Up To $25.55 Hour Healthcare DATA ENTRY Work From Home Job 2023 With NO Degree Needed | USA

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Welcome back my YouTube friends and Family this is Lindsay and I am back With another daily work from home job Lead for you now this is another Healthcare data entry non-phone work From home job lead I know not everyone Wants the healthcare data entry but I do Have a lot of viewers and subscribers That do so I wanted to get these out and Share them because these positions do go Fast so that you could get those Applications in if you are interested in The links to this are in the YouTube Description box below this video but I Promise for those of you who don't want Healthcare data entry non-phone I will Have something coming for you very Shortly but today's job lead is from the Company elevance Health they are hiring A data entry operator now it does say National plus 50 miles away from the Nearest Pulse point I don't know what a Pulse point is so I don't know if that Goes outside of the United States but it Looks like they are hiring nationally Within the United States plates and they Are basically looking for someone to be Responsible for operating a data entry Device to key and verify a variety of Standard and complex coded or uncoated Business and statistical data into their Computer systems you'll perform a daily Reconciliation of customer claims you'll Request account adjustments you'll

Provide superior quality outcomes by Taking ownerships of the claims and Making sure claims are resolved in a Timely manner you'll process a minimum Of 250 to 300 claims per day and account For all claims in assigned batches now They are looking for someone who can Maintain an accuracy rate of 98 while Doing this they don't require any kind Of a college degree though they're Looking for a high school diploma or GED Or any combination of education and Experience that provides an equivalent Background they want somebody who has Some knowledge of some claims operations Services or various operations of Healthcare organizations of course they Want somebody who has previous Experienced using a PC or a database System word processing spreadsheet so This is Microsoft Office they are Looking for someone who has two years of Data injury experience and customer Service experience or any combination of Education and experience that would Provide an equivalent background now it Says this is a flexible work at home Position of course you have to be able To do the 10 key entry and that is the Number pad on the side of the keyboard As far as a pay goes pays always going To be dependent on experience and Location pays anywhere from 11.60 an Hour all the way up to

25.55 cents an hour now just working in The healthcare field myself I feel like They are not even going to pay anywhere Close to that 1160 an hour it's going to Be more in the 15 to 25 an hour range But please always if you get an Interview negotiate that salary Especially if they give you an offer They have room in their budget to go up To 25.55 an hour all right sharing is Always caring so if you found that this Video or any of my other job leads Helpful please thumbs up like this video That gives a me direct feedback that I Am being helpful and please share with Your friends and family if you know Anybody that would fit these job leads We all want to live our best healthiest Happiest life of working from home thank You so much for watching and supporting Me and I'll be back really really soon With more work from home job leads just For you

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