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Foreign [Music] Job lead I was gonna wait to share this Till tomorrow but I figured why wait Let's just upload another video this Evening if so that you do not miss out On this opportunities because these jobs Are unpredictable you never know how Long they will last right or when the Company can pull their job listing and It's no longer available and that has Happened to me when I post the videos About a job lead that I was excited to Share with you guys and then five Minutes after was uploaded the job is no Longer available so it does happen and It's just a kill Joy right so on today's Video I just came across this company by Chance and they have a remote-based Opportunity that I think would be great For those who may be interested Um they do offer a split shifts for you To work day or nights and weekend Availability as well so this is coming From a company called instant teams an Instant team is a unique combination of Talent technology and remote teams who Take on outdated models of customer Supports and customer service teams they Build a modernized model of Mission-centric service that put their Customers ahead and impacts an untapped Market of military connected Professionals so Estates on their

Website stop looking for jobs and start Working here okay now they have a video Of the CEO of instant teams and she Shares some information regards to their Company and just give you information About you know what exactly they do and The jobs that they have available so We're going to go into the remote-based Positions they have currently they have Corporate opportunities in technology This is a job that they have listed here Other remote openings at instant teams They have an outbound verification Special specialist and this is a job That we're gonna delve into for the Remainder of this video so don't click Where it says view just to get some more Information about this position And it will take you to this page that Says outbound verification Specialists Qualifying guide so this is a full-time Position and it is entry level job so Instant teams is currently hiring entry To mid-level outbound Verification Specialist to partake in a Mission-driven opportunity that helps Improve the financial well-being of Consumers now for this job be aware that You will have to pass a background check To be considered so they will be Performing background checks I did Receive some comments in regards to this If there are jobs that don't require Background checks and yes there are

Opportunities available for those who May have a history and you don't feel Confident about applying for positions So I have shared a video in the past That covers some opportunities for those Who may have a criminal background Um you know a criminal history right and Things you can do to earn money online Okay so I'll try to find that Information and I'll try to link it in The description section below this video Or you can just you know email me and I'll give you that information Melissiahome all right so Instant teams is a remote first company And so this position is and will Continue to be 100 remote work from home So pay for this job starts at 16 per Hour with the opportunity to increase to 18 after meeting certain criteria their Next start date for this is January 9th Currently this position is hiring for Split shifts morning and night weekend Availability Now what is it that you'll be doing you Will service an average of 300 potential Customers per day via an outbound dialer System qualify customers by asking a Series of targeted questions to find out The customer's goal and ensure they Would be a good fit for the product and Or Services meet daily weekly and Monthly key performance indicators based On various metrics maintain the highest

Quality of customer service by Demonstrating proper phone adequate and Consistently follow scripts okay so this Job is super easy they give you a script That you have to follow you just you Know qualifying customers by asking them A series of questions that will be Presented to you in their script sounds Very very easy okay so do they require You to have experience while I did not See much of that on this job listing so That was pretty good they do require you To have these must-haves which is you Know the proper equipment so they do Require that you have a computer a Laptop or desktop Chromebooks are not Compatible so if you only have a Chromebook it won't be compatible with This job wired or wireless USB headset With a microphone guys you can check out My equipment suggestions on Amazon that You can get for these jobs uh link is in The description section below this video So you can check check it out okay so Those are some of their must-haves and Of course they do expect you to pass Their background check the benefits for Working for this company while it's 100 Remote sick leave is a cured upon higher Medical dental and vision benefits are Activated after 60 days for full-time Only trainees have who have successfully Completed 60-day period on a platform We'll see a pay increase to 17 an hour

Upon successful completion of 181 days On a platform you will increase they Will increase their pay to 18 per hour If performance targets are met okay now If you become a senior qualifying guide And unlock access us to Career skills Exhilarator and work towards obtaining a License for life and health insurance Then you know you get paid more money Remote culture their globally located Diverse team with 24 7 slack channels Now is this job International it sounds That it may possibly be so if you're International you can go ahead and Attempt to apply for this job and just See how far you can get in the Application so due to specific position Requirements they cannot hire in the Following locations for this opportunity And they mention those locations so they Have o'connos with the exception of Japan and authorized to work lawfully in The U.S for a U.S states they have Restrictions so if you are in Iowa Illinois Minnesota Washington DC California Massachusetts Montana then This opportunity is not available They're not hiring in those States okay So that's basically it for the job on The right you can see their application Right next to the job listing you can Apply to it If you have an indeed account you can Apply with indeed or you just do it

Manually by filling out the basic Information of course attaching your Resume and you know in all my videos I Mentioned that I offer resume services But I know that with my revamping Service it may take me like 24 to 48 Hours to get your resume put you know Together so I developed my resume Templates because it'll be a lot faster For you to fill out all the information Yourself using the templates and it Gives you some recommendations on how to Fill it out it's very very very very Easy to use these templates but if you Have any questions regarding the Templates if you run across any issues Using the templates email me my email is On the link in the description section Below this video all right so definitely Check out those templates because it Allows you to just quickly fill in the Information in the sections and just Submit your application to the job Without having to wait for me to you Know serve you a resume me and 48 Hours When a job may get when you're looking To apply for a specific job ASAP okay I Can't work that fast so that's basically It for this video just fill out that Information and submit your application For this work from home position so as You can see they don't necessarily need You to have any experience it's super Super easy to do you're just following

Scripts they pay you up to 18 per hour They do have uh split shifts available To work morning and nights and weekend Availability needed okay so that's it For this video thank you so much for Watching I wish you all the best of luck Happy work from home bye

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