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Happy Wednesday everyone Um thank you so much for tuning in Um my making sure that you're watching The videos all the way through because There are valuable information in all of My videos to help you get closer to Landing your first second third job even A side hustle remember my channel is all About none phone working home job leads To go out every single day at 7 A.M Central Standard time so if you're Looking for a work from home job where You're not talking to customers on the Phone you have landed on the right Channel so let's go ahead and dive right Into the job now today we're talking About no experience is needed Um this is what the company cwt they're Currently seeking travel experience Counselor 2 to work from home again no Experience is required so when you Scroll down here that is where I found It no experience is required it only Requires a high school diploma this Company do offer employee discounts Which is great Um so basically what you'll be doing is You can provide customer support service To clients via multiple channels I Reached out to her manager because I Just want to make for sure what you know You're going to be reaching out to Um clients or customers Um he said that it is going to be email

And text and a little form that means You're going to be maybe reaching out to Some customers um on the phone but he Said it is not a call center and I asked Them he said this is considered a Non-phone work at home job lead because You're mainly dealing with customers Um in a chat um Set uh environment so um Just want to clarify that even though it Says multiple channels multiple channels Is just a little foam but it's mainly Email intact text mainly chat job okay So um also you will create uh basic Complete basic and routine travel Arrangement car Hotel air and Non-complex accounts too as well and They give you information about cwt Um it is a global leading specialized And seamless travel Management Service To their U.S federal clients so we're Going to go in a little bit deeper about The job here Um basically you're going to resolve Basic problems and refer more complex Problems to more experienced staff and Then you're going to sign their Assignments are routine okay Now again they want you to have Knowledge skills and ability and good Verbal and written communication skills And then also Um because this position is directly With their federal government client the Government requires that the successful

Candidate be a U.S citizen authorization To work in the U.S is not sufficient for This position okay so if this sounds Like something that you're able to do Then make for sure that you go ahead and Apply they're looking for someone to Have one to two three years experience So if this is something that you're Interested in make sure you go ahead and Hit this button that says apply today Okay now I want to encourage you today I Want to leave some encouragement words With you is don't disqualify yourself Before you apply for these jobs let the Company do it everything starts with the Mind you have to believe if you believe That you can do something Nothing is impossible okay but you have To have that mindset too many times I get it because I was under people that Was speaking negative things in my mind Was telling me that you cannot find a Job companies will not hire you Um when you apply for a job you give up You apply for 100 jobs you know in the Past I've done that and you always Getting rejection after rejection and Sometimes you just don't understand You'll be like this is perfect this is The hours that I want I'm looking for a Part-time full-time this is what I want And you don't get it okay there is a job Out there with you sometimes God keeps You from getting into a job because it's

Full of drama it's full of jealousy it's It's something that's going on I'm the Reason why he don't allow you to get a Job Um it happened to me before you know the Current job I have now is that I had Applied for a particular job it was the Hours I wanted it was the salary that I Wanted and I just couldn't understand at The time why I didn't get the job and it Was people that I know that you know Applied for the job got the job and they Called me said look you ought to be glad She didn't get the job because it's so Much drama going on here I mean it's Very stressful a lot of people tell me That they would get into their cars and Our if they was working from home they Hated to Um get you know started working from a Job because they had a bad supervisor And I'm like you know what I am so happy Now I understand why God didn't allow me To get that job there's a reason behind Things but you have to trust the process Even though that you get rejection again It is a part of life you know the the Point of it is if she gonna stay down When you get rejection you have to get Up and say look today may not be a good Day today I didn't get the job but I'm Gonna Keep applying there is a job out There with my name on it but I have to Believe you know you have to believe in

Yourself you cannot expect for somebody To believe for you you have to have that Mindset and say I believe believe that There is a job out there specifically Being made for me okay so keep pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there with your name on it but You gotta believe if you don't believe In yourself nobody else will so go out There today and grab what is yours by Applying for these jobs okay and Remember to go ahead and practice your Typing skills that's very important you Need to know how to type this is one Skills that hiring managers recruiters Are not going to train you on you have To know how to type this is free go to you can practice Your typing test 10 key tests which is Daily entry they will give you typing Tips as well as you can check out you can check your typing Skills in a minute they do also have Typing courses for refresher courses if You are new to typing or you haven't Been typing in a while I suggest you to Go ahead and take advantage of this Um today the information is in the YouTube description bar And you know that I'm always trying to Help you out Um trying to help you get that high Paying job and Tech sales and Information technology is very high in

Demand Um no experience or degree is required Once you get into course careers and you Graduate course careers has partnered With uh Fortune 500 companies that are Looking to hire their graduates dropping The experience and degree just for Course careers and I just want to Explain to you the difference between Text sales and information technology so You'll know Tech sales is you're going To be on a phone you're going to be Reaching out to potential buyers that Are interested in buying a product you Know say for example if you're working At Google and there's more than 300 000 Opening jobs and the average starting Salary is between 60 to 80k a year now Information technology is basically a Chat job where you're dealing with Tickets in a queue so this is a Non-phone work and home job lead Um if people that don't want to be on The phone a lot of people guarantee Information technology and there's more Than 200 000 open jobs average starting Salary is between 40 and 60k a year okay So this is a great opportunity what I Always suggest you to do is go watch the Full testimony there are so many people That are testifying how good course Careers is you know so I would Definitely start off there is to watch a Testimony so to give you

