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Hey family it's me Carl and I am back With a week in work from home job but Before I jump in if you are new here Make sure you subscribe like and share The video because on this channel we Give away laptops and we're giving away 10 more brand new laptop computers Absolutely free to you guys just take The video put it on your social media Platforms stick it in some Facebook Groups But be sure to come back and Leave us a comment don't forget to check Out those videos that were posted on the Channel earlier today make sure you guys Hop on over here to the two chicks with The side blog look under the Spotlight job section apply for Omni Interactions and then scroll down and Look for tellers both of these guys are Work whenever you want part-time work From home opportunities make sure you Let us know in the comments what type of Work from home job or side hustle you're Looking for and if you're looking for Those 50 interview the non-phone data Entry chat jobs check them out on the on blog and be sure to Sign up for Branded surveys the link is In the comments section let's get into It so the company is called ramp and Ramp is looking to feel this customer Experience and as you guys can see it Says weekend so it says about the road Ramp is looking to hire foundational

Email and phone customer support Operators to help support our customers As we scale we're looking for agents With an incredible customer focus and Passion for helping people who are Hungry to learn about all about our Products and who are able to communicate Effectively with both customers and an Internal team now as a member of our Stellar customer operations team you Will work closely with some of the Fastest growing companies in the world As their direct line of contact and Support your partner closely with our Account management product and Engineering teams on resolving customer Questions managing product requests and Issues and bringing insights into how we Can improve our products you'll be the First line of defense for our customers On our phone lines and the voice of the Customer to the rest of the team what You will do you will work directly with Some of the fastest growing companies in The U.S you will help ramp scale Effectively by handling support requests Over the phone and email help us Maintain an industry-leading Satisfaction satisfaction rates with our Customers on a critical piece of the Feedback loop for improving our product Providing insight for the whole team now I do see here guys what you need ability To work on the weekends minimum of two

Years of experience supporting a Technical product and customer support Minimum of one year of experience Handling phone calls excellent verbal And written communication skills Experience collaborating closely with The teams uh also strong background and Customer support via email and phone I Do see investigative and critical Thinking skills desire for ownership and Growth in a role over time so you can Grow with this company and I do see the Pay range as 46 000 to 55 000 per year so this sounds Like a great company to work for however Make sure you guys do some research on This company they do offer benefits I See 100 medical dental and vision and we Get asked this question a lot what Companies provide benefits this is one Of those companies so if you are looking Or listening to this video make sure you Guys check out this company again make Sure you go over to Google type in ramp See what comes up because you might get Asked what do you know about our company Where did you hear about the company of Course you would tell them that you Heard it right here on this fabulous YouTube channel but what do you about Ramps a lot of these recruiters and Interviewers they do ask those types of Questions because they want to see if You really are interested in working for

Their company so make sure you guys do Some research make sure you share my Awesome video with your friends and Family members now I will leave a link Guys right below the video in the Description box so look under the video In the description box for the link make Sure you guys come back though after you Share and leave us a comment down below Don't forget to hop over to Facebook and Join kiss that cubicle goodbye make sure You guys follow us on our other social Media platforms we do have a Facebook Business page where we will be giving Away two additional laptop computers Brand new and absolutely free to you Guys on that page so make sure you go Over there you follow us and you share That is all you guys have to do that's All we ask but be sure to leave us a Comment somewhere don't forget about Instagram we are so close to a ten Thousand followers on that platform if You don't have an Instagram it's free to Sign up sign up guys and then come over There follow us and start sharing our Content again it is two chicks with the Side hustle follow us on Twitter my name Is Carl and I will catch you wonderful Lovely amazing people in the next video Bye Bye YouTube

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