How I “Fell” Into Digital Nomadism

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Foreign [Music] Did you start Um this digital Nomad remote lifestyle Change in your life This was over four years ago like four And a half almost five years four and a Half years ago Um I didn’t I didn’t set out to be a Digital Nomad though I didn’t even know What it was at the time I just knew that I needed a big change for my life and I didn’t know exactly what I wanted but I knew if I wasn’t making steps towards Some sort of unknown something that I Wanted that I just wasn’t going to go Anywhere so I I sold off my house I got Rid of just about everything that I Owned Um and And yeah it’s set out and I went to a Couple places just um their Stateside And then realized wow I really do have a Lot of freedom like I could go I could go to another country and I’d Always wanted to go to New Zealand so Yeah I I planned a trip to go to New Zealand I ended up doing Fiji as well And I was gone for three months and that Was when I realized this is a really This is really great like this I really Am enjoying this and uh I think I want To keep doing this for a while and then That’s also about the time that I

Learned what a digital Nomad was and I Was like okay I’ll be digital Nomad that Sounds good [Music]

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