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Happy Wednesday everyone I am back with Another work from home job lead that I'd Like to share with you you can make a Thousand two hundred per week no degree Is needed and it is with the company MultiCare they're cut they're currently Seeking cash application clerks to work From home now it may be a little phone But it's not a call center so we're Going to go ahead and I'm going to share My screen and we're going to discuss the Job so you can see and go ahead and Apply for this job because this job Moves very very quick quickly so I want You to go ahead and get that job so We're going to go ahead and share the Screen as you can see on the screen We're talking about MultiCare they're Currently seeking cash application Clerks to work from home this is a Full-time position this is a day and Time position now you may be on the Phone a little bit just only as Necessary Um to get information from staff Position Including patients families and Physicians and insurance companies if It's missing some information according To the hiring manager so when we go into Details it only requires a high school Diploma or equivalent preferred two Years of account receivable in medical World and experience with personal

Computers and spreadsheets and software Is preferred so that means if you have It that's great if not then don't worry About it when you go more into details About the position is the cash Application clerk it's responsible for Posting and reconciling each day Receipts to the patient's account system For the service provided by Multi-Care Medical Group and for calculating and Posting adjustments and properly Applying them against each patient's Account this is an immediate level Course position working on the limited Supervision work situations are very and Require a service ordinary individual With strong interpersonal customer Service and phone skills decreasing good Judgment decision making internal con Contacts including like just what I just Got through seeing style physician and Management throughout the organization External content text including patients Family physician insurance companies Again I reached out to hiring managers And they said that this is not a call Center this is only as needed basis when You are missing information you're going To have to reach out to the insurance Company or the patients I used to do This way back in the day and it was not A call center it was every once in a While when I had to reach out so this is A really really easy job now if the Pay

Here is between 21 dollars and five Cents to 30.29 this is a great Opportunity for someone so you can't sit On it that long and procrastinate you Got to take action and go ahead and Apply for the job today okay so if this Is something you're interested in make Sure you go ahead and apply today now I Want to show you a free place where you Can go and practice your Microsoft Excel For free it says preferred but it's good To have knowledge of that the more you Know the more you grow so I'm going to Show you the place for free where you Can go and um do this on your own time Here and to learn Microsoft and that is Microsoft 365. not only can you know Learn Excel but you can learn all of This Outlook OneDrive word excel PowerPoint OneNote SharePoint Microsoft Teams yeah I'm in Access so if I click On Excel right here these are all the Things that I can learn I can learn Intro to excel rows and columns sales Formatting formulas and functions tables Charts pivot tables sharing co-author Link data types get to know power Queries take a tour uh formula tutorials Make your first pivot table get more out Of pivot tables there are so much things That you can learn for free so if I Wanted to know how to create a table all I do is click on it and a video will Appear all you do is watch that video

And it will learn you will learn Everything you need to create and format A table and then here is uh base is Reading out so you can understand how to Go and use this you know I haven't used Excel in a long time but I did go to School for it but like there's a saying If you don't use it you lose it so that Is something that you need to go and Check out and again it is free 99 to you So before you disqualify yourself and Say that you're not able to do the job I Said issue to use Google as your friend And go and research the things that you Don't understand and you'll be surprised That hey I didn't know I understand what They're talking about but they're just Using it in a different word so if this Video has been helpful I want you to Give this video a like plus I want you To subscribe to the channel by clicking That red button as well as click on the Bell to turn on all notifications so Every time when I upload new videos You'll be notified and that will give You plenty of opportunities to go ahead And apply for these jobs before they go Quickly these jobs move very fast and I Want you to be able to get a job so make Sure you go ahead and apply today don't Delay and I want to leave some Encouragement words with you because That is what we need more of in this World and yes I'm talking to you

Whoever's watching this video is don't Quit quit is not the option quitting Giving up is not the option Don't disqualify yourself before you Apply for your jobs let the company do It you got to keep pushing you got to Keep applying you cannot Um give up and you got to believe in Yourself because if you don't believe in Yourself nobody else will so you need to Go out there today and grab what is Yours by applying for these jobs you got This you got to speak life over yourself The power of the tongue determines life And death if you say you can't then you Can't but if you say that you can do all Things to Christ Jesus that strengthen You you're going to make it from point A To Z when I think of it is that when it Rains outside it rains in every state or Every country and you know that it don't Rain all the time eventually you're Gonna see this the Sun is going to shine Again and that's about in our life in Life we go through rejection after Rejection after rejection after Rejection but it's not the end of the World you know through those rejection The sun will shine and you will find a Job that you seek in real soon but how Is you going to do that if you quit some Of y'all are just at the fin Finish Line You just at the Finish Line you want to Throw in a towel before you get the to

Finish stay in the race run your race With class because good things come to Those who wait sometimes we don't Understand why bad things happen to good People but there is a reason for Everything there's a time and season for Everything and God has a job out there For you with your name on it but you got To believe it you got to keep praying You got to keep the faith that you are Going to find what you seeking real soon Stop worrying about what people are Seeing these naysayers that you can't do It nobody's gonna hire you nobody's not Going to give you a chance there is a Job out there for you you have to Believe people if I believe what people Said about me I would be doing what I'm Doing today you got this get out of your Comfort zone and when one door closed There's gonna always be another door That's open okay there is a job out There for you but you have to believe it Starts with your mind please surround Yourself around positive people that is Going to Speak Life over yourself the People that have your best interest Everybody doesn't have your best Interests so choose your friends wisely Okay so be around people that it's going To uplift you again I am trying to build A community where we can uplift and Encourage one another on our job search In everyday life so go out there today

