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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with another non-phone Work from home job lead real quickly Please let me know down below I know not A lot of you want customer service Because you don't want to be on the Phone but my question to you is do you Mind customer service if it is Non-phone-based through tickets and Email please let me know down below but Today's job lead is from the big review Website Yelp they are hiring a user Operations associate which is AKA Customer support now Yelp has been Featured on this channel before but they Have been like a part-time temporary Positions this one is a permanent Full-time work from home position for my United States folks only but they are Basically looking for a support Associate to provide email-based support To yelp's community of users and Business owners it says that you'll be The expert on yelp's products and how They work the goal is always to Thoroughly resolve issues in a timely Manner so you're going to provide that Email based support to yelp's customer Base you'll resolve all types of cases And inquiries with high attention to Detail while making sure you can meet Quality and quota targets you'll also be Providing feedback to your managers on Process improvements that you think are

Possible and you'll be crafting messages That's tailored to the end user and Audience for internal and external Communication so just whatever they Whatever questions they email in you Will do your best to answer them now one Thing to note Yelp does require that you Hold a bachelor degree it does not Specify that it has to be in any Specific field they do want somebody who Has one year of work experience someone Who is a comfortable with a quota-driven Environment so you will be on Productivity based you'll probably have To answer so many emails a day someone Who can be positive and team oriented Someone who has great communication Skills and strong attention to detail Now if you do have a degree and this Sounds like something you're interested In they pay forty thousand dollars a Year which breaks down to 19.23 an hour and they have some great Benefits including effective your very First day of work you have full medical Vision and dental insurance not only are You covered from day one but they pay a Hundred percent of your premiums the Soda's no cost to you whatsoever of Course then they offer paid time off Health savings accounts 401ks all the Things all right as always if this job Lead was not for you that is okay always Feel free to leave anything specific you

Are looking for in the comments I do Read those and keep that in mind thank You so so much for watching and Supporting me and I'll be back really Really soon with more work from home job Leads just for you

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