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Good morning happy Wednesday it's Suzanne today I have a work from home Job lead for you this is a legal Transcriber with the company escribers This one's been up for a little while And they are paying between 12 and 20 Dollars per hour they do pay weekly and It says self-determined schedule a lot Of these type of jobs are independent Contractor roles which means you get to Set your own schedule around whatever Works for you and it looks like that's The case in this position now this is a Legal transcriber they're recruiting Legal transcribers to join the team the Position is ideal for candidates who Desire to create their own schedule and Work from the comfort of their home but Still want to be part of a community of Encouraging like-minded people they Suggest being able to commit to at least 20 hours per week medical transcribers Are encouraged to apply so this is Unusual usually it's hard to get into a Transcription type position and get a Lot of work so for them to say that they Want you to commit to 20 hours that's Pretty promising you have to be eligible To work in the U.S possess a high school Diploma typing speed of 65 words per Minute excellent grammar listening and Attention to detail now a word about This There's a usually a lot of states or a

Few states where if you are an Independent contractor this role may not Be available so make sure you check with Them based on your state you do have to Have certain computer requirements Windows based pc windows 10 or higher Microsoft Word 2013 or newer consistent And reliable access to high-speed Internet USB foot pedal which can be Acquired online for approximately sixty Dollars so you will have to buy that but Apparently that's very crucial in a Transcription position compensation You'll be an independent contractor and Will be compensated on a per page basis Similar to other Professionals in the Field as an independent contractor you Will submit and approve invoices for Your work you complete and you'll be Paid weekly via direct deposit Onboarding candidates selected for this Position will be required to undergo an Onboarding process that involves Completion of required paperwork Computer setup and familiarizing Yourself with the programs additional Information about their onboarding Process will be invited to candidates Selected for this position recruiting is Only done to fill requisitions for Current and ongoing needs work is Available for new candidates now and on An ongoing basis priority work is given To transcribers who maintain excellent

Quality standards so the better you do In this job the more likely you are to Get more work so if you want to apply You're going to go to this website here Escribers.net join our team and Candidates are being considered Immediately so they're urgently hiring For this position go ahead and apply and See if it works for you and I will see You guys in the next video

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