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Happy Saturday everyone I am back with Another no talking work from home job Lee that I would like to share with you This company that are urgently hiring And you can make 560 per week and this Company no degree is needed so we're Going to go ahead and dive right into The job I am going to share my screen And we're going to discuss this job this Company is again Urgently hiring and we're going to uh Check this job out and see what this is All about now as you can see on the Screen we're talking about the company America specialty Health they're Currently seeking examiners to work from Home this is the pay is 14 an hour okay Which is you know to some people it may Be low but this is a great opportunity To get your foot in the door to Understand claims now candidates who are Selected for this position will be Trained remotely it must be able to work From home in a designated work area with Company providing technology equipment This company will provide your equipment Again this is a remote work from home Position required to have a stable Connection to your internet service Provider with ability to participate by Video and online meetings over a Reliable and consistent Network minimal Internet download of 50 Mbps and 10 MVPs Upload speed so this company will

Provide your equipment as well as do Training when you scroll down it only Requires a high school diploma is Required two years of daily entry Experience they want you to be able to Have ten thousand keystrokes per hour Minimum and working knowledge of the Computer program I'm going to compute a Keyboard I'm going to show you free Places where you can go and practice Your 10K key so you can get to 10 000 K Per hour I'm immediately here so when we Dive a little bit more into the job You're going to be entering data from Mnr's forms in rcqe workshops our Worksheet sorry about that employee must Maintain minimum level of production of 20 m in R forms per hour and maintain Quality at or above 90 8.0 employee must Possess process a minimal level of back And treatment forms as required Again you're going to review m in our Forms to be sure all the information is Completed verify members members Eligibility and create patient records And then you're going to also review Cqe's Workshop worksheets to make sure They're completed and then you're going To afford worksheets to the Administrator support staff for final Processing you're going to add new Members and secret numbers in member Maintenance you're going to research via Chip logs you're going to also for

Eligibility research to memberships and You're going to process duplicate Requests as well as contact provider Office to clarify missing or eligibility Or eligible information on the m and Ours that forms and that's only as Needed if you're missing some Information and that's the only way that You can pick up the phone and reach out And again it's not a call center job and Then you're going to complete daily Tally sheets and production reports for Supervisors and if this is something That you want to do make sure you jump On the bandwagon to day and apply for These jobs because these type of jobs do Not last that long on the core Components of what they're looking for Is someone that demonstrates ability to Interact in a positive respectful manner Excellent listening and interpersonal Communication skills organization and Skills ability to effectively organize Priorize multi-tax and manage time as Well as demonstrate accurate and Productive and changing environment with Consistent Interruption Demonstratability to analyze information Problems issues situation and procedures To develop effective solution and Ability to exercise strict confidential In all matters now if this sounds like Something that you're able to do then Make sure you go ahead and apply today

For this job here okay Now I am going to also share my screen And show you where you can go and Practice your typing skills data entry For free because again like I always say This is one skills that they're not Going to train you on they expect for You to already know how to do that so I'm going to show that to you right Quick so you can go ahead and practice This for free now there are two places That you can practice the first one is Officialtypingtest.com the great thing About this is you can practice your Typing test your 10 key tests and your Typing tips so your data entry all you Do is click on this and you can choose Whether if you want to do numbers and Symbols numbers only And you can choose one minute or three Minutes or five minutes so make sure you Go ahead and check that out I'm gonna Also show you another place where you Can go for free as well and you can go Ahead and practice your typing tests They give you information about Um your uh your keys how to hold your Hands when you are typing and that is With typingtest.com you can check your Typing skills in a minute you can choose One minute two minute three minute five Minutes it's up to you you can do easy Tasks again medium tax heart task they Do have typing courses as you can see so

If you are behind on typing or you need To refresh of course you can do that so Make sure you go ahead and take Advantage of this again this is free 99 To you and if this video has been Helpful thus far make sure you click That subscribe button that red button That says subscribe and don't forget to Click on the Bell to turn on all your Notifications so every time when I Upload new videos you'll be notified and Then give you plenty of opportunities to Go ahead and apply for these jobs before They go really quickly or also when I go YouTube live speaking about YouTube live I will be going YouTube live on April The 4th 2023 at seven o'clock P.M Central Standard Time that is on Tuesday We're going to be doing work from home q A as well as I'm going to be doing live Resume reviews to give you suggestions And partners on how to get your resume Where it needs to be so it can pass the African tracking system so again join me On this coming Tuesday April the 4th 2023 at seven o'clock P.M Central Standard time I look forward in chat With you again keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there being made for you but it Starts with you you got to believe if You don't believe nobody else will so go Out there today and grab what's yours by Applying for these jobs don't be looking

