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Foreign And happy Monday if you’re new here my Name is Valerie and this is the work From home project where we post hot Remote job leads every single day go Ahead and make sure you’re subscribed to My channel and have your notifications Turned on because the jobs I post about Go really really fast today we’ll be Talking about an awesome work from home Live chat job that does not require much Experience or a college degree let’s hop Into our company today which is Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Cruise Line has an award-winning Fleet Providing unparalleled onboard Experiences to over 450 destinations Around the world a Norwegian Cruise Line Is looking to hire a web chat consultant And you’ll be attending to live chats Initiated by the guest on the Norwegian Cruise Line website some of your Day-to-day responsibilities will include Responding to inbound chats in a timely Manner while maintaining quality Relationships with consumers providing Exceptional service and Rapport while Also identifying and meeting their needs You’ll use sales skills to build Customer base and help solve customer Issues very quickly and effectively You’ll also acquire in-depth industry Knowledge and company knowledge to Communicate Cruise product features

Benefits and pricing you’ll also use Your knowledge to make recommendations About promotions itineraries and other Products like stateroom upgrades onboard Credits and other shipboard amenities Who maintain brand consistency and build Strong relationships with customers Which is critical to achieving sales Quotas and broadening the customer base As for experience they are looking for You to have a high school diploma or Equivalent if you have a bachelor’s Degree in marketing business Administration or a related field that Is preferred but not required for Experience if you have six months of Working for the Norwegian Cruise line That is a huge plus but if you have just One year of customer service experience I believe that will work as well some of The softer skills they’re looking for Are strong written skills a working Knowledge of Norwegian Cruise products And also knowledge of Salesforce and C Web so if you have experience using Either of those platforms make sure to Highlight that on your cover letter or Resume now according to their Indeed job Posting they’re paying 18 an hour for This position and I think this one is Going to go really fast you guys this is A highly respected and well-known Company I think this is an awesome way To grow your career and maybe work your

Way up through a company and this will Not last long because of the minimal Requirements and it’s non-phone so I’m Going to be posting the link to this job In the description and I want to thank You guys so much for watching today’s Video go ahead and make sure you are Subscribed and have your notifications Turned on for tomorrow’s job lead and be Sure to check out my other playlists for More non-phone jobs always hiring jobs And skip the interview job jobs and as Always I wish you so much luck in your Hunt for the perfect remote job and I Will see you next time

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