And grab what is yours by applying for These jobs okay you got this then you Know that I always talk about Having a backup plan how multiple Strains of income coming on just in case It's something goes wrong with your job You won't get in panic mode you have Something to fall back on and it is with Course careers that is a great place to Get in and Um learn text sales Information Technology digital marketing and it's so Many people this have changed so many People's life is course careers and you Do not have to have any experience of no Degree of course careers have partnered Directly with companies that want to Hire you to an entry-level position Dropping the experience and agree only For course careers graduates there's People that are getting jobs before they Complete the course people are getting Jobs and it can happen to you you have To stop procrastinating take action if You know a junior senior that is Uncertain about what they want to do With their self after they you know do With their life after they graduate from High school you need to tell them about Course careers if you've been sitting on A job for years and you're not moving Open up this is for you maybe if you've Been to college and you just want Something else this is for you this is

For anybody that want to move up to the Next level and when you talk about text Sales text sales is high in demand you See people talk about this all the time Not only is you getting a hourly salary But you also getting a commission check As well and Tech sales is more on the Phone there are more than 300 000 Opening jobs average starting salary is Between 60 to 80k a year digital Marketing is more a websites blogging Paid campaign you're not on the phone There's more than 200 000 opening jobs Average starting salary is between 40 And 60k a year in information technology Is the same as it Um you're not on the phone the only Difference is this is more of a chat job Where you're dealing with tickets and Cues they're more than 200 000 opening Jobs average starting salary is between 40 and 60k a year now I suggest you to Go and look at the testimonies and see What all students have to say about Course careers this don't get you pop up Then I don't know what it will And how it works is you start their free Intro course in the intro course it's Going to give you a lot of information About Um text cells technology sales Um digital marketing Information Technology at that time you know if it's A good fit for you so don't

Procrastinate enroll in the online Course again it is self-paced some People completed within a week some People could complete it in three months It just depends on how much you spend Time doing it and then you'll start Applying the skills that you learn in The class they will teach you exactly How to land an entry level position Throughout through an Insider knowledge Of how to apply to companies what they Look for in resumes application how to Interview and so much more again they Partner directly with Fortune 500 Companies that are looking to hire Course careers graduates into an entry Level position dropping the experience And degree so I'm going to go into one Of the jobs here I'm going to go into Tech sales here if I click on that it Tells you Um the best companies that the tech Sales are hiring these are one of many Companies that the tech sales are hiring For and then when you scroll down a Little bit further it talks about the Day in the Life as a text sells you'll Respond to emails and checking calendars You'll be reaching companies and adding New prospects you'll be making phone Calls to people in your Outreach and Then when you go down a little bit Further it talks about Um your qualification the background and

It talks about what you will learn in The class you would go over sales bases Sell skills sales technology sales Process interview prep and then here are Some more graduates that are speaking Good about course careers how it changed Their life some people used to be a Janitor some people used to work at Starbucks this is something that you Need to hear their story and now they Make in between 60 to 120k a year just Because they want the course careers and It can happen to you when you scroll Down I know you've been at want to know What is the price again the free Introduction course is free there is a One-time payment of 499 which is very Affordable how many times can you go to A community college a trade school a University a graduate school and only Pay 499 dollars that is all you can and If you use my coupon code which is the Rest of 50 you would get 50 off of that When you come out of course careers You're going to have the experience and The knowledge to be able to get out There and do the job versus when you go To college at University trade school You're coming out getting that degree But you don't have experience so when People graduate from college and they go And apply for jobs they get rejected Because they only have a degree but they Don't have the experience with course

Careers you're getting the experience And the knowledge as well as the Certification so it is a win-win or you Can choose a four payment plan of a Hundred and fifty dollars where they Take 150 out every two weeks again no Contracts or hitting fees along with a 14-day money-back guarantee You gotta invest if you want to grow you Got to invest in yourself you cannot Procrastinate you got to take action Life is too short to sit back and say oh I'm gonna wait tomorrow I'm going to Wait two months from now you know this Very second is not promised to you if You always dreamed of making more money You know so you won't be struggling and Getting into panic mode this is your Opportunity just to take these courses Here if you sign up today you can start Actually taking the course today so make Sure you go ahead and sign up and get That 50 off of the 499 today you won't Regret it this have changed so many People's life and I guarantee you it Will change your life okay so remember Check out the video that's listed at the Top and then at the bottom there are More no talk and work from home job Needs to help you get closer to Landing Your first second third job even a side Hustle again check out my work from home Q a live resume review that's what it Will say on the thumbnail on where I go

More into details and I talk about the Five mistakes that you are making on Your resume that I reached out to hiring Manager that they're telling me that you Need to go ahead and start doing as well As I show you how to optimize and tailor Your resume to the job post so go check That out that will help you a whole lot Remember to keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job out there Being made for you but again it starts With you you got to believe if you don't Believe in yourself nobody else will so Go out there today and grab what is Yours by applying for these jobs okay You got this thank you so much for Watching and I will see you in the next Video bye

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