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Hey hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with another work from home Video but before I jump in make sure you Guys subscribe like and share the video Because on this YouTube channel not only Do we talk about legit work from home Jobs we do live streams and we do real Giveaways so if you guys want to jump in On this giveaway make sure you take my Video posted on your social media Platforms Facebook LinkedIn Tick Tock Twitter don't forget to come back though And leave us a comment make sure you Guys hop over here to the two chicks Blog look on the home page for tell us International they recently reached out To us the Raider position it is now open The pay it is 14 an hour this is a Non-phone no interview opportunity for You guys make sure you let us know in The comments what type of work from home Job or side hustle you're looking for go Back guys and check out all the videos That were dropped on the channel Yesterday and make sure you guys click On that link in the comments and sign up For Branded surveys today let's jump in So this company is called the reading Development Institute and they are Looking to feel their program advisor Work from home position so it says that Sale reading programs for a nationwide Leader in the reading skills instruction If you have achieved success in sales

And have a desire to help others our Sales team needs you we provide paid Training comprehensive support and also The opportunity to earn 500 to 1 000 per Week while working a flexible schedule From home in order to apply for a sales Job with the Institute you must have a Quiet designated work area in your home That is free from distractions a Windows PC or Apple computer with Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet broadband internet connection Click here for required computer Specific applications a wired USB Headset with a microphone the wireless Headsets are not acceptable so guys this One is posted on the two chicks blog you Really don't need experience to apply For this company and you can make up to A thousand dollars per week and the Training is paid make sure you guys go Over to Google do some research before You apply just in case you guys get an Interview you want to be prepared and Not surprised don't forget guys to share The video and I will be sure to leave The link right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check it Out and apply then you want to share it Posted on your social media platforms Whatever you have if you have a Facebook Or Instagram a Snapchat a tick tock Whichever platform you feel comfortable With posting this information on feel Free to do so guys or you can share it

With a friend or a relative it does not Matter who you shared with or where you Share just as long as you take the Videos or take the blog links the blog Post or tell a friend call somebody up Call the people in your contacts and say Hey are you looking for a legit work From home job be sure to follow the two Chicks with the side Hustle YouTube Platform but don't forget to come back And leave us that comment hop over to Facebook join kiss that cubicle goodbye Make sure you guys are following us on Our other social media platform so we do Have guys a Facebook business page it is Two chicks with the side Hustle the name Of the group it is kiss that cubicle Goodbye we also have an Instagram two Chicks with the side hustle and a Twitter two chicks with the side hustle So it does not matter which platform Guys that you share on just make sure You share because we have a lot of Laptops that we are giving away we're Gonna give away 10 on the YouTube Channel we're gonna going to give away Two more on the Facebook business page We also are going to drop off something In the group it could be a gift card may Even be a laptop computer and also on Instagram so make sure that you guys are Following liking and sharing but don't Forget to come back and leave us some Comments wherever you want to leave the

Comment my name is Carol and I will Catch you wonderful lovely amazing People on the next video bye YouTube [Music]

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