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Hey hey two chicks fam happy Tuesday Guys and I hope everyone is staying warm It's me Carl and I am back with a week In only part-time work from home job if You are new here make sure you subscribe Like and share because on this channel Guys we give away laptop computers and They are absolutely free now we've Already given away 12 of them and we are Going to give away 10 more once we hit a Hundred thousand subscribers so go tell A friend go spread the word be sure to Come back though and leave us a comment And anybody can win these laptops make Sure you guys go back and check out the Video that was posted on the channel Today also I did post the medication Reminder video on the channel yesterday And a lot of you guys have been emailing And inboxing us about this position Where they are hiring again so go back And check it out and then you want to Hop over here to the two chicks blog Look under the spotlight job section Make sure you guys apply for Omni Interactions scroll down and look for Tell us tell us is hiring again as well Don't forget to let us know in the Comments what type of work from home job You guys are looking for and be sure to Sign up for Branded surveys let's jump In the company is tried in care they are Looking to feel this lab specialist Part-time Saturday and Sunday only 6 a.m

To 4 30 p.m work from home job so it Says here guys that this remote position You will be responsible for receiving And processing customer orders by Telephone or fax and ensuring that all Customer requests are handled in a Prompt efficient courteous and Professional manner now as the lab Specialist you will process all customer Orders in accordance with the Established company standards and Procedures as one of the primary points Of contact with the customer the lab Specialist responsibility is to make a Concert effort to listen and to the Customers needs and provide them with a Positive experience the last specialist Is also responsible for coordinating the Flow of the patient's lab resorts in Results in copia I hope I said that Right and South program including Working with any outside reference labs When necessary you will also be Cross-trained in the other positions Within the department and when needed And you will be asked to perform these Functions as well I do see provide Prompt accurate and courteous responses To the customer solve routine and Complex problems now you will be Answering incoming customer service Orders as soon as possible display Active listening and Superior customer Service skills for both external and

Internal customers you will document Activity in the copia system Consistently check appropriate copiate Screen for report report results display The ability to end enter the orders Manually via our fax process display the Ability to operate the phone system as Well effectively adhere to the work Schedule other duties as assigned now For this one guys you will need some Skills you got to have some skills to Pay the bills so it says ability to work Independently as a team must demonstrate The ability to perform the different Tasks that they have trained for in the Call center it says computer knowledge Strong customer service skills solid Communication skills including verbal Written and listening solid problem Solving and decision making abilities Good organizational skills execute and Prioritize multiple tasks you must be Professional ability to type 35 to 40 Words per minute if you cannot go over To Typingtest.com and practice this is a Free website guys this site helped me Out a whole lot and you can practice 24 7 anytime you want so make sure you guys Check out their free website again it is Typingtest.com you must be flexible and Adaptable to change now it says medical Terminology experience but it's just Preferred it is not required and you

Must have a minimum of a high school Diploma or equivalent that is required So really guys you really don't need Experience per se it does say strong Customer service skills but I feel like We all have that especially if you Worked in a fast food restaurant you've Talked to people if you're a hairdresser You've talked to people you've given you Know tips and tricks about things that They can do for their hair you've dealt With customers slash clients so I really Feel like anybody can apply for this job Again the company is Trident care and That's T-r-i-d-e-n-t-c-a-r-e make sure you guys Do some research about the company go Over to Google type in Trident care see What comes up jot down some information Be before you apply for this one and Then you want to apply because you want To be prepared if they do email you for An interview you want to be prepared and Not surprised because some of these Companies they will put you in a trick Bag and they will ask what do you know About the company when was the company Founded who is the founder of the Company so you want to have all that Information readily available make sure You share my video there will be a link Posted right below the video in the Description box so you guys can apply For this position so again the company

Has tried in care this is a weekend only Part-time Saturday and Sunday 6 a.m to 4 30 p.m work from home job and they are Hiring for their lab specialist and you Do not need a degree guys for this job So anybody I think can apply for this One as long as you have some type of Customer service skills you're Professional you know how to talk to People you know how to do the written And the variable and all of that stuff So you're going to to go with this one Guys make sure you share this with Somebody because somebody out there is Looking for a part-time work from home Job and you just might be that person to Bless them with this one but don't Forget to come back and leave me that Comment down below now we do have a lot Of giveaways going on with our brand This year so make sure you hop over to Facebook you join kiss that cubicle Goodbye and then you follow us on two Chicks with the side hustle business Page on Facebook now we're giving away Two additional laptops on the business Page I have no idea yet where we're Going to give away in the group it might Be a laptop guys you just never know so You may want to come over there and Start inviting your friends and your Family members also don't forget about Instagram Instagram we're so close to 10 000 and I can feel it we will get there

Pretty soon and um on Instagram guys we Did do a giveaway a few weeks ago we Gave away 200 worth of gift cards to Four people so make sure you guys follow Us on Instagram and Twitter two chicks With the side hustle leave us some Comments somewhere because this is how We pick who is going to win the laptops Or who is going to win Um the keyboards the mouse pads the Coffee mugs whatever we're going to give Away guys we always look to see who did Exactly what we asked and all we're Asking is that you take the videos take The blog post put them on your social Media platforms you can tell a friend Invite them over here to the YouTube Channel invite your friends your family Members there's an invite button in the Facebook group where you can just hit The button and start inviting your Facebook friends or you can tag your People not in the group but on the Facebook business page so they can see About these legit work from home jobs And side hustles that we post on our Platforms my name is Carol and I will Catch you wonderful lovely amazing People on the next video bye Bye YouTube

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