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Foreign [Music] It's your favorite remote work Enthusiast Delilah and this is the one Y'all okay this is an urgent position Because I know it's going to get shut Down y'all have been asking about Non-phones something simple an easy job That you can do and guess what I have That for you and then I have another Non-phone roll now this one takes a Little bit more effort from you but this One I know is also going to get shut Down so drop what you're doing pay Attention because this is not a drill We're getting right on into the details But first make sure you lock it in by Hitting the Subscribe button and having All notifications on in times like this Those notifications come in handy so go Ahead and do that and once you do we'll Be ready to jump in Okay you guys I don't mean to give you Guys like you know anxiety and be like Hurry up but kind of okay today's hot Lead comes from a company called Kotivity and I have shared creativity on My channel before this is a major Information technology and support Services company and they have a niche In healthcare so big company Lots Reviews on their glass store a lot of Information for you to review now I'm Jumping on in here because this is the

Lead that I know y'all are really going To love now this is for a temporary Medical image processing agent one Position and yes the pay is 13.25 per Hour but you guys already know from Watching my ultimate data entry jobs Video what to expect with these types of Easy non-phone data entry jobs so it is What it is now this is also no Experience friendly because it says some Previous Healthcare experience preferred And if you have it they say it would be With medical records so if you don't Have experience they don't tell you that You have to show up with it you could Still apply now another thing about this Lead is a temp position and if you guys Recall last Monday okay a week and a day Ago I made this video right here talking About tent jobs y'all told me you love Temp jobs I didn't know it I was just Answering a question from a live that I Did a couple weeks ago so here's your Temp job here's your easy no phone data Entry type job this is the one so Jumping On in It says overview the Purpose of the mips agent is to review And Associate medical records to the Appropriate request while maintaining Adequate production and quality levels Through tracked metrics so you're Reviewing records and then you're just Matching them to the requests that have Been sent you'll review medical records

And Associate individual records to the Correct location for client downloading Perform quality checks prior to Associating each record for download Ensuring all protected health Information is safeguarded in the client Record responsible for identifying Incoming invoices and provide to the PIQ Lead process incoming authorizations for Request of Records in a timely manner as Outlined by coativity process completes All responsibilities as outlined on Annual performance plan completes all Special projects and other duties as Assigned must be able to perform duties With or without reasonable accommodation Qualifications high school diploma GED Or equivalent work experience some Previous Healthcare experience preferred Specifically with medical records Self-motivated with a high degree of Ownership accountability with strong Attention to detail including planning Executing and follow-up procedures Effective written and verbal Communication skills required Demonstrable punctuality and ability to Maintain a consistent schedule and so They just get into their Equal Opportunity Employment statement right Here and then they just have some more Like legal type statements down here but That's the lead you guys so I had to Share this one for first because I

Already know like half of y'all are Doing the application as I'm talking now The next lead is another non-phone work From home job this one's gonna pay you Well okay according to Glassdoor this Opportunity pays 45 656 dollars per year and that's based Off of 10 salaries and then you can see The same roll here listed a little bit Differently it pays about the same 45 000 a year so that comes out to about 22 Dollars and some change per hour and This is a no phone job so this is for The payment accuracy specialist one Position this one is full-time it's not A temp job so this would be like a Steady roll and it says the payment Accuracy specialist one position is Responsible for auditing client data on Behalf of coativity's client and Generating high quality recoverable Claims for the benefit of KOTV and our Clients as well as conducting or Assisting in identification validation And documentation of moderate to more Complex audit projects this role will be Primarily responsible for auditing Efforts by executing more independent Projects low to mid-range and scope Assigned by the audit manager and so They just tell you like all interviews Are virtual we know that it's a remote Position and then they just get in more Depth with the responsibilities you're

Going to be identifying and entering Claims effectively utilize audit tools Meet or exceed standards guidelines for Productivity meet or exceed standards Guidelines for Quality prepare response To client and supplier disputes new hire Support and recommend New Concepts and Processes and to qualify for this role You'll either have needed to work at Coativity for one year or you'll need to Have two years of related experience and They give you some Clues as to what's Related so if you've ever worked in Health care billing for two years if You've ever worked in healthcare or Medical claims for two years if you've Ever worked in reimbursement for two Years or analytics for two years that Would mean that threshold of Requirements so it's nice if you have a Bachelor's degree but it's preferred and Then they say strong working knowledge And understanding of healthcare Industries preferred so really nice to Have and then of course proven analytic Experience using Microsoft Excel access Database query capabilities and ability To assess data at various levels of Detail investigative skills including The ability to evaluate facts and Evidences to draw conclusions even if Information is limited as well as Explain problems or situations using a Systematic framework strong

Communication skills able to build Relationships ability to succeed in a Frequently changing environment and be a Team player and be collaborative so That's the lead you guys okay I went Through this one to give you guys the Highlights to know if this is what you Want to do both of these are really Awesome non-phone opportunities this one Is for the person who's looking for Something more steady and they have you Know experience in these specific areas And then this one the tent job is for Folks who are like I want to get my foot In the water you know I need some Experience on my resume I need something Easy Delilah well there you go the apply For this job online button is at the top Right for both of them and then last but Certainly not least make sure you have The mega list of jobs bookmarked on your Computer this is a list of 485 companies that will hire you to work From home okay all of these companies Have either been shared on my Channel or Me and my team have found them online And found that they offer remote Positions and we make it easy for y'all By giving you some of the more popular Types of roles that they offer and we Have the direct link to their careers Pages so you can put your application in And see what else they have by using This Mega list okay this is a great

Resource people get hired from the mega List that could be you too you got to Make sure you use it every day when You're looking for jobs this is going to Make it so much easier because the first Stop is knowing who hires you to work From home and then you can go and apply From there and then lastly check out my Amazon storefront this is where you can Get the most economical home office Equipment found anywhere and I'm not Just saying it because it's my Storefront I'm saying it because I go Out and look at the stores you can't Find these prices for like the last week Now these two computer packages have Been on sale the lowest they have ever Been at least in my time knowing about Them all the computers in this Amazon Storefront meet companies Tech Requirements I look through these leads Every day I see what companies are Requiring for your Tech and I went to Amazon and found packages for just about Everybody's budget so you can get the Whole hookup for 124.50 and it'll be to you by next week It's also through Amazon if you need Dual monitors because you're fancy like That you can get a dual monitor hookup For 181 dollars okay 180 bucks 99 Cents So go ahead and check out my Amazon Storefront the link is in the Description box below along with the

Link to the mega list of jobs and of Course these two hot work from home Opportunities from coativity the payment Accuracy specialist one role and this Easy no phone temporary mips agent one Position these will be shut down fast Don't play with it so thank you so much For watching I truly hope this has been Helpful and I will talk to you soon bye

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