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What's up two chicks fam happy Tuesday It's me Carl I am back with another work From home video and it is a Skippy Interview for Walmart make sure you guys Subscribe like and share don't forget Guys that we do real giveaways on this Channel so share the video because once We reach a hundred thousand subscribers We're giving away 10 more brand new Laptop computers they are absolutely Free to you guys we pay for everything Including the shipping make sure you Guys come back though leave us a comment Down below don't forget to check out all The videos that were posted on the Channel yesterday now if you missed the Live stream from Sunday be sure guys to Go back check it out we talked about 15 Easy peasy side hustle eggs that you Guys can sign up for today hop over here To the two chicks blog look under the Spotlight job section make sure you Apply for Omni interactions and let us Know in the comments guys what type of Work from home uh Or side hustle you guys are looking for And be sure to sign up for Branded Surveys we got some people here making Up to fifty dollars in a day the link is In the comments let's get into the video So you guys already know we've talked About Walmart before now they put the Job back on the board now this one it Says they're looking to feel their

Resolution coordinator one contact Center work from home position now It says submitting your app to this Requisition will place you guys into Consideration for one of these roles so Not only are they hiring for the Resolution coordinator one they also are Looking to feel two and three and based On your experience your assessment Results and the position availability Then you could be put into one of these Um categories to get this job or these Jobs now let's scroll on down as a Customer care specialist you will manage A high volume of incoming calls From customer stores and Associates While navigating multiple systems to Aid And answering questions and also Resolving issues the customer care Specialist must have the ability to Communicate professionally in a Conversational manner while utilizing All available resources to ensure Customer satisfaction to exceed our Customers needs our Associates must be Punctual reliable and dedicated to Making a difference now I do see here Guys you must be able to type a minimum Of 25 words per minute now if you cannot Type at all or if you are not close to 25 words per minute I am not sure if They will give you guys a typing test or Not but they could go over to the free Website it is and you

Guys can practice practice practice and Practice does make perfect now it says Proficient with Microsoft Office Programs Outlook and word high school Diploma or GED successful completion of Mandatory training customer service Experience now the hours that they Provide it says 24 7 customer care with A variety of shift opportunities so that May work for some of you guys especially If you have a part-time job if you have Kids and maybe you can't work day hours You may be able to work evening Or overnight hours since they are 24 7. Now I do see minimum qualifications Outlined below are the required minimum Qualifications for this position I don't See any qualifications listed and for The preferred I do see basic computer Processing data entry software and that Is just preferred guys it is not Required so again Walmart is looking to Feel their resolution coordinator one Contact center work from home position Now this company they will provide you Guys with the equipment I've seen the Pay starting at 15 and going up to 17 Dollars per hour don't quote me on that Be sure to go over to Google do some Research about the Walmart work from Home position and we did have some People that got hired with this company Last year so the information it is Posted on the two chicks blog guys I

Will be sure to leave a link post it Right below the video in the description Box so you guys can apply make sure you Share my awesome video with your friends And family members be sure to come back Guys because we are giving away 10 more Brand new laptop computers and they are Absolutely free and anybody can win These laptops no specific person that We're just gonna Target so it could be a Male or a female just depends on you Guys and how much you share it does not Matter how you share or who you share The information with just be sure to Tell somebody About these good old work from home jobs And what we do on this channel make sure You come back though and leave us a Comment so that we can put your name Guys on the giveaway list help us get to A hundred thousand subscribers before The end of January and I believe if we Push hard enough we can get there we are Almost there guys we are so close and We're getting new subscribers each and Every single day and we do appreciate The ones that have been sharing our Content and sharing our information we Really really truly truly do appreciate You guys make sure you hop on over to Facebook and join us the name of our Group guys it is kiss that cubicle Goodbye now we do post a lot of jobs in The group that we have not posted on

This YouTube channel now some of the Jobs that are posted in the group we Have talked about over here on the Channel but a lot of them guys we have Not because there are a plethora of Companies that are hiring work from home Agents I mean mean we post all types of Jobs we post a non-foam the chat the Data entry the texting the transcription We also guys do the email the email Marketing jobs also we do the side Hustles to skip the interviews we have a Lot of those posted so make sure that You guys are over there in our group Again it is kiss that cubicle goodbye And also guys while you're over on Facebook you can also share the group as Well with your friends family members You can invite them to the group also Make sure you follow us over on our two Chicks with the side hustle Facebook Business page now On this page guys we are trying to get To a hundred thousand on this page as Well so we are right around I think like 52 000 followers help us get to a Hundred thousand you can do the same Thing over on that page that you do over Here on YouTube and we already have some Of our subscribers over there sharing us Like crazy so you can come over there Join in on the fun and you can start Sharing or you can tag you can tag a Friend a family member or whoever you

Want to tag you can tag them on the post As well because on that platform guys we Are giving away two additional laptop Computers again they are absolutely free We even pay for the shipping so you guys Don't have to pay for anything anytime We do a giveaway it will be free free Free free free free absolutely free so Make sure that you guys are over there Following us it is two chicks with a Side hustle you also can take The post and you can put them or share Them in some Facebook groups join some Facebook groups there are a lot of work From home groups or advertised here type Of groups and you guys can take the post And share them over in those groups and You will get credit for that because we Do see who all shares our information we Do read our comments as well so make Sure you hop on over there and share us Like crazy now we already have some of Our subscribers and you guys you can be Just like them join in on the fun it is Not too late it's never too late it's Not too late go over there and follow us And then you want to follow us on Twitter and on Instagram now on Instagram guys we just did a pop-up Giveaway this past Saturday we did it on New Year's Eve make sure you are over There it is two chicks with a side Hustle we're trying to get to 10 000 Followers and we probably once we get

There guys I can almost guarantee you we Will do another giveaway just for Helping us get to 10K and we are so Close over on that platform as well so Make sure you guys are over there it is Two chicks with a side hustle you can do The same thing you can tag a friend over There you can share the post or you can Create some reels or you can add us guys To your stories let your friends and Family members know that we post the Legit work from home jobs we do the side GIF and we do those side hustles and we Have something I think for everyone Because if you don't get a job you still Can do a side hustle and make money so Make sure that you over there guys and You are following us and you are sharing And leaving us comments somewhere over There on Instagram as well my name is Carl and I will catch you wonderful Lovely amazing people on the next video Hi YouTube

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