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Hey hey hey two chicks fam it is me Carl And I am back with a non-phone skip the Interview work whenever you want Part-time work from home job but before I jump into the video if you are new Here welcome make sure you subscribe Like and share the video on this channel Guys we give away laptops we have Recently purchased 10 brand new laptop Computers that we are going to give away Once we reach a hundred thousand Subscribers so if you guys want to win Make sure you take the video share it With a friend go spread the word But be Sure to come back to the channel leave Us a comment down below don't forget to Go back check out that video that I Dropped on the channel earlier today the Company is on a hiring spree so make Sure you guys check it out don't forget To come over here to the two chicks with The side blog on the home Page look under the spotlight job Section guys make sure you apply for Omni interactions they are on a hiring Spree as well don't forget about tell Let's scroll down look where it says Recruiter reached out Telus is also on a Hiring spree Let us know in the comments what type of Work from home job or side hustle you Guys are looking for and be sure to sign Up for Branded surveys the link is in The comments section let's jump in so

Again guys this is tell us but this is Another position with the company so Tell us International they are looking To hire for their social media evaluator Work from home part-time temporary Position so it says here that Telus International is currently looking for Social media evaluators who will rate The relevancy and accuracy of ads Pertaining to social media these ads are Specifically targeted to various Combinations of Market demographics Based on gender identity age range and Social media activity accordingly Assigning social media evaluators to Projects within the target marketing Demographics is critical to the work to Be performed or for the work to be Performed that's a typo So it says that we offer exciting tasks Flexible hours and the ability to work From home this is a temporary position Up to 12 months it says that you will Work from home part-time self-directed Schedule day or night so basically guys You can log in and work whenever you Want up to one hour per day five days a Week preferably Monday to Friday so you Don't have to work on the weekends that Is totally up to you you will need a Computer with a secured high-speed Internet connection also an iPhone or an Android smartphone Android smartphone That is less than three years old

Fluency and written and spoken English You need to be culturally aware of What's going on in the world today Current events news social media Entertaining Entertainment shopping business all of That Sports must be able to complete all Assigned tasks accurately and Efficiently within timing and or Production standards or requirements 18 Years of age or older must be living in The US for the past three years all work Must be done within the United States so Again the company is tell us guys there Is no interview for this company for This position as well it is a temp Position up to 12 months it is flexible Hours and again the ability to work from Home part-time so make sure you go over To Google I know there is no interview But you still need to know the company That you work for type in Telus International they are formerly known as Lion Bridge they used to be Lion Bridge But they branched off and now they are Tell us so make sure you guys do some Research about the company make sure you Apply there will be a link posted right Below the video in the description box So you guys can apply for the job and Also pass the information alone somebody Out there guys is looking for a Legitimate work from home job and you Just might be the one to help them with

That so make sure that you share my Video and then you want to come back and Leave us a comment also don't forget to Hop over to Facebook join the group we Have a giveaway going on in the group it Is kiss that cubicle goodbye we also Have another giveaway going on with the Facebook business page we're giving away Two additional laptops brand new and Absolutely free the same thing over There applies all you have to do is tag A friend tell a friend put the videos or The blog post on your social media Platform share it with somebody guys and Then make sure you leave us a comment Over there last but not least you want To follow us on Twitter and on Instagram Two chicks with the side hustle now on Instagram guys we are doing another Giveaway once we reach 10 000 followers and we are so close so Make sure you are over the there and you Are sharing the content like crazy Create a story create a real put us in The real or the story make sure you tag A friend leave us a comment over there On Instagram my name is Carl and I will Catch you wonderful lovely amazing People in the next video Bye YouTube

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