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Hey guys what's up welcome back to my Channel and it's your first time here Hello and welcome face reveal my name is CeCe I post videos daily on this channel All about work from home jobs how to Start a remote work life tips and tricks As well as ways to make money side Hustles your finances anything that's Going to help you keep wealth on your Own terms I got you so today's video I'm Super excited about because I actually Want to talk about some reasons why from Someone who's worked in an HR reg Compliance standpoint why you might not Be getting even call backs when Submitting many applications and resumes So let's go ahead and dive in thumbs up The video so more can come your way here We go so like I said I've worked in Regulatory Compliance at a big major Corporation that hired Mass hired a lot Of different people in different casinos All over Vegas and being in that Department we worked hand in hand very Closely with HR and I kind of got to Learn the ins and outs of what's a good App what's a bad app why people don't Get hired Etc and I did a lot of Application processing so I'm going to Share all the secrets with you guys Today but the first thing that I can't Stress enough is majority of these Companies especially the ones that are Mass hiring hiring a lot of people on a

Larger scale they all use AI systems AI Is artificial intelligence it is Essentially a software system that is Smarter than probably you know the Average person and it will simply scan Your whole document that you submit for Keywords that match qualifications and Skills exactly what the company is Looking for that's why often times they Will say it's better to fill out an Application as opposed to submitting a Just a resume because the AI system can Also miss a lot of really key points That will help you stand out and if you Directly take the time to input it in You have a higher chance of it matching Up but also to what can we learn from This we can learn that if the AI system Is looking for a specific list of skills And qualifications that you possess on Your resume that matches the job Description maybe when it comes to Applying for that job you simply put Those exact skills and qualifications Nice cohesively through your resume at Different points so your resume gets Picked up maybe you have all the skills And qualifications you just didn't list It and that means that the AI system is Not going to pick it up so you kind of Have to be smarter than the system hack The system a little bit obviously do not Lie because when it comes to interview Time they're gonna go everything go over

Everything with you and you want it to Match but that is a hack Um the AI system is usually the majority That sees your resume first and so you Might not even be getting past that Initial barrier because you don't know How to peel to the system this next one I can't stress enough and I've seen it From working with some people going over Their resumes making Corrections and That is you need to have proper grammar Double triple check for spelling and Grammar they will immediately disqualify You because you can't spell things Correctly because that's going to show Up in the workplace if you're a chat Support specialist if you are a call Center specialist and you don't have Proper grammar to even function in a Professional manner they're not going to Want to hire you so you do have to go Through and make sure all of your there There there is spelled correctly you're You're in your your sentences flow Sentences are grammatically correct Because yes people will disqualify you Just based off of a lack of grammar Especially the higher up you want to go And the more money you want to make so You need to double triple check for Spelling and grammar they're not going To disqualify you if one world is one Word is spelled wrong but I've Definitely seen some pretty bad resumes

And I can't lie I can't lie also when You are sending an email or you are Putting a cover letter attached you need To capitalize all the beginning of the Sentences I know this sounds silly but You need to capitalize the beginning of The sentences you need to spell out Words such as you and your and you need To have proper punctuation at the end You don't have weird spacing this is not A chat texty type of you know space you Want to use slang you want to be very Professional you want to start with a Greeting and you want to end it with Sincerely best Um respectfully whatever respectfully Always gets me though because now the Youth has turned it like respectfully But it's actually a really great way to End your messages so keep that in mind You need to have the spelling in the Grammar finally too I'm going to say you Need to add a cover letter it's going to Help you stand out a cover letter shows That you want to directly work with that Specific company for X Y and Z and you Want to tailor it to every specific Company you want to address the company By name I would love the opportunity to Work for intercoming a name here because The company culture really suits my Morals and values and then go on from There how you think you could best be a Part of the team Etc and that's going to

Show the extra mile and go above and Beyond if you had a cover letter I would Say majority of the time from what I've Seen you will hear back from the company If you also match the skills and the Qualifications and when it becomes a More professional role a more high Paying role Um a more sought after all you Definitely want to have a cover letter I Also do have a whole video on my channel And I can link it in a card as well as In the description box of do's and Don'ts for resumes I have a do video and A don'ts video and there are a lot of Things that you should leave off your Resume such as a picture bright colors Graphic designs you really can just have A basic Black and White theme with Bullet points because like I said most Of the time the hiring manager is not Going to see it until you've already Passed through that initial AI system so The AI system doesn't care if you have a Picture the AI system doesn't care if You have a bar graph or a chart Um it really just wants to see those Keywords and you should also be leaving Things off like your street home address You need to be leaving off the dates That you graduated college if you Graduated don't put the year you Graduated just say you completed your Bachelor's your Master's your PhD Etc

Um or an associate you don't really need To put on your high school years that You went to high school and graduated There's just a lot of things that will Aid you date you maybe show gaps in your Employment and you want to keep almost An air of mystery because it's not about Your work history it's about how good of An employee you are and if you know how To make a resume look put together and Show just that and really like exemplify Who you are then it'll be seen better so Of course I'll have those linked as well There's a lot that should be left out There's a lot that should be added they Don't teach us this in school really I Didn't learn this until College when I Took I paid to take a business class Um and still I feel like they didn't Really go over things that were super Helpful so I hope this helps this is Just scratching the surface of course if You guys have any tips and tricks we are Community so go ahead and put those in The comments below we hit the end of the Video so if you guys want to watch more Of me get some jobs to apply to there Will be two videos on the screen here my Face is also on the screen under my face Or to the side of my face you can click That to subscribe so you never miss an Upload don't forget to follow me on IG For more day-to-day life updates and I'll talk to you in my next video bye

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