At the job post and say I don't have the Experience nobody's not gonna hire me You're speaking negative over your life You got to speak positive over yourself You may say look I might not have a lot Of experience but I'm going to learn I'm Going to go and look at YouTube there Are some videos that show me how to do Some things Um that the job is required me to do Because anyway they're going to train You the way that they want you to be Trained so you have to speak life of Yourself again the power of the tongue Determines life and death I know that is A lot of people that's under so much Negativity that they just don't know What to do but again I want to build a Community where we can uplift one Another on our job search in everyday Life because we need that it is just so Many people that think because they Can't do it that you can't do it but you Got to prove them wrong and stay in your Lane don't worry about what happened to Your left to your right focus on you so What if people are getting jobs left to Right you got to remember there is a Time and season for everything your time Is going to come there is it where it Says in the Bible that the first will be Last and the last will be first so Everybody that's moving on top right now Eventually they're going to be behind

You and you're going to be Um ahead of them so you just have to Remember that again the power of the Tongue determines life and death so go Out there today and grab what is yours By applying for these jobs you got this You know that I always talk about Book Boat because this is a great easy way to Make passive income so many people are Doing it and you can do it too I am Doing bookboat and I'm gonna share my Screen and we're going to talk about Bookboat this is something that you need To have as a backup plan again I talk About having multiple streams of income You should always have a backup plan it All means necessary because you never Know what can happen so with bookboat What you're doing is you're creating low Content books and for those who don't Know what low content books are these Are journals law books Irish coloring Pages coloring books all made in Book Boat and the great thing about bookboat Is that you can always research the Product before you actually make it and See if it's sale you can spy on your Competitors to see what kind of keywords That they're using and Implement those In your titles and descriptions not to Copy but to be expired when you go down A little bit further bookboat has a new Studio cover Critters interior designs Drag and drop editors complete

Customization over a thousand two Hundred plus free fonts more than one Million royalty free image pattern Scalables designs and filters and much More and yes people buy these books Every single day again you're able to Make puzzle books activity books Coloring books 100 of low content Interiors where you can mix and match Interiors to create unique books for Your audience when I go into resource And interior wizard Again I don't have to make the interior For myself it's already done now if You're talented and you're able to do it Then go for it but if you're like me not Able to create anything I'm not a Graphic designer then use the template That they have you can do college rules Journals music sheets career plans Monthly to-do lists online shopping Trackers you get the pictures saving Trackers weekly planners birthday Reminders Um you can choose paperback or hardcover Or you can do both always do paperback Eight by five eleven and I choose 128 Pages they do have free webinars that You could tend either on Tuesdays and Thursday to always educate you the owner Is educating you on how to be better and As well as they have tutorials if you Spend an hour a day you're going to Learn how to do this and how to make

These low content books and be Successful on Amazon kdb Etsy different Platforms that you promote this on so if I choose birthday reminder for the sake Of the video video and hit download this Interior is what's going to appear and If this is something that I am Interested in then all I need to do is Download this to Amazon kdb and get Somebody on Fiverr to do my covering Because I'm not a graphic designer make It stand out and I can go ahead and Start selling this here okay now I know That you're probably seeing what are the Price for this here and I'm gonna show You the price for bookboat now again you Got to invest in yourself that is a part Of self-care so the price I believe is Very affordable you have two prices 9.99 Per month for newbie And you have 19.99 per month for pro the Only difference is with the pro you're Getting the puzzle creation software Included but if you use my coupon which Is the rest of sweat all in lower case You'll receive 20 off the 9.99 per month And that is Lifetime or if you choose 19.99 per month you would get 20 off of That and that is Lifetime too as well And the great thing about this you can Try it out for three days for free and See if you like it I guarantee you're Gonna like it so make sure you go ahead And sign up because once you sign up you

Can go ahead and start creating low Content books today and upload them to Amazon kdb Etsy Um you can if you have a website you can Put it on the website if you um also you Can go on Fiverr and there's people that Are doing really good on their website Have a lot of people coming you can Promote it on their website with a Little small fee so you got to do what You have to do in order to make this Work this is something that you can make A passive income and leave a legacy for Your children children so make sure you Go ahead and sign up today the Information is in the YouTube Description bar okay Now remember That make for sure that you subscribe to The channel by clicking that red button That says subscribe don't forget to turn On your notifications so every time when I upload new videos you'll be notified And don't forget that I will be going YouTube live on April the 4th 2023 at 7 O'clock P.M Central Standard time again This is a work from home care in a where Whatever courses that you have in Regards to working from home this is Your opportunity as well as we're going To be talking about resumes I'm doing a Couple resume reviews just to give you Suggestions on what you need to do to Improve to get past the African tracker

System and also make sure you check out The video that's listed at the top or The bottom because those are more videos In there no talking work from home job Leads to help you get closer to Landing Your first second third job even a side Hustle remember to keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there being made for you but it Starts with you you got to believe if You don't believe in yourself nobody Else will so go out there today and grab What is yours by applying for these jobs You got this and remember to Speak Life Over yourself the power of the tongue Determines life and death thank you so Much for watching and I will see you in The next video bye

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