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What's up two chicks fam it's me Carl And I am back with a part-time seasonal Work from home job but before I jump Into the awesome video if you are new Welcome to the channel make sure you Subscribe like and share the video Because on this channel guys we give Away laptops and they are absolutely Free just make sure you take my video Put it on Facebook share it with your Friends your family members on Tick Tock Make sure you come back leave us a Comment don't forget to hop over to the Two chicks with the side blog Look on the home page apply for Omni Interactions and look for tell us and Apply also guys don't forget to go over To the non blog if you are Looking for data entry chat email text And transcription and Etc that is the Non phone work at home blog where we Post all non-phone jobs and side hustles Let us know in the comments what type of Work from home job or side hustle you're Looking for and don't sleep on branded Surveys the link is in the comments Section let's go ahead and jump into the Video so this company guys they are Looking to feel their part-time seasonal Customer service specialists work from Home position so it says here that you Will need a four-year degree I believe That is the minimum this one is starting

Soon so if you are interested hurry up And apply it says that the customer Service specialist evaluate bail excel's Brand and customer experience by Providing high quality support to our Partners bail Excel seeks individuals Passionate about delivering effective And efficient services to internal and External stakeholders with warmth and Urgency now the position overview it Says that the specialist also Continuously increase transparency and Collaborations across teams by driving Improvements to bxls or bail excels Information Systems Bell excel's mission Is for all children to excel we do this By providing youth programs with the Tools and resources they need to run High quality programs the position Includes part-time support for the Bell XL help desk which includes a live chat Option email or web form submission for Support now Again guys this is a part-time seasonal Position it is getting ready to start April and it runs through August 2023 Could run to the end of the year you Never know so this one is posted on the Two chicks blog there will be a link Right below the video in the description Box so you guys can check out this Company remember guys to do your own Research make sure you take the video And share the video there are other

People looking for part-time work from Home jobs and they are sick and tired of These scammers I see this on social Media every single day so do let's do Our part guys by sharing sharing is Caring make sure you come back and leave Me a comment don't forget to hop over to Facebook and join us we have a Facebook Group for those of you that don't know We are doing a giveaway in the group Once we reach 250 000 members and we are I think right Around maybe 195 000 so make sure you Guys come over there it is two chicks With side hustle also guys I mean it is Kiss that cubicle goodbye also follow us On our Facebook business page now the Business page is two chicks with the Side hustle we are giving away two Additional laptop computers brand new And free on that platform so help us get To a hundred thousand followers over There by sharing sharing and sharing and Don't forget about Instagram and Twitter Two chicks with the side hustle make Sure you hop over there and follow us And share Instagram we are trying to get To 10 000 followers and we are so close My name is Carl and I will catch you Wonderful people in the next video bye YouTube [Music]

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