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Hey hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with another work when you Want and I am on a road today dropping These videos like it's hot so make sure You guys subscribe like and share Because on this YouTube channel not only Do we talk about legit work from home Jobs we do live streams and we give away Free laptops and if you guys want to Join in on these giveaways make sure you Take my video this is all you have to do Take the video post it on your social Media platforms or you can take the blog Link and post it on your social media Platforms if you have a Facebook a Twitter Tick Tock Instagram it does not Matter where you share or how you share Just make sure you share be sure to come Back and leave us a comment don't forget To go back now we have been dropping the Work when you want videos on this Channel so if you have missed any of Them be sure to go back and check those Out also guys don't forget to come over Here to the two chicks with the side blog on the home page look For Telus International the Raider Position non-phone no interview 14 an Hour it is now open let us know in the Comments what type of job or side hustle You guys are looking for be sure while You're in the comments to sign up for Branded surveys absolutely free won't Cost you nothing but it will help you

Make some money though let's jump in so The company is called Blue Sky limo We've talked about this company a few Years ago this position came up again on Our radar so They are looking to feel this dispatch Agent for Avail airport shuttles as you Guys can see the pay is 21.50 an hour it says join our team as a Remote airport shuttle in Veil dispatch Agent to assist with booking Reservations for our customers who are Flying into the Denver International Airport and will be traveling to Vail Colorado now you will also be helping Our customers plan their return shuttle From Vail to Denver So this is an important part of the job And that is Dia which stands for Denver International Airport it says students And those who have recently graduated Have the chance to make some extra cash While maintaining a flexible work from Home schedule thanks to this fantastic Offer prospects who are currently Enrolled in a degree program in either Hospitality or Communications or recent College grads who are looking for some Additional income are the ideal Candidates for employment so this is What you guys will do it says you are Responsible for coordinating the Transportation of passengers to and from The airport they work with the drivers

They take reservations and they handle Cancellations they also provide customer Service to passengers they'll shuttle Dispatch agents are also responsible for Ensuring that all shuttle buses are in Good working order and following all Safety protocols this is a a busy Fast-paced job that requires good Organizational skills and the ability to Multitask this Veil airport shuttle Dispatch agent Position will be an Excellent opportunity for people with Good communication skills and a friendly Demeanor now I do see here guys The Experience required for this position Would be customer service experience and Knowledge of the veil area so if you do Not know what Veil is where Veil is Located make sure you guys go and Google This you just might get an interview With the company and you would want to Be prepared and not surprised to become A veil airport shuttle dispatch agent You should apply for the position and Have related experience now With the customer service experience it Did not say how many years of experience That you needed to have you could have Three months and still apply just make Sure you have knowledge of the veil area The application can be found on the Company website which asks for standard Information such as your name your Address and your contact info I don't

Think they're asking for your physical Address rather an email address it would Also be helpful to be able to work well Under pressure at as we sometimes Experience very heavy call volume now it Says that blue sky limo they will Carefully review your application call Or email prospective candidates for a Virtual interview The benefits of working as a dispatch Agent for our Vail airport shuttle Include working in a fast-paced Environment while making a very nice Hourly income dispatch agents are are Responsible for ensuring that all Passenger needs are met and that our Drivers are running on schedule it says The dispatch agents for our Vail airport Shuttle service enjoy a flexible work Schedule which allows them to work Around other commitments such as school Or work additionally the dispatch agents Have the opportunity to earn some extra Money with bonuses paid out to our best Employees so again the company guys is Blue Sky limo you still may want to do Some research on the Vail airport Shuttle as well because if you get an Interview they probably are going to ask You what do you know about Vail So be sure to do research on both of These Blue Sky limo is the company they Are seeking to feel this dispatch agent For Vail airport shuttles the pay is

21.50 an hour and you can work around Your schedule work from home schedule Flexible so work when you want this is a Good one guys make sure you do your Research if you even have to call the Company there's a phone number listed on The website for those of you that like To call these companies hey by all means That is doing research make sure you Share my video somebody out there is Looking for a job such as this one and You don't even need a degree so make Sure you guys share share share but Don't forget to come back leave us a Comment hop on over to Facebook make Sure you join kiss that cubicle goodbye Because we post a lot of jobs in the Group that don't make it to this YouTube Channel by all means guys while you're On Facebook join I mean follow the two Chicks with the side hustle Facebook Business page join the group and then Follow the business page because on the Business page we're giving away two Additional laptop computers absolutely Free the only thing you guys have to do The same thing that you do over here on The YouTube channel take whatever you See over there share it share it share It or you can tag a friend on the post On Facebook don't forget about Instagram And Twitter two chicks with the side Hustle cause we got a lot of giveaways Going on with this brand and all you

Guys have to do is follow like and share Easy right and then make sure you come Back and leave us a comment somewhere my Name is Carl and I will catch you Wonderful lovely amazing people on the Next video bye YouTube

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