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Foreign And happy Monday if you’re new here my Name is Valerie and this is the work From home project where we post hot Remote job leads every single day go Ahead and make sure you’re subscribed to My channel and have your notifications Turned on because the jobs I post about Go really really fast and if you guys Want the most luck in your application Process make sure you are watching my Most recent videos and job postings as These are the freshest leads on my Channel and these jobs take longer to Fill and close out and if you are Interested in today’s job try to apply Right after watching today we’ll be Talking about a high paying live chat Job that does not require much Experience or a college degree this job Today is with the company podia Thousands of people use podia to build Websites sell courses and digital Products and host communities podia is Free and when you grow it has all the Tools you’ll need along the way podia is Looking to hire a Creator support agent This is a remote position they’re Looking for someone who can work Sunday Through Thursday in Pacific Standard Time 9 A.M to 6 p.m let’s jump into a Little bit more about what you’ll be Doing you’ll be developing a solid Foundation in their products and best

Practices for using podia in order to be An expert for their creators you’ll be Responding courteously effectively and Quickly via chat and email to creators Answering their questions and meeting And exceeding their team’s service level Agreements you might also need to Troubleshoot and log bug reports with Their developers keeping creators Updated along the way you’ll also be Migrating creators who need help Switching over from other platforms and Providing feedback to support leadership On opportunities to improve the Efficiency and quality of the support They provide some requirements for this Position they’re looking for someone With really good writing skills great Time management and organizational Skills problem solving skills and some Technical troubleshooting capabilities Also if you have prior support Experience that is a bonus also if you Have created or sold an online course Before or maybe a digital download make Sure to highlight that on your cover Letter or resume that would provide a Huge advantage in this application Process if you have experience with help Desk software or using tools like linear Zoom Basecamp and slack if you have Worked remotely before or have worked With digital creators before again make Sure to highlight that on your resume

They list a lot of benefits for this Position they are not micromanagers You’ll be given a high level Direction And the skills you need to be set up for Success they also offer competitive Compensation and equity in a rapidly Growing company they have a 401k match Health insurance and other medical Benefits for us-based employees you can Work from anywhere with a stable Internet connection you’ll be working With a diverse team from a range of Countries and backgrounds for all my International viewers I know know that You guys have been requesting jobs that Are outside of the United States and This might be a great opportunity for You they also provide three weeks paid Vacation professional development credit Paid family leave and a new laptop every Three years there are paid for annual Retreats to spend time with the team and Have fun together this was actually Named one of the best remote companies To work for in 2022 and according to Glassdoor the total estimated pay for This position is around sixty one Thousand dollars a year now before you Apply I highly recommend reading about Their hiring process it is extremely In-depth so make sure you are prepared For that before sending in your resume I’m going to be posting the link to this Job in the description below and I want

To thank you guys so much for watching Today’s video go ahead and make sure you Are subscribed and have your Notifications turned on for tomorrow’s Job lead and be sure to check out my Playlist for more non-phone jobs always Hiring jobs and skip the interview jobs And as always I wish you so much luck in Your hunt for the perfect remote job and I will see you next time

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