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Hello what is up welcome back to my Channel and if you're new hey for the First time my name is CeCe I post daily Work from home job Leaf videos and I'm Here to help you make that switch from Working in an office to being able to Work from home remote also I post videos On ways you can make some extra money Fast quick and easy side hustles to make You money basically anything to help you Make money on your own terms from the Comfort of your home so why not click That red subscribe button below if that Is your Vibe and let's dive in to this Bonus video so a lot of times I will pop Little bonus videos on my channel that Weren't really planned because they Don't really match the whole Collective But I wanted to share this because I Know a lot of you guys are looking for More evening or overnight rolls and this Is a customer service rep second shift Remote opportunity through US Bank they Are a banking corporation in the United States and this one is full time and It's available in these five states Colorado Nevada Arizona New Mexico and Montana which is actually where I'm from So I'd love to see that so you do have To live near one of the following Locations and then they also have these Ones as well Which are different states okay so it Looks like second shift remote

Opportunities available in most areas so Maybe that's more of the in office and Then these you I don't know you'll have To check it out definitely go apply oh I See I see I see remote opportunities are Located for applicants living in the Following state so yes that is correct You will make twenty dollars per hour Effective November 6 so that is coming Up and they are hiring for the December Training classes so you do have time to Make the transition and switch get all Of your finances in order all of your Schedule in order and be ready for that So we invest in our people process and Technology to create ideal customer Experience during every interaction you Will go through the hiring and the Training and if hired you have to be Able to attend six weeks of training Monday through Friday 8 A.M to 4 30 p.m Or 1 30 to 10 pm depending on class Location time zones and successful Complete required program testing Okay once training is completed the 90 Days are spent in the assigned shift Student schedules can be accommodated You will be answering incoming calls and Assisting customers processing and Responding to Bank customer inquiries Properly diagnose the customer's needs And proactively educate them about the Features present options to the Customers demonstrate a genuine interest

In the customers de-escalate those Situations guide customers through Troubleshooting and they offer the Opportunity for career growth and Development so some of the benefits Health dental vision life insurance Short and long-term disability PTO Banking discounts generous tuition Reimbursement casual attire obviously Because you're going to be working from Home any 401K with the company match There's a lot more that you can go Through and read here I'm going to skim Through for the sake of keeping the Video brief they want you to have a high School diploma or equivalent in two to Four years in a customer service Position they do offer training so I'm Going to say they're a little bit Um there's some leeway there personally You do need to have good time management You can identify and resolve and I think It means de-escalate problems effective Selling and referral proficient computer Skills in Microsoft Office you can Handle difficult customer calls good Problem solving strong telephone and Interpersonal skills and knowledge of Product Services rate terms fees Optical Regulations and system and procedures But I'm sure you will learn all of that In your training there's more here you Guys can definitely go through and read All of this you will be provided

Computer equipment so I love to hear That you just need a remote workspace That's free of distractions Etc so what I'm going to do is I'm going to link This job on my website work from job leads and I highly Suggest too if you're not in these Specific States going back to their Actual job board because they do have This job as well in other locations and You can also go into the search bar up Top here and simply type in remote and That is going to go ahead and it's going To filter all of the remote jobs that They are hiring for so there's 313 Remote jobs you can go ahead and scroll Through here there's many other cities And states as well so definitely check Those out on your screen are two other Videos if this one was not for you check Those out you might find a better match For yourself there click my face to Subscribe so you never miss an upload And I will talk to you in my next video Bye

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