Up To $46 Hour Proofreading Documents (Non-Phone) From Home Hiring GLOBALLY | Flexible Schedule

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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay Coming back at you with another work From home job lead this one is hiring Globally so no matter what country you Are in and it is non-phone so we will Not waste any time we will just dive on In now I do want to note before we get To the job that the Glassdoor page is Linked in the YouTube description box Below along with the job I wanted to Share it first because the website had Me a little concerned at first I guess The ads on their actual website kind of Put me off the way the ads are placed so I did a little bit of research on this Company and they do have a 4.1 out of 5 Star rating on Glassdoor they seem to Have a very good reviews of people who Are current employees saying it's a good Platform for Freelancers people saying You can work when you want to so I just Did do a little bit of research but the Company proofreading Services they are Hiring both full-time time and part-time Work from home remote positions for Their proofreading now it says you are Welcome to apply from any country a few Things to note is they pay anywhere from 19 an hour all the way up to 46 dollars An hour depending on the turnaround time The highest pay is the most urgent Deadlines so if you get a file and it Has to be proofread edited and turned Back in within an hour that's going to

Pay more than one that gives you 48 Hours to get it done they do offer Flexible work hours that you can log in And work when you want to I have not Ever done proofreading myself but I have Done transcription work from home 1099 Contractor jobs that were set up just Like this in the past and what it is is When I felt like working I would log in And I would say send me a file and I Would take a file and I would work that File and maybe that file had a 48 hour Turnaround time so if it was going to Take me three or four hours to complete Sometimes I would work that three or Four hours get it done turn it back in And ask for another file and keep on Working this is one of those things the More work you do the more money you make Kind of things and sometimes I would Work for an hour and decide that I Didn't feel like working and I would Keep that file I had 48 hours to turn it In I would work my other two three hours In another day so this looks like it has Set up the same way if you're interested In applying they do make you complete a 20 minute test so you just hit the apply To be an online proofreader button Another page is going to pop up and it's Going to be your proofreader quiz as Soon as the page loads you'll notice Right here in the corner there is a Timer that starts counting down this is

A timed a 20 minute test you need to be Ready to fill out your name your email Your location and answer these questions These are grammar questions on how to Structure different sentences what is The Correct capitalization that sort of Thing you need to be ready to get this Done because there is a 20 minute timed Test all right if this job lead was not For you that's okay please feel free to Leave in the comments anything specific That you're looking for as I'm always Reading that and keeping that in mind I Want to say thank you so much for Watching and supporting me I hope you Have a fabulous New Year is upon us and I'll be back really really soon with More work from home job leads just for You two videos will be popping up on Your screen one I picked for you and the Other YouTube picked for you that you Might enjoy next Please Subscribe and Hit the Bell icon so you never miss Another work from home or money making Video from me and thank you so so much For watching and I'll catch you in the Next one

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