Work From Home Proofreading For Correct Grammar & Accuracy Of Content | Non-Phone | Remote Jobs 2023

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Welcome back and happy Monday my friends This is Lindsay and I am back with Another Non-phone work from home job lead Today's job lead is from the company Team people now they're hiring a Proofreader this is full-time remote and It is a possibly worldwide we'll get to That in a minute so stick with me here Just know if you're interested in Applying the links to everything I Always share are in the YouTube Description box below but team people is Hiring a proofreader to be responsible For reading content for grammar style And brand and then validating the Accuracy and completeness of any changes And that content to all documents by the Department so you will be collaborating With designers art directors and Marketing managers all of those kinds of People to help create timely and Professional marketing documents you'll Correct grammar typography and Compositional errors in the original Copy you'll then validate the accuracy And completeness of all changes to the Documentations produced by the agency You'll provide precise And Timely review Of all marketing materials and you must Be able to check Monitor and maintain Brand consistency now they are Specifically looking for someone who has Some kind of English or related degree

Or some kind of equivalent experience They want a minimum of five to eight Years of a proofreading experience Ideally in some kind of a financial Services setting this company is in the Financial industry they are looking for Someone who's familiar with the Associated Press style book someone who Has a great attention to detail and able To focus for very long periods of time Of course you have to have excellent Command of the English language you have To have a knowledge of layout design and Typography and the ability to Electronically mark up a PDF so it Sounds like you need to have your own Computer equipped equipment now when you Come down here and hit the apply for the Proofreader position if you are Interested the application it takes you To does give you the option to choose The country so I don't know if that Means that they do hire worldwide or not And the job posting it did not list the Pay that will have to be discussed at The time of the interview but I did look Up the company team people on Glassdoor And they do have a 4.2 out of 5 star Rating I will leave the Glassdoor page Link down below if you want to do your Own research on the company all right if You've made it to the end of this video I want to say thank you so so much for Watching and supporting me as always

Please feel free to leave in the Comments anything specific that you are Looking for as I'm always reading those And keeping that in mind when I am Searching for job leads to share and I'll be back really really soon with More work from home job leads just for You

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