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Welcome back my friends and happy Monday This is Lindsay back with another work From home job lead for you this one is From the company alert media they are Hiring a customer support specialist now This is a little bit of an offshift They're looking for someone to work Saturday through Wednesday 7 A.M to 3 P.M Central Standard Time so you'll have To make sure you convert your time zone To that to make sure that those days and Hours will work for you but they seem Like they are paying very well we will Dive on in just know the links if you're Interested in applying are in the YouTube description box below now Customer service does not always have to Mean taking inbound phone calls and Stuck on the phone and this one is Mainly tickets and chat so it is mainly Typing non-phone now they do mention a Phone in here up top it says that They're hiring a customer support Specialist and it says to interact with Customers over the phone via email and Live chat but if you scroll down to read The actual job description they're Really looking for someone just to Handle their tickets and live chat and Not so much the phone piece now I'm not Saying that you'll never have to pick up The phone if people are not Understanding what you're saying through The tickets and through the written word

But this is mostly going to be non-phone But alert media is a company that is Trying to save lives by minimizing the Loss and facilitating a timely Communications when in emergency Threatens personal safety or the Continuation of business and again They're looking for a customer support Specialist they're looking for someone To assess inbound tickets and live chats Inquiring about product issues or General account questions you'll Communicate with professionalism and Empathy while you revolve resolve the Customer issues you'll manage the Customer our tickets within their case Q So all online ticketing system you'll Also help with the Learning and Development manager staying up to date On the product knowledge so you know how To help the customers you'll escalate Advanced customer cases to the Appropriate team members and of course The shift they're looking for is Saturday through Wednesday 7 A.M to 3 P.M Central Standard Time now they are Looking for someone who has familiarity With the zendes slack Excel Outlook or Something like that zendesk is a Ticketing system someone who has one to Two years of experience in some kind of A customer service role software is Preferable but not required someone who Can be compassionate and with enthusiasm

Someone who's the ability to work in a Fast-paced environment so one of those At Great written communication skills a Great listening skills and someone who Can Thrive with collaboration so being a Team player now real quickly there are Just a few states that they cannot hire From it is Alaska Colorado Louisiana Montana North Dakota Oregon Hawaii and West Virginia but if you are in any Other state they are accepting Applications from the United States Other than those States and of course You know I did some investigating on Glassdoor because they did not list the Actual salary in the job description so For alert media a customer support Specialist looks like they make anywhere From a fifty one thousand dollars a year All the way up to 61 000 a year of course I also have the Glass door page linked in the YouTube Description box below but they have a Very good ratings from current and past Employees they have a 4.5 out of 5 star Rating on Glassdoor alright if you've Made it to the end of this video I want To say thank you so so much for watching And supporting me as always feel free to Leave in the comments anything specific That you're looking for I do read those And keep that in mind and I'll be back Really really soon with more work from Home job leads just for you

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