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What's up two chicks fam happy Thursday It is me curl and I am back with the Easiest job ever with this company you Can make up to twelve hundred dollars a Week make sure you smash that red Subscribe button turn on that Bell Notification make sure you guys thumbs Up these videos and share them on this Channel we talk about all things work From home related from jobs to side Hustles and we give away free laptops so If you want to win be sure you go tell a Friend spread the word come back leave Us a comment don't forget guys to hop Over here to the two chicks blog look Under the spotlight job section make Sure you get Omni interactions in your Basket they just posted a self-paced Certification job on their portal Yesterday so make sure you guys check it Out don't forget to go back look at the Live stream we were live last night and We talked about some skip the interview Companies non-phone lives make sure you Guys go back check out the video and Share don't forget to let us know in the Comments what type of work from home job Or side hustle you guys are looking for And be sure guys to sign up for Branded Surveys let's jump right on in so this Company guys is called CenturyTel and I Hope I'm saying that correctly they are Looking to feel their remote telephone Service representative position now it

Says that we're looking for experience Call center answering service agents Sometimes call telephone service reps or Tsrs now this is not a sales position Our tsrs process incoming calls only our Training is thorough guys so they have Thorough training age is no barrier full Paid training is provided and with Benefits now because of the nature of Their business it is 24 7 with heavy Call traffic on the weekends expect to Work both Saturdays and Sunday days Along with three sequential days during The week you will be processing incoming Calls for various businesses that are Located throughout the United States the TSR task is to take messages accurately And efficiently and then deliver that Information to the clients per their Individual message relay protocols so That's easy guys so basically this is an Answering service you're just taking Messages and you're delivering them to The clients and most of the time it's Probably going to be through like a text SMS or text now the clients we serve Include businesses whose personal whose Personnel are in the field and away from Their business phones medical Veterinarian offices that receive Emergency patient calls during and after Normal business hours property Management companies heating and air Conditioning firms funeral homes

High-tech operations Etc now there are some job requirements Listed it here experience call center Answering service agents only per hour Typing test a typing a minimum of 40 Words per minute absolutely drug free Understanding basic internet navigation Messaging tools excellent oral and Written communication skills adapt at Actively listening can communicate Effectively or efficiently empathetic And personable yet professional demeanor Reliable dependable customer-centric Focus discipline and resourceful now I Saw on their platform guys they are stay Specific so make sure you check over There on the website to see if they hire In your States and they only hire are Thinking about four states so it's not a Lot of states that is the drawback to This one their top tsrs make up to Thirty dollars an hour so this is a Great company guys be sure to do some Research just in case you get an Interview so again the company is Central so it's right here central tail They are looking to feel their remote Telephone service rep position this is An easy job the only thing you're doing Is taking messages you're an answering Service so you're answering the phone And you're simply taking messages and You're relaying those messages to their Clients and they say that you will have

To work on the weekends oh I see it here Guys you will have to work on the Weekends and you must reside in Florida Texas Idaho Kentucky and Tennessee so They only hire in five states now if They don't hire in your state but Perhaps you know someone that lives in One of these other states be sure to Share the information don't be stingy Share this information with that person Help them get a work from home job and You'll be blessed for doing that make Sure guys that you go over to Google Type in central tail see what comes up Because they just might ask you what do You know about our company and you want To be prepared and not surprised if you Decide AI to apply I would say get the Information first about the company jot It down and that way if you do get an Email for an interview you will be Having that information right in front Of you and you will be readily prepared To answer the questions make sure you Share my video don't forget to do that And come back and leave us a comment Down below a lot of you share but you Forget to come back and leave us that Comment so make sure guys that you come Back and leave us that comment Down Below in the comment section hop over to Facebook join kiss that cubicle goodbye And while you're over there guys please Please please please make sure that you

Follow us on our Facebook business page It is two chicks with the side hustle We're giving away two additional laptops Over on that platform and that this in This way guys you have a chance to win If you don't win over here it's a Possibility you might have a chance to Win over on our other platform don't Forget to follow us guys again it is two Chicks with the side hustle you can tag Your friends your family members you can Also share the videos or whatever Content because we do Post jobs over There as well and some of the jobs that Are posted in the group and on that Platform may or may not have been posted Or talked about on this YouTube channel So you want to stay in the loop be sure Guys to follow us over on our Instagram Page we are doing a pop-up giveaway Before the end of the year so if you Want to win again make sure you hop on Over there to Instagram and at this Point in time I have no idea what we're Going to give away but we're going to Give away something nice of course you Never know we may give away a laptop or A desktop could be a ring light it could Be a keyboard it could very well be a Hundred dollar cash app I have no idea What it's going to be guys but just make Sure you go over there and you follow us Follow us follow us and you tag a friend Over on that platform put us in some of

Of you guys stories a lot of you make The stories and you create those funny Reels put us in a real or a story Let's Help get the information out to the Masses my name is Carl and I will catch You wonderful lovely amazing people on The next video Bye YouTube

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