about Um Park office location and paid parking When my job was not work from home we Had to pay for parking at two so I can Understand that but you know this Position is a remote job so that does Not apply here now as far as a salary Investigation it goes I could not find a Data entry trait specialist a job title But just looking through the salaries Because this is a data entry for the

Claims helps Department their claim Specialists make 55 to 57 000 a year Customer service reps and make about Forty thousand dollars a year and an Administrative role makes 51 to 54 000 a Year so it looks like they're gonna pay Anywhere probably between a forty and Fifty five thousand dollars a year for This position that just gives you Something to gauge it off of but of Course you'll have to ask the final Salary at the time of the interview all Right as always feel free to leave in The comments anything specific that You're looking for I do read those and Keep that in mind thank you so so much For watching and supporting me and I'll Be back really really soon with more Work from home job leads just for you

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