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Foreign [Music] Hi there this is Melissa from Melissa at Home and I'm back with another video so In today's video I will be discussing Another company that provides virtual Work from home online remote-based Opportunities that you can apply to this Company is familiar to many of you Wayfair and this is coming from Wayfair Wayfair have remote-based jobs virtual Positions posted on their website and It's a great company to check for remote These positions because they have jobs That will come and go that will be Available in one moment and then may Disappear in the next moment sometimes They have no experience opportunities That are available so it's always good To check these companies careers section For remote base positions so we're going To do that on today's video so if you go To wayfair.com careers slash jobs it Will take you to this page then if you Go on their main website wayfair.com Just search for the career section on The main page so we're here and as you Can see there's a search bar at the top Of the page that you can use to search For remote-based jobs or you can use the Search bar right here and just type in Work from home and enter okay and it Will drop you down to the current Positions that they have available that

Are remote based So currently they have Seven remote jobs as you can see on your Left side you can select remotes it will Populate jobs that are available in the US as well as Canada So currently there Are five remote base positions in the US And two remote-based jobs available to Canadians okay so if you are in Canada Then you can check out their website for More piece positions they have jobs Currently available to Canadians now Because I reside in the US and majority Of my audience are us-based then we're Going to look at the us-based Opportunities they have a few positions That I want to go through with you so We're going to look at them very quickly So you can see the requirements and the Experience that you need in order to Still come to the jobs so the first job That they have listed here is their Virtual customer service Consultants This job is in a customer service Category so this is a virtual customer Service associate position in the the United States where you will work from Your personal residence in a Distraction-free space they are Currently hiring in the following states So these are the states that they're Hiring for for this particular position Some of the jobs are only hiring in Specific States just to give you a heads Up we definitely want to check to make

Sure that your state is listed okay so For this job it is available to those Who are in Connecticut Delaware Maine Maryland Massachusetts New York is on The list unfortunately I don't see California and I do get a lot of Californians requesting for jobs that Cater to you within your location and Unfortunately there are too many Companies that do not cater to Californians but when I do come across Those companies in those positions I Definitely will post and share them on My website as well as on my channels so Make sure you keep those notifications On alright so these are the locations That they have listed here you can Always go through them on your own time They also have a Florida Georgia North Carolina South Carolina and Virginia Listed as well so these are the location In which you can apply for this job to Work from home So in terms of the job itself what Exactly will you be doing in this role Demonstrates reliability attendance and Commitment to being present to your full Shift each day is crucial handle high Volume of contacts so you'll be handling Estimated 50 to 60 phone calls per shift So this is a fast-paced environment and Highly structured there is little Downtime in this position as you're Typically on back to back calls during

Your shift so if you're someone who's Not comfortable with being on the phone And doing back-to-back calls during your Shift then this may not be for you which Is fine but if you are someone who's Flexible and it doesn't matter you just Want a job and make some money then you Can go ahead and apply for this position It doesn't have a lot of requirements The pay is 15 an hour with a cost of Living adjustment and tenor base Increases as early as six months so you Can expect some pay increase they also Offer quarterly performance bonuses up To two thousand dollars Also referral bonuses is available is Available which is five hundred dollars Per eligible referral eligible referral Basically means if you refer someone to Their careers their jobs and that person And the position and start working you Get five hundred dollars for that person Okay so that's basically what eligible Referral mean Wayfair is hiring check Out this position and you send them a Specific link a referral link that will Be provided to you and they apply for The job and get the job and start Working that's when you will receive Your five hundred dollars so the bonus Is only for their employees okay they Also offer benefits you can see the list Of benefits here what are the Requirements you just need to be 18

Years of age or older have a high school Diploma you will be required to hardwire Your computer to Modem with minimum Incident speeds et cetera Etc qualified Applicants will be required required to Pass the candidate assessment to proceed With the interviewing process so as you Can see you don't need to have Experience in order to apply for this Particular job which is awesome okay so This is just one other jobs they have Another job here I want to get to in This video and we're going to go to Their inbound sales agent position okay Now with their inbound sales Agent position they'll provide you with Equipment supply with all the equipment And it's also the same rate of pay 15 an Hour with uncapped monthly bonus okay so This job is in the sales area so if Sales is not your thing that's fine but It is available on their website and Because many people shy away from sales You might have a high chance of Landing The job because there's low competition So again this is a sales role not Customer service they will supply all Equipments the compensation is 15 an Hour plus uncapped monthly bonus you Must be able to work Saturdays as well As Sundays so if you are not into giving Up your weekend days your Saturdays and Your Sundays again this not this may not Be the job for you may require late or

Evening shifts so they may require free To work late or in the evenings so what Will you be doing in this job this is a Virtual inbound sales agent role and During your shift you will handle Inbound sales calls approximately 40 a Day cheerfully assisting customers in Finding and purchasing their desired Items so 40 a day is not too bad your Daily schedule is available in their Scheduling system and is designed to Allow maximum availability and Responsiveness to their customers to Pursue additional information that may Not be available on the Wayfair website You will follow the designated sales Process and call Flow this role also Requires moderate comfort and skills With technology and multitasking they Are team and anticipate you participate In actively That you will participate actively in Engagement activities selling contests And other elements of their culture so You can win some prizes when they have Their selling contests let's say you are High seller and you do an amazing job You can win a pro you will win prizes Maybe some free furniture from Wayfair So that's basically what they're looking For in order for you to qualify for this Job you just need to have strong problem Solving skills they do require that you Have one year one plus years of sales

Experience preferably in a call center Virtual retail environments have a high School diploma ability to perform in a Virtual world comfortable with Technology Etc et cetera so that's Basically their qualifications that they Have listed here make sure you go Through all the qualifications if you're Interested in this position okay so That's basically the jobs that I want to Share with you in this video I have a Few work from home positions that are Currently available if such again Wayfair is hiring if you're interested In any of the jobs that were presented In this video today make sure you check Out their career section and start Submitting your application and if you Need some assistance with your resume Then definitely check out all the Resources and tools listed in the Description section below this video and I thank you so much for watching I'll Speak to you next time happy work from Home

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