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Foreign [Music] .com and welcome back to another video In today's video I'll be sharing another Word from home job lead coming from a Company called zip Express before I get Into the details make sure you are Subscribed and hit that notification Bell so that you do not miss out on any Of these amazing opportunities to get Started in working from the comfort of Your home in your pjs right so we're Going to get started with this Opportunity and I'm going to give you All the details this is great for those Who who do not want to be on the phone So this is a non-phone-based opportunity Now let me just address something very Quickly I had someone no mentioned this And I just wanted to address it with the Rest of you if you by chance see any Profile that looks similar to my profile On YouTube this has been going around And it's affecting so many different Channels that I'm subscribed to and YouTubers so there are some spammers That are impersonating our Channel all You know using WhatsApp to Target Viewers and subscribers that comments on Their videos so if you see any comments Under the guise of Melissa at home that Has my photo and it looks like me asking For information and providing you with a WhatsApp number to contact I do not

Reach out to anyone using Whatsapp okay Not through my YouTube channel or any of My platforms so if you by any chance if You see any of such activity on comments Then make sure you report okay so you May not see much of that on my channel Because I do my best to monitor those Types of things okay because spammers Come and go there's so many different Spammers on YouTube but the worst ones Are the ones that try to impersonate you And it looks very much real like it's You commenting to your subscribers and Viewers but just be very careful I do my Best on my end to make sure they don't Slip through but if they do or happens To because they are sneaky little Buggers right then make sure you report Them okay all right so let's jump into Today's work from home opportunity so This again is coming from sip Express Transportation and Logistics they are a Company that has been around for a very Long time they are a Premier Transportation and Logistics provider of The central U.S so that's basically Their business model okay they have a Four-star rating on Google reviews so You can trust that this is a real legit Company they have an opportunity Currently available for a live chat Agents work remotely so this job is for U.S residents only so this is a Remote-based only position for U.S

Residents there are no State Restrictions this is a full-time Position so they're looking for you to Work a full-time schedule which usually Is Monday through Friday could be eight Hours per day okay you will also be paid Between 23 to 34 dollars per hour not a Responsible abilities include answers Incoming customer live chats regarding Website navigation issues service Questions and general client concerns Evaluate customer interactions and Elevates issues to live chat manager When appropriate create relationships With new customers to better understand And achieve their needs respond to Customer questions inquiries requests Problem accurately concisely and Appropriately promote interest in the Client products consistently achieve Established standards May assist with Overflow work and other duties as needed So what will you need for this role you Will need to have strong ethic work Ethic with the ability to work well both Independently and within the context of A larger team oriented environments Keyboarding and internet experience is Needed strong communication upbeat Possible upbeat positive attitude Articulates ability to compose Professional emails if you are bilingual This is a plus but it is not required Okay so this is a live chat position

Where you'll be communicating to their Customers via email and sometimes chat So for this position you get to be a Part of a group of diverse energetic Professionals who play as hard as they Work plenty of room for Upward career Mobility a satisfying and challenging Place to be every day this role is for U.S residents only as they keep Repeating that so that's very important So you have to be a U.S residence so Those are the responsibilities sorry I Wasn't able to expand it as I was Reading but these are the Responsibilities and what you will need In order to perform this job notice There is nothing mentioning needing to Have experience to do this right so this Is a no experience opportunity you don't Need to have 10 years or two years or Anything you don't need to have a Certain amount of years of experience to Do this so that's awesome all right now Of course the pay could be based on you Know your location in the U.S or your Experience levels so if you have Experience then that's awesome you may Get the maximum pay so this is from zip Express transportation and Logistics They currently have an amazing role for You to get started in working from home Or comfort of your home as a live chat Agents and there's no experience listed On this job post it's 23 to 34 dollars

Per hour and it looks like a very simple Easy opportunity to get started and it's Full and it's a full-time schedule so I Love these types of opportunities that Don't require you to have experience but To get started because it's a great way To gain the skills and experience in Working in a remote role okay so make Sure you hop on this amazing opportunity Sounds like a great position with a Great company links will be in the Description section below this video Make sure you check it out and thank you So much for watching I'll see you in my Next video Happy work from home bye

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