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Welcome back to my channel in today's Video we're going to be talking about a Company Maximus they're currently hiring Medical records file clerks to work from Home you can make 680 per week and this Is a no talk and work from home job lead So we're going to go ahead and dive Right into it I want to share my screen So we can see the job so you can go Ahead and start applying immediately Because these type of jobs they move Very very very quickly here so we're Going to go ahead and dive right into The job now again we're talking about The company Maximus they're currently Seeking medical records file clerk Veteran service to work from home this Is a full-time position now according to The last door the pay is between 15 and 18 an hour it could be more depending on Your experience and the great thing About this company they do offer Comprehensive training which will ensure All new employees provide the highest Level of knowledge and professionalism So they will train you and when you go Down a little bit further you only need A high school diploma or GED equivalent Um so no degree is required so when we Go more into details about what you will Be doing on this job here is that the Candidate must possess the desire to Assist their wounded veterans and Service members with a caring positive

Attitude so you're going to separate all Information from the Veterans Medical Records you're going to successfully Research and document medical conditions You're going to communicate with vbms For Capri checks if needed you're going To make sure the case is completed Before the schedule exams as well as You're going to maintain the correct Status in OMS for each case and you're Going to research both common uncommon Medical condition then additional Duties Are you going to break down and scan Physical C files if needed you're going To train for both scanning and back Bookmarking when needed you're going to Occasionally special projects from other Departments strive to achieve quota on Daily basis and share compliance would Help attend periodic meetings and Overtime available with overflow of Cases again they want you to know basic Computer skills they want you know Proficient with Microsoft and Adobe Programs I'm going to show you a free Place where you can learn Microsoft Word They want you to know knowledge of Medical terminology that you must be Attention to details ability to drive Properly email correspondent ability to Multitask it must be willing and able to Work weekends when you go down a little Bit further this is the home office Requirement this is what they're telling

You what type of Internet what your Speed needs to be so you need to go Ahead and look at this and make sure you Have all of this here before you go Ahead and apply for the job here and When you scroll down here the Pay Here Is like I said it was between 15 and 18 An hour but it says 16 so 15 to 16 an Hour you can go up to eighteen dollars An hour or more if you're doing a great Job according to Um hiring manager so if you're Interested in applying for this position Then all you need to do click right here Where it says apply for this job here Okay Now I'm going to go back and show you a Place for free where you can go and Learn Microsoft 365 okay before you Disqualify yourself make sure you use Google as your friend to learn these Things so you can kind of get an ideal On what it's all about because the job Is going to train you anyway on how they Want you to do the job so that is with Microsoft 365 training you know I talk About this in all my videos because I Want you to go out there and get the job The more you know the more you grow and You have to know these things Microsoft 365 you can learn Outlook OneDrive word Excel PowerPoint OneNote SharePoint Microsoft team yeah I'm an asset so if I Wanted to know PowerPoint all I have to

Do is click on it And it brings up different things that You can be trained on Microsoft on PowerPoint you can do slides and layout You can do texts and tables you can do Presentation slides so say for example If I was interested in doing Presentation slides so I can click on This and it has a video that I can watch And I can learn how to do this myself Without paying somebody to learn Um PowerPoint to take classes and Everything this is free 99 to you as Well as show you how to do this very Very easy here so make sure you go ahead And check this out Um again don't disqualify yourself until You know what's going on in the job here And if this video has been helpful I Want you to hit give me a like hit that Like button I want you to hit that Button that says subscribe it's red and Don't forget to click on the Bell to Turn on your notifications so every time When I upload new videos you'll be Notified and that will give you plenty Of opportunity to go ahead and apply for These jobs before they go very quickly Or when I go YouTube live you'll be Notified and we can do a live work from Home hearing a where we can answer some Of your courses here I want to leave Some encouragement words with you Because that's what people uh need again

I want to build a community where we can Uplift and encourage one another on our Job search and everyday life people need This people are going through things Even though they wear their smile around Their face they are still experiencing Things we're all experienced things We're all in the same boat But the only difference that made us Different from anybody is are we willing To get out of that vote and step out of Our comfort zone and be a risk taker and Do the things that the Lord wants us to Do you know um I know I get it we're Rejected every day of our life and when You get rejected We Fall Down In some Cases some people go through situations Of the situation and God is getting Ready to prepare you for something that Is unseen sometimes you sit back and say I had to go through this in order to get To this point if you're not being messed With or if you're not going through a Storm you're not I hate to say this You're not God you're not important and You're not getting ready to be blessed To go to the next level they only put Important things in the newspaper so When people are talking about you making Fun of you speaking deaf over you you Important they see Potentials in you if They didn't see Potentials in you they Would not be messing with you as much as They're doing people only mess with

People that they see potentials and Going somewhere whatever learning like People that don't want to do anything With their life or don't want nothing in Their life they could post things on Facebook they could post things on Different platforms and everybody Levitating on that but when you are Trying to go somewhere and you posting Things you can't get one like you can't Get one support and that's how that's Your confirmation knowing that you are Going on the right path okay so you have To stay in the race that's it that's for Anything business applying for jobs yes There's a lot of people out there Applying for a job but there is a job Out there for you you know there's a Time and season for everything there is A job waiting on for you but you got to Trust the process and you got to believe You got to speak life over yourself Because the power of the tongue do Determines life and death if you speak Negativity in your body in your spirit You're gonna walk around here and be Negative but if you speak positive Things over your life and over yourself You're going to do positive things That's why I say surround yourself Around people that have your best Interests people that are positive the People that is going to uplift you and Not disencourage you people that

Disencourage you they've tried it in Their life and it didn't work and they Think that because it didn't work for Them that they won't work for you and That is you're two different people you May get out there and you just you know Um work hard and you apply and you you You just take action again Faith with Our works is dead so go out there today And grab what is yours by applying for These jobs there is a job out there with Your name on it but you got to believe It starts with your mind you have to Believe you have to feed your mind with Positive things not negative things if People are if people not speaking life Over you why would you want to be around Those type of people you need to Surround yourself around people that Have your best interest that's the only Way you're going to go from point A to Z And especially with God you can do Anything so get out there today and grab What is yours keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job out there Being made for you but it starts with You you've got to believe if you don't Believe nobody else will so go out there Today and grab what is yours by applying For these jobs okay then you know that I Always talk about having multiple Strains of mcom not seven but eight Multiple strains of income and I talk About book book because I'm actually

Doing it I'm not just talking about it I'm doing it myself I'm gonna share my Screen bookboat is if you do your Research people are making anywhere Between a thousand to ten thousand a Month it just depends on how much time You put into it you got to put in the Work there's a sin what come easy won't Last and what last won't come easy so if You put in the work you could be very Successful on this if you know what your Niche is Niche down and get into a Product where it's not too many people In it you're going to do very successful And a lot of times when you don't make Sales is because you're in a niche where It's so many people in there but once You find a niche where you can load up Where it's low competition you're gonna And do very great in here and that is With bookboat what you see on the screen In the back flashing these are low Content books that people are making These are also considered digital Products and people are making passive Income Um during this year and it's very very Easy so for those who don't know what Book boat uh What uh journals or low Content books are these are journals Logbooks Diaries coloring pages coloring Books all made in book vote and when you Scroll down the great thing about Bookboat you can always research the

Product you know that's the best thing To do is research the product seeing What cell look at the people's covers And say how what can I do to be better What can I do to make my my low content Book better and then the great thing About it because you can spy on your Competitors and see what kind of Keywords they're using and you can Implement those in your titles and Descriptions not the copy but to be Expired book vote has upgraded they have A new studio they have cover creators Interior designs drag and drop editors Complete customization Um a thousand two hundred plus free Fonts more than one million royalty free Image pattern scalables designs for Built in much more all in Book boat And again you're able to make coloring Books activity Books Puzzle books when You go down here 100 of low content Interiors where you can mix and match Interiors to create unique books for Your audience and yes people buy these Books every single day the great thing About bookboat is they have live Webinars on Tuesday and Thursday where You can get your courses answers the Owner is always bringing you ideals into Your mind as well as when you sign up They have a whole bunch of tutorials if You spend an hour day doing this you Will understand bookboat and you will

Understand how to be very successful on This platform here okay so when I go to Resource and I do interior wizard I do Not have to make my interior for myself It's already made you know you could Just pick and choose what you want so For the sake of the video I'm gonna just Choose one here but you get the picture These are all the interior that you can Make a nice low content book and sell Them on Amazon kdb Etsy pay here send out free websites Promoted on other people website there Is so much you can do so for the sake of The video I am going to choose the hsg Um hsg pad information so you can choose Paperback or hardcover always do Paperback eight by five by eleven I Choose 120 pages and then I click on the Hsg pad information and I hit download This is my interior y'all if I was Pleased with this this is what I would Download to Amazon kdb now I am not a Graphic designer so I pay somebody on Fiverr to do my book cover for my low Content book and they do it really nice To make it sell but this is all you need To do in order to start making the Passive income okay so I'm gonna show You the price I know that that's what You've been want to know what is the Price and I feel it's very affordable The job that you have now you need to Use it as a crush to invest in yourself

You cannot complain about a situation if You don't invest you can't get jealous Somebody else that's moving from A to Z Because all majority of them they Haven't best you know the more you know The more you grow and you can't sit on Things too long a lot of people just Wait until they lose their job and they Get in panic mode you need to be like a Farmer where you plan and prepare you Know I'm saying get all in the squirrel They get everything in their mouth and Prepare for the winter that is what we Need to start doing we just wait until These companies let us go and then we Get in panic mode and that's how a lot Of people become homeless you need to Plan and prepare and plan pray plan and Prepare before you lose your job by hey I'm gonna invest in myself I'm Gonna Learn Book boat I'm gonna make a certain Amount of money so if I lose my job I Can use Book boat if something else have Something else going on to pay my bills Until I find what I'm looking you gotta Be a hustler in in life because you you Know everything is going up except your Pay rate so you need to have a backup Plan so the price is 9.99 per month for Newbie in 1999 per month for pro but if You use my coupon code which is the rest Of sweat all in lower case that if Information is in the YouTube Description bar you will get 20 off the

990 the 19.99 per month or if you choose 9.99 per month you'll get 20 off of that And that is Lifetime as long as you are With Book boat or half book vote now the Only difference is with the pro you're Getting the puzzle creation software Included and the great thing about Bookboat is you can try it out for three Days for free and see if you like it I Guarantee you're gonna like it you're Gonna love it this is a easy easy side Hustle to go ahead and get started today And make passive income but again you Got to put in the work what come easy Won't last and what last one come easy May for sure you go ahead and sign up Today once you sign up today you can Start creating low content books and Upload it to Amazon kdb different Platforms and start making a sale okay So this is a great side hustle to go Ahead and start making again I'm all About multiple strains of income not Just seven but eight multiple strains of Income we all need to plan don't wait Until you something happen or you lose Your job then you get into pen mode and Like what is I'm gonna do what does I'm Gonna do you should plan and prepare at All time while you have your job use Your job to invest in the right Investment y'all you know um life is too Short to sit down and procrastinate if You have dreams and goals you need to go

Ahead and fulfill them right now you Know leave a legacy for your children Children okay so keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there being made for you but again It starts with you you gotta believe Because if you don't believe nobody else Will make sure you go and check out the Video that's listed at the top or the Bottom there are more no talk and work From home job leads to help you continue To found Um work from home job leads and get Hired people getting hired every single Day and I would love for you to be the One to get hired but you got to be Consistent in your job search and go Ahead and apply for these jobs thank you So much for watching and I will see you In the next video bye

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