Um just a paraphrase it's a girl she's 19 years old And she worked at Starbucks like I Always say it is nothing wrong with Working at Starbucks Walmart uh McDonald's I used to work at those Places back in the day but I just don't Think it's meant to stay somewhere Forever especially if you're not moving Up you stand at the same salary you know For the rest of your life she ran across Course career she went through the Program and now she is one of the Youngest working from home making sixty Thousand a year and this is can hap this Can happen to you okay so how it works It doesn't cost you anything to sign up For the free introduction and that free Introduction of course you will learn What the career entails and if it would Be a good fit you will learn everything About Information Technology as well as Text sales so once you feel like it's a Good fit don't procrastinate take action Life is too short to say well I wait to Next year or I wait two months from now Takes actions now and go ahead and start Making making money today okay so once You feel like it's a good fit enroll in Their online course this is a self-paced Course to begin to learn some people Complete this course in a week yes when You look at the interviews it's a guy That completed this course in a week and

Sometimes it takes a couple months it Just depends on how much time you commit When you you learn everything required To land your first position Now the great thing about Um course careers is that you can do an Internship where you make it between Fifteen and twenty dollars an hour you Can internship for three months you're Gaining your experience you're coming Out with certifications of degree and You're getting your experience versus a Lot of people that go to a community College or trade school a university Even a graduates they come out with a Master's degree or a degree and they go Out and apply for jobs and they're Getting rejected because they don't have Experience and what they do they go back To school change their major and hoping That they can get a job course careers Is a win-win when you go to a trade School or university it's you're in College for two to five years versus Course careers it only takes a couple Months you know which one you would Rather do I rather spend time in in School a couple months than two to five Years okay and then what you do is you Start applying the skills you learn in These course they will teach you exactly How to learn an entry level position an Internship by giving you an Insider Knowledge of how to apply to companies

What they look for in resumes Application how to prepare for Interviews and such much more they Partner directly with companies they Want to hire their course careers Graduate students into an entry level Position and they drop in the degree Experience only for course careers Graduates okay now When you go here and you look at pricing Okay I believe it's very affordable when You go to college you're out of a lot of Money over 50k and some people are Taking out loans I know people that have Taken out loans 12 years ago and they Still apply uh paying for the loans it's Just a single payment of 499 that's it If you use my coupon code which is Theresa50 all that information is in my YouTube description bar you will receive 50 off the 499 dollars you could pay the Full amount of 4.99 or you could do four Payment plans of 150 where you pay four Bi-weekly payments of 150 no contracts Or heating fees they do also have a 14-day money-back guarantee that this Course is fully refundable within 14 Days of purchase no courses asked all You have to do is simply contact them And they will refund you and on an Average you will make over 800 a week as A help desk professional so base the Course pay for itself during just the First four days on the job okay so make

Sure you go ahead and sign up today Because I'm trying to help you live a Better life for yourself and your family Uh when you go down here again they tell You the day of the life of an Information technology all you're doing Is responding to emails and assigned Accept any new tickets in the queue and That is information technology so this Is a non-fault work at home job and you Can make over 60k a year it goes over The course and you can meet your teacher Here so stop procrastinating and take Action today okay I want to help you but You got to help yourself I'm giving you These tools that you need to go ahead And start and be successful in your Journey okay start your career today Start making more money to support Yourself and your family okay and change The life of your of yourself by getting These high paying position and remember Consider subscribing to to the channel By clicking on that red button that says Subscribe and turn on your notification By clicking on the Bell so every time When I upload new videos you'll be Notified and that will give you plenty Of opportunity to go ahead and apply for These jobs before they're no longer Available people getting hired every Single day and I would love for you to Be the next one to get hired if you Would like to support the channel or

Become a member of the YouTube channel All you have to do is click that join Button there is a short video explaining The benefits of becoming a member of the YouTube channel don't forget to check Out your community tab that is where I Engage with you when I upload new videos I posted in there as well if I'm going YouTube live I posted in there I give You quotes of the day just trying to Connect with my audience because I want To get a chance to know you a whole lot Better so make sure you check out the Community tab make for sure that you're Watching the videos all the way through Because there are valuable information In all of my videos to help you get Closer to Landing a work from home job Remember this channel is all about Non-phone work at home job leads they go Out every single day at 7 A.M such a Standard time and remember don't Disqualify yourself before you apply for These jobs let the company do it keep Pushing keep applying don't give up Believe in yourself because if you don't Believe in yourself nobody else will so Go out there today and grab what is Yours today by applying for these jobs Thank you so much for watching and I Will see you in the next